Long Distance Love Review: How To Make Long Distance Love Work

There are probably few things as hurtful as having the love of your life flung thousands of miles away from you. You long to hold them, look into their eyes, see them smile and feel the warmth of their breath on your neck as they whisper sweet nothings.

Unfortunately, you are in a long distance relationship and none of these things are going to happen anytime soon. There is also the question of trust. How much do you trust them to be faithful when you are not there?

In short, long distance relationships (LDR) can be some of the most difficult interactions you can have with a person. If you do not have a plan on how to work things out, the joy will quickly seep out of it. In its stead will jump in anxiety, desperation alongside a cocktail of emotions.

You are not alone in this though, there are plenty of people out there in long distance relationships. They are experiencing the same problems as you, and they are looking for viable solutions to save their relationships.

This review examines an incredible solution to holding long distance relationships together. Relationship expert Bob Grant brings you Long Distance Love; a book that spells out which areas of your relationship need to be worked on so that you can come through unscathed.

loving someone miles away

What shows that your long distance relationship is starting to wobble?

Some people can be in a relationship and not know that things are crashing and burning all around them.  There are many instances, however, where the relationship is crumbling and will not hold true for much longer.

  • Anxious and desperate. Most people will feel this way when their partner is away. When they show up, however, everything feels weird and uptight. In the end, they mind find themselves pushing each other away.
  • Needy and dependent. Feelings of being needy or dependent on your partner for your own emotional well-being are common in some relationships. This will, in turn, drive your partner away.
  • Begrudging emotions. A long distance relationship is headed off the cliff if you feel envious of your partner having a good time away from you. A whole host of emotions whirls through your body at the very thought of him happy somewhere else.
  • Giving up. There are times when you feel that being on this emotional rollercoaster is just not worth it. You feel like packing it in, and wish you had never gotten into it in the first place.
  • Thoughts of cheating. When your partner is away, you get emotions of deep loneliness. You contemplate getting sexually entangled with someone else. Whether you follow through or not, you beat yourself up over the following days for even considering such thoughts.

If you have felt any or all of these emotions, you are most definitely at the wrong end of your long distance relationship. By Bob Grant’s Long Distance Love and discover the simple and magical ways you can save your relationship from languishing at the bottom.

How did this marvelous solution to LDR come into existence?

While living in Atlanta, Georgia, Bob met the woman he knew he would live with for the rest of his life. In his mind, he had already drawn up plans of making her his wife and all that follows such thoughts.

There was one hurdle in these plans though.

The lady in question had a thriving business at the other end of the country. And much as he loved her, he could not abandon his thriving counseling practice. Truly in love but separated by 2,500 miles, the depression started to set in.

They could not, however, bring themselves to call it quits on the relationship. The bond was too strong. The next six months were the most excruciating of his life.

He had this incredible attraction to this woman but could not be with her. Weirdly though, whenever they go together, there were always awkward silences and tension between them where there had been none before.

fights over nonsensical things

It reached the extent that some subjects were avoided. It was quite puzzling seeing that they used to be so free and relaxed around each other. Before long, the couple found themselves fighting over the most nonsensical reasons.

This stoked a real fear in Bob, he was sure that he would lose her if they did not figure things out. He figured if they had a plan for getting through the distance and the feelings, everything would be okay.

Fast forward 12 years, they’re still together and have 4 kids! Without that plan, he is not sure if the relationship would have succeeded.

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If it is as simple as a plan, why do many couples find it so hard to fix a relationship?

For most couples, it’s the loneliness that comes with the distance that sparks off the majority of the problems that they experience.

This, however, is just part of the problem. As much as you may try not to feel lonely, you are most probably not taking care of the other inherent problems. You are not taking care of the emotions brewing within you. The jealousy, fear, and insecurity are tearing your relationship apart.

In the Long Distance Love, Bob Grant tells of the secret he discovered that will do away with all these warring emotions to ensure that you have a healthy relationship.

This secret is a new mindset he had acquired allowed him to see that couples in long-distance relationships didn’t have to make the same mistakes he did. If you’re prepared for the major challenge, then many of your problems will be solved before they occur.

long Distance Love by Bob Grant

How does Long Distance Love help you in your quest for a steadfast LDR?

The author of this book went around talking to women in long distance relationships. What he discovered was that they too had similar problems with what he was facing. With his psychological background, he based his techniques on real science and real experience. This resulted in a book that was adequate enough to help those in need.

He turned complex psychological concepts into simple facts that people can easily understand.

  1. With this book, you will learn to divest yourself of negative experiences and use them to create positive experiences in the future.
  2. You will banish the inner psychological burdens and in their stead, instill solid confidence in your partner.
  3. At the end of it all, you will be able to turn the toxic emotions like jealousy and anxiety into a thing of the past. You will develop a secure knowledge that you know what to do when a challenge arises.

Long Distance Love will bring you back together

Why should you choose Long Distance Love?

This book is not like other publications of this nature. Whereas others prefer to touch on every subject, this is specifically for long distance relationships. The single purpose of this book is to lend a helping hand to those with failing long-distance relationships.

Secondly, the author is not just a book writer. The book was written by a professional in the counseling niche. He has over 20 years in the field of relationship counseling. This means he is well placed to offer psychological insight into your problems.

Long Distance Love is the best option out there because of the simple fact that it does not beat about the bush. The book is low on the fluff and high on the real stuff. It is a compact synthesis of the best relationship knowledge. This gleaned from a variety of schools of thought and research.

Work on building your long distance relationship

Perhaps the best reason you should choose this book is that the author was in your exact shoes. He was in a long distance relationship that was spiraling out of control. He used the exact methods described in the book and saved the relationship. Said relationship has been in existence for over 12 years, with 4 kids to show for it.

Whereas many self-help books follow tons of academic theory, this one focuses majorly on the things you can do. While you get minimal results with the rest over years of work, results are near instantaneous with this. Long Distance Love provides tools and exercises that you do to get results.

The generic methods in other books use a lot of theory that has no application in the real world. This book, on the other hand, uses techniques that have been used by everyday people.

To conclude

Long distance relationships are never easy for anyone. There are numerous problems that keep cropping up and need to be dealt with. All need not be doused in the gloom, though. Long Distance Love delivers plenty of techniques and exercises that bring the spark back.

Penned by a qualified and experienced relationship counselor, the book is a gem for those who find their long-distance relationship in a rut. The fact that he personally rescued his relationship, in the same way, raises confidence in it.

A plan will make your relationship stronger

It is no wonder, therefore, that there have been several rave reviews by other couples whose relationships have been saved.

Buy it and keep the other half of your heart from withering away in loneliness.

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