Law Of Devotion Review: Will He Devote When You Read These Steps?

Hey, hope you are doing well. I am writing this review to share my experience with “Law of Devotion” by Luba Evans. An amazing eBook that guides you through the maze of creating intimacy with the man you want and create the relationship you want.

My story might be a little different. I never really had a problem with men. I mean, it is not as if I had thousands behind me, but I was doing well. My problem was more that they didn’t stay.

So, I would go on dates, have an amazing time, see these guys for like a month, and then they would disappear.

Getting to know people is an activity I really enjoy, but I was feeling quite bad that they wouldn’t stay. I couldn’t understand why.


Law Of Devotion Dating

I am not saying I had perfect dates and I am the big catch, but the fact that they all opted to go away, was a red light that I needed to check, of course, the problem was I, maybe something in my personality, or maybe I was looking at the wrong guys

Later, I would find out, it had more to do with the signals I was giving and how I was making the other person perceive me.

Law Of Devotion

My mother tends to put a lot of pressure in me, and when I ask her for advice, she insists that I should behave like she did 40 years ago. I just don’t want to attract old men, guys my age are different, and so I knew I had to look somewhere else.

My friends were as single as I was, or were in very weird relationships, I didn’t want advice from them.

I took a step ahead and visited a therapist. After some sessions, that were quite expensive, my therapist took a risk and shared with me something that I hadn’t contemplated. She said something like: “You are perfect, it’s just the signals you are giving to the guy”.

I couldn’t really understand

Reanalyzing my approach

Law Of Devotion Reanalyzing my approach

Taking the word of my therapist, I started to analyze how I was with guys.

I grew up free and independent, where my parents have pushed me to accomplish my dreams, and have always fed my intellectual interest.

I graduated from college, got a nice job, moved by myself. But I do intellectualize things much. Or as people say, I live in my head.

I tend to follow logic a lot, but I didn’t really see it like that, especially because everyone kept saying I was very emotional, just because I’m a woman, so I believed that was true, but in reality, I am very intellectual and tend to want to rationalize everything, even relationships. I want to know:

  • What is the guy looking for?
  • What are his intentions?
  • How does he like to interact?
  • What are the boundaries?

Never would I have imagined that the things I wanted to improve in my life were actually being affected by my intellect.

So, I decided to work on it with my therapist.

Things people don’t teach

Law Of Devotion Things people don’t teach

People criticize our generation because “we don’t know how to relate to each other now”, or “we have lost the art of conversation”. But they don’t understand that, regardless of how things were in the past, the present is what is happening right now, and no one taught us how to relate in the era of technology.

If you are anywhere between 45 and 27, you are part of the first generation that is dealing with this type of communication. Etiquette is still developing, technology is constantly updating. More than once I was led to believe I was socially awkward because I didn’t know how to have an instant meaningful conversation with others, but it’s just hard!

In the past, social pressure for interactions was bigger than now. One, because there were not many means of communication and two because people were supposed to get married very early in life.

It’s not like people in our generation doesn’t know how to make friends, but rather, getting into that deep connection that makes people stay, that is something important that was missing from my social life.

Since this is not taught in schools, and my family couldn’t help, I asked my therapist for books. This is how I got to the Law of Devotion.

Law Of Devotion

Get your copy of the Law of Devotion right here, and you’ll soon understand why guys do what they do, and how you can make him stay with you and commit!

Law of Devotion

Law Of Devotion

After reading some reviews on experiences other girls had had with Luba Evan’s method, I decided to give it a try. I figured that if I didn’t like it, I could always get my money back.

So, I finally buy the eBook, get it in my inbox, discreetly. I don’t like to admit this, but reading about how to have human interactions, made me feel very uncomfortable.

I felt like I was reading a book about walking, or how to use your eyes. Although, now that I think of it, those are things you can also improve, even if you have been doing them for many years.

Anyway, for the record, if you feel like a topic is beyond, buying books about it is completely valid, not all of us are born with an amazing social compass, some of us need a little tune up, and some books can help us.

As I was saying, I got the eBook, started reading, and little by little, things started to make sense.

  • Why they were not staying
  • The signals I was giving
  • How I made them feel
  • The biological side of it

In reality, most people, male or female, want to care for someone and be cared for, and it is completely valid. But when you are first going out with someone, these topics cannot be fully addressed because, well, it would be uncomfortable.

These desires, are buried deep in our mind, and what Luba Evans is proving us in her book is a way to strategically bring those things to the surface of the man’s brain.

There is, still, that “chemistry” factor that can’t be really created or artificial, but that’s the beauty of Luba’s method. If it doesn’t open up the relationship path with the guy, it will open the path for a friendship.

Creating the right environment

Law Of Devotion Creating the right environment

The first practical realization I had was that the environment of the relationship played a huge part on the connection side of a relationship.

Growing up, I pushed myself very hard to stand out, and learn to hide vulnerability because I never wanted that to be a reason for people to deny me playing in a game or just any other experience.

Men, growing up, are immediately taught how to hide and deny their emotions. So, if you have two people who are afraid of showing a real side of themselves. Well, there is going to be a problem, someone has to set the example, and you can choose, it could be you or him, but if the environment is not right, no one will actually do anything, and there will be a block.

I learned it was my decision, and everything started with the daily interactions, the simple things that brought us together.

Once the environment is set and there is trust, which happens very soon in the interaction, one can start creating space for more things to happen.

Doing the right things

We have been told that openly discussing our emotions and thoughts is a right that we must exercise at any time, and although I agree with it, I just don’t like the “any time” part.

Feelings and emotions should be discussed with your partner and the guy you are dating, yes. But sometimes it is not the right moment, or maybe he is still not the right person to be so open with.

It is not about denying your emotions, or not respecting the way you feel. It’s about using the right channels at the right time, where it will have the biggest impact.

If you start an argument with someone who is tired, or annoyed, you won’t get far, etc. It seems like easy things to do, but I have noticed that not many people follow these principles, I was one of those.

I have witnessed many girls trying to push their agenda down the guy’s throat, without understanding that, regardless of how empathetic the guy is, he will never fully understand what it means to be a woman, and conflicts have erupted out of this.

We have come to live under the idea of gender equality. So much so that we are willing to deny that we are still very different, and we should take that difference into consideration.

By knowing how and where to act, you can attach something of you to his emotions, give him pleasant memories etc.

Daily life

While reading the guide, not only was I learning how to relate better, in the romantic sense, with guys, but also how to understand the social power within me as a woman. How I tend to not consider the influence that my femininity has in my environment because It unavoidably does, and how I could improve my surroundings through it.

I learned how to take compliments for what they are, and react to them in a way that makes him say them more often.

One thing that was an eye opener for me was the fact that I was reluctant to accept the inborn need of the man to feel like he can protect someone.

It made me feel offended, but I learned it is just a biological need, it’s not personal, and there are ways to let it happen without it becoming an invitation to lack of personal space or just a completely invasive, controlling relationship.

Rather, allow this instinct of him have an escape on me, without transgressing my personal borders. Works like a charm.

How I changed

Law Of Devotion How I changed

As I mentioned above in the review, it opens paths to men, but there is always an unknown factor that in the end makes the real difference. I did have some dates that stayed for months, but they were not the ones. I found him later.

Not only my romantic side improved but my communication with men in general. When you start to understand how a guy thinks in his most basic levels and know that it is not personal, but rather out of instinct, it becomes easier to make useful connections with guys.

I stopped feeling threatened in tables surrounded by men. I started making friends and identifying cool, genuine, guys.

Because I was able to connect better with guys, more opportunities were opened for me. Men have crazy access to opportunities, and opening this world for me was almost natural when I start to follow Luba’s advice.


  • Easy and simple to understand
  • Not a psychology book
  • Not a manipulation book
  • A clear understanding of people

I like the fact that Luba doesn’t stereotype, the eBook rather contains information based on cultural facts. It is unfair to say that all men are the same, but it is true that cultures determine a lot of how we see the world.

Through cultural analysis, the book gets you to understand patterns of behavior and positive responses to them that can elicit more positive reactions.

By creating the right environment, that man will feel more comfortable around you, you can measure how well you are doing based on how much he shares with you, and then, when he looks for you, it means you have established the right level of confidence. He is well with you.

Understanding that, with other tips, make a big difference when it comes to bonding with people.

Advice difficult to find

Guys brains are wired differently than women’s, even gay guys are like that. As I started applying Luba’s advice and reading other reviews, I started to catch on patterns that most guys had: reactions, facial expressions, change of voice tone, etc. When certain topics or phrases were said.

Experimenting more and more, and by understanding better how guys think, that’s how I was able to improve my overall communication with guys.

Listen, this sounds like a lot of pressure to us. Like, things working completely depends on us, but it is more because, well, you are the one reading it. Of course, if the guy is an idiot, move on, if you try your best and he doesn’t follow, maybe it’s time to look around.

But if there is someone in your life that is worth trying and developing these skills for, or you just want to be ready for when the right one comes, the take a chance on this amazing guide.

How my story ends

I was a little afraid that all of this was manipulation, a scam, but I realized that it was far from it. Because, at the end of the day, you will be helping on creating a safer and more relaxing atmosphere, you open the space for real connections to start.

Manipulation is based on temporary results, Law of Devotion is based on long term results, with the one you want.

With this in mind, I found I guy I really liked, and I knew he liked me as well. I started putting everything in practice, operating those secret points in his primitive brain, and he reacted positively.

We have been dating for 2 years now, things are serious, but I am a still not willing to get married, he knows, and we are well.

Final thoughts

Law Of Devotion final thought

If you keep finding yourself in the same situation over and over again with men, maybe it’s time to seek help. Read reviews, do your research. I found a lot of help in the Law of Devotion because I found it is not about me being liked by everyone, but rather, help him get his guard down and, if there is chemistry, open way to make it happen.

Love can’t be forced, but it can be fostered. Genuine caring for each other can’t be pretended, but you can create a space where, if he feels like this, he can show it to you without fear.

I have to say, at the end of the day, everything that you find in this PDF is things that will become second nature to you, so you won’t be dependent on the book.

Believe me, for the most part, relationships are seldom about the way you look, but about the way you connect.

Law of Devotion is a perfect guide to improve the way you relate with guys and ultimately make them stay.

Try it, get that PDF, if you don’t like it, you have a refund policy.

But believe me, it will change your life!


Law Of Devotion Review 2

Learn about the Law Of Devotion, and how you can get him to finally commit everything to you, and make him desire only you today!

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  • Brenda says:

    Getting to know people is an activity I really enjoy, but I was feeling quite bad that they wouldn’t stay. I couldn’t understand why. I was giving and how I was making the other person perceive me. I asked my therapist for books. This is how I got to the Law of Devotion.I learned it was my decision, and everything started with the daily interactions, the simple things that brought us reading the book and reviews i got the solution what i was searching kinda changed my lifestyle.

  • ale says:

    Right after reading this review I understood what I was doing wrong and couln’t keep a guy with me for more than 3 weeks!! After following these steps just like it says for about 1 month after I found the love of my life (and the first guy who hasn’t cheated on me since the beginning). This might be rushed, but we love each other so much.

  • Mary J. W says:

    Been a while since I was in the dating pool but things have changed so much since my time. I thought I’d stay single after my divorce but my kids are all grown now and they have their own lives. Reading this makes me feel oddly ready to start again. One night stands don’t look good on me. Thanks for the article.

  • Jessie says:

    I have been in the dating game for far too long and havent really found anything long term. Using this amazing life saver book, I was able to meet this beautiful guy and have been able to work it out with him for four months now ! Thank you for saving my love life, Cheers!

  • Jennifer J. Boone says:

    I was approaching my 40th birthday and he has not gotten on a knee to pop the question. I was distraught and landed on this amazing book. I began to see signs that I was missing before. I used some of the insight the book offered to connect with him on a deeper level. We are celebrating our 6 month anniversary in 2 weeks! This book is everything! Thanks.

  • Margaret Schroeder says:

    This book has changed my thoughts and ways of love. Now I know that how wrong I was before. But everything is now just going smoothly. My love life is far better now. Finally, I got his attraction, time and love.

  • Mary says:

    Attracting someone towards you is easier these days, it’s staying devoted to each other that is getting difficult. That is what this guide teaches, staying together with your partner in a healthy relationship.

  • Powell says:

    You use this guide and i assure you he will not leave you.This works like some type of charm that makes a man devote to his wife fully. I like how the guide has been written. The tips are provided in a very simple manner that enables you implement them easily. There is nothing difficult in the guide. I have used it and it works really well.

  • Kevin Combs says:

    the Law of Devotion program is the way to every man’s heart. Within its pages, it encompasses tried-and-tested ways to entice the man you love and lure him into giving you undivided attention. The author has used her own experience to lay down some hard-core facts of male psychology that have helped her win over her own loveless life. She once used to be a lovelorn woman who struggled plenty to get a steady boyfriend.

  • Walter Foster says:

    Law of Devotion provides several important techniques you can utilize to reverse the stressing situation of your love life. The inventor of this program reveals a very simple secret to follow that will show your full potential to men who are of high quality. In this article, we will discuss in detail the details of this product, its merits and demerits, and how you can download its PDF format.

  • Lisa Saenz says:

    The program isn’t meant for a single situation or a single type of woman only. It works with unbelievable accuracy for all kinds of women, irrespective of their beauty, nature, socio-economic background, and goals. You can extend these principles to every guy you meet in life.

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