Journey To Trust: Rebuilding Trust After An Affair – Does It Work?

Trust is essential in every relationship. Journey to Trust: Rebuilding Trust after an Affair review is for you if you have lost all trust and faith in your marriage mate; you do not trust yourself or your family members.

You are in pain and despair, broken beyond compare because your spouse engaged in an emotional affair with another woman.

Your trust is shattered and you’re trying to find where exactly you had one wrong. Trust they say is like a piece of paper, once squeezed cannot again become as it were no matter how hard you try.

broken trust

Well, Linda and Doug in their e-book, Journey To Trust: Rebuilding Trust after an Affair, have created a much-needed resource to consult when there arises the need to rebuild trust in a marriage after infidelity.

They have been there and from their experience, coupled with what they’ve gathered from others who have had and now have trust related issues, they came up with a material capable of helping you.

The Pain Infidelity Brings

Infidelity poses a serious obstacle to the growth of a marital relationship. A solid relationship is built on a strong foundation trust not love alone. When a mate takes interest in another woman and goes on to have an affair with her, he betrays the trust and faith of his marriage mate. Just as yours has.

The pain is unbearable for you, the innocent partner, and right now, you feel insecure, suspicious of his every move, withdrawn from him; your family and friends, and you might want to retaliate. You could even be thinking about a divorce.

His unfaithful actions have obliterated the sacred faith you had in your relationship. Your grief, sometimes you want to hide from it, deny it. At other times, you want to know every detail of what happened. You can’t bear to see him because every time you do, you’re reminded of “her”.


You don’t want help. And you want to remain in that maze, that dense darkness. Linda offers help, the kind of help that comes from someone who understands because she has been there. So stretch your hands and get the help offered because you need it.

Your decision

The decision you make regarding what to do after your spouse commits adultery determines if you need this book or not.

Do you want to mend your relationship or not? if you want to try the latter, ask yourself: Do I want to work together with my husband to mend our relationship and regain trust? Or do I want to us to walk down the road to rebuilding trust individually?

thinking about what to do

Whatever you decide, this is the material for you. Overcoming the pain and betrayal that comes with infidelity is hard but it’s possible. You can heal; together and turn out to be stronger than ever.

Linda and Doug’s Story

After 25 years of marriage, Doug had an affair with a coworker and this shattered Linda in and out. She lost trust in herself, her husband, her friend, and relatives. She didn’t want help from anyone because she believed that they wouldn’t understand.

So, she didn’t allow anyone in, not even herself. She became incapable of doing everyday tasks and started believing that her marriage was a sham all along. Well, 25 years is too long a time spent together for such to have happened, you might think.

How did she cope?

First, she triumphed over her despair. Second, she was able to trust again. So can you.

How long has your marriage lasted before your partner engaged in his unfaithful action, a year, two, three, five, ten years? How long you’ve been together can really pull you down from embarking on the journey to trust.

No one, no matter how long you’ve been together, is immune to that. Linda and Doug’s case is a good example.

You should learn from their experience. So, beyond all things, look to rise again. The journey to trust: rebuilding trust after an affair will help you. It will help you learn to accept help from others as well.

How this book can help you rebuild trust

The e-book divides the process into different sections. It addresses:

1. How to assess the level of trust between you and your partner:

This assists you in deciphering how much trust you have left between the two of you.

2. How to rebuild the shattered trust- even if you feel completely hopeless.:

This is where you board the bus to your destination. Whether you feel you can or can’t, Linda will help you see how she kick-started and will push you in that direction.

3. How to regain trust in yourself and how that will help the healing process:

This is where you learn to be exemplary. If you don’t trust yourself, how will you trust anyone else? This is a crucial part of the journey. This is where the bus takes off.

4. How to overcome the powerful barriers that are preventing you from trusting again:

You presently might not want to trust again because you feel there’ll be a repeat. You wonder if he’ll be able to stop if he still finds you attractive if he still wants you after all his going after another woman might have been because you weren’t enough for him.

The list of thoughts running through your head will fill long rows of paper but they are, most likely hindering you from moving on. This part of the book will help you overcome them.

5. How Doug and Linda were able to rebuild their trust and how you can too:

This is where you start picking the necessary tools to become a better person than you were. This is where you connect strongly with Linda and follow the path she trod.

Will Journey to Trust: Rebuilding Trust after an Affair help me?

It will. It will give you some hope, hope that stems from knowing that you are not alone, that others have been there and have triumphed.


The book provides assistance in a way that counselors might not be able to and helps you see things from your perspective and that of your partner. You will get to see how you can help him help you.

It will aid you in knowing if he is truly repentant and recognizes the efforts he is making to make amends.

How do I start?

It’s pretty easy. You just have to purchase it online at a reasonable price and you will have access to all it offers including the amazing bonus packages.


Linda speaks like she is far from Doug’s affair yet; close enough to its memories to speak with compassion and power. The book is thus practical and the exercises will help you evaluate yourself and your partner in a way that’ll spur you to action

It gives hope even though you will realize some painful truths. It is affordable and your payment can be refunded if you feel that the material is not useful for you. This is doubtful though because various testimonies show women on their way to recovery and some who have.

The book comes with special packages such as:

  • An interview with Dave Carder, author of the books Tom Asunder and Close Calls
  • Interview with Mona and Gary Shriver, authors of Unfaithful: Hope and Healing After Infidelity who have also had to build trust in their marriage after infidelity
  • Interview with Susie and Otto Collins, relationship experts and authors of Relationship Turnaround
  • A report was written by Dr. Robert Huizenga, the infidelity coach and author of Break Free from the Affair which will help you cope and maybe create moments of hope and joy for yourself amidst your pain.
  • Case study transcription of an audio discussion with Laurel, a reader of Linda and Doug’s blog who recently discovered her husband’s affair and discusses her challenges and what she’s doing to build trust again.

All of the above are available in digital format for your consumption.


  • The book is downloadable in pdf format only.
  • No physical products are shipped.
  • It doesn’t offer a certain guarantee that you will achieve specific results because its writers recognize that every couple is unique and are likely to face a unique set of challenges.


Your mate’s affair might have left you on the brink of destruction just as Linda says it left her.

You feel unwanted and unattractive. And have lost interest in nothing and everything. You don’t trust your mate.

Each of his actions is suspicious to you. You doubt his whereabouts, what he is working on, where he is at, who is with and this is taking an emotional toll on you mentally and bodily.

You don’t feel you can rise, not that you want to anyway. Well, that’s tough but it’s not an impossible situation as Linda and Doug show in their book.

Get the book and allow it to work. Meet women like you, learn from them and get a hold of joy and happiness.


It’s not magical but is practical. It is something doable. The fact that you are reading this show that you are seeking for help. That help is within your reach. Go for it. You’ll be glad you did.

Learn how you can take the Journey to Trust, and finally move past the affair – restore trust, and start building a loving relationship again!


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