Journey to the Minds of Men

Well, here is a mystery cracked! Men have a hard time figuring out women and the same is true for the women who have a hard time figuring out the men. You may try winning a man’s heart only to find that he does not really respond the way that you thought he would.

You definitely want to save your marriage. This is usually frustrating and annoying unless of course you have the cheat codes.


The Cheat Sheet to Treasure

#1 Compliments Are Golden

A man will always warm up to you when you compliment him. They have this tendency of believing the compliment even if it is just a lie. This is one of the most successful ways to make them like you. Once you say something good about him, he will just warm up to you and have the confidence to talk to you.


#2 Flirtations Are Key

If you want to impress a man, you may start by flirting with him. Batting your eyelashes, approaching him with a winning smile and maintaining some eye contact will work very well. They always know what’s coming when you do this but they always fall for it anyway.

Journey to the Minds of Men Flirtations Are Key



#3 The Bodyguard Complex

If you let a man do something good for you, you can be sure that he will be head over boots for you. This is because they have the instinct to protect and defend females and once he does that, he will just feel like a man and that is the key to making him love you tremendously.

#4 The Emotions Fortress

All men think that they are impervious to emotions and that they can disguise their feelings, ignore them or just delete the, somehow. They value their egos so much. The problem is that, these egos are easy to break and when you are the one responsible for breaking it, he will despise and hate you for life.

#5 Trailblazing

It is known for a fact that when a woman is the one who is approaching a man, they will always fall for that. When you are the one initiating the whole thing, they will always appreciate that move and will be constantly drooling all over themselves because they think they are super hot. So, use this weapon wisely and make sure you don’t come off as needy but confident and proud.

Journey to the Minds of Men Trailblazing

#6 The Gender Equality Angle

Nowadays, men assume that being treated like equals with women is okay. Deep inside, they have that instinct to make women be below them even if it’s just a few rungs down the ladder. They would love to play the dominant role and when you let them do that, they will have respect for you and think you are a gem.

In Conclusion

We can say that men aren’t as hard to figure out as women, just nurse their egos, and let them assert their dominance then sit back and watch them fall for you quickly. It is a guarantee that these methods of seduction, confidence and raw sexiness will attract them.



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  • Andrea T. Phelps says:

    This is amazing for sure. I want to always have my man around me all the time. He is the best that I have and hence learning on how to handle him makes me feel better than ever before. I am looking forward to a great time for sure.

  • Jason L. says:

    As a man, I can attest that the content and facts included in this guide are very accurate. I bought this product for a research on relationships, everything mentioned in this product has been proved right so far.
    The tips are certainly effective and can be applied to gain any man’s attention.

  • Deanna says:

    Falling in love, and having a relationship – these are two different things. In fact, anyone can fall for you and men fall for anyone who they find attractive. I have been in this situation several times, for me, I started believing that I’m not good enough to be in a relationship. They never stay forever or the excitement comes to an end after a few months. However, these tips have helped me come a long way – I wish to have found this a bit earlier. This really worked.

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