Infatuate Your Ex Review: What Do You Need To Do To Get Them Back?

Do you still enjoy looking at old pictures of you and your ex? Chances are that you are not completely over you ex-relationship after all.

Often at times, it is difficult for men to get over someone because of the unique and special bond that they have shared. The feeling of guilt and regret is extremely haunting indeed.

I can say this because just like you I have been through it myself. There was a time when my ex would not even answer my calls. She would leave me on reading, only to reply once in a blue moon.

That period of my life was quite a difficult one. I used to miss her, every second of the day. However, within a month or two, my ex and I were back in a relationship! Do you want to know how it happened? Then keep reading this review.

So here is my story. Being quite desperate to get my ex back, I used to spend hours on the internet looking for tips from relationship experts. I went through a number of websites but they were all filled with fluff, with the purpose of bringing traffic.

I hardly found anything valuable, until one day! I stumbled across a forum on which people were talking about a book called ‘Infatuate Your Ex’. Then, before getting the book I read a number of customer reviews.

Finally, considering the exceptional feedback, I decided to try the book out for myself. And that is the very secret that helped me in getting my ex back!

What is ‘Infatuate Your Ex’ all about?

Infatuate Your Ex is a highly recommended book, or more like a guide that is written by highly renowned relationship experts.

One of the highly beneficial aspects of this guide is that it increases your confidence and gives you tips on how to get your ex back.

The tips are written in this guide work every single time because they are based on human psychological research. Using these tips, your chances of getting your ex’s love and trust back will skyrocket by 100%!

Usually, most people do not make the first move of getting together with their ex again because they have a fear of rejection. This guide, tells you all the basic principles of relationship psychology.

Ultimately, it equips you with great confidence and all the necessary psychological tools you need to begin a new chapter of life with your ex.

Why is this book so unique?

Here are all the reasons due to which I think that this book is extremely unique:

  • Firstly, this book does not contain any fluff unlike another guide on the internet.
  • It contains information that is to the point and based on actual psychological research.
  • It can help you build an overall attractive personality.
  • The tips and techniques in these books are explained step-by-step. Unlike other books, this does not scatter information around to fool the readers.
  • Once you’ve read this book, you will understand all the things that you were previously doing wrong. Once recognized, you can begin working on them to become extremely attractive.
  • This book is not gendered specific. Rather, both women and men can use it! I can say that this book is indeed the only ultimate guide in the market.
  • It provides you 24/7 email support, along with customer support to ensure that everything moves on track!
  • You can use this guide both in a PDF form and in the form of an audiobook. This simply increases the usability and reader’s comfort.

A screenshot from the product website pointing out what this book's psychological study reveals

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A deeper look into Infatuate Your Ex

Module 1

In module one, some real-life examples of people are shared. Those who buy this guide usually send in stories about their success. Some of these are shared in the book.

In module 1, some extremely important starting tips are also given. For instance, it is stated that one should break contact for at least 1 month after breakup before trying again. Giving space, is extremely important!

Module 2

The second module, is called ‘The Dumper and The Dumped’. This module is an extremely important one as it sets the base for you to work on.

This module focuses on analyzing and finding out what went wrong in your relationship. It helps you in identifying the main reason of the relationship failure. This is always the first step towards another important start.

Without identifying the root cause, patching up with your ex would be close to impossible. So spend a good time on this module, in order to take a strong start.

Module 3

This module springs off directly from module 2. It basically adds more to it by giving you further tips for mental strength, and ideas for working hard on your goal.

However, it again requires you to have identified the main cause of your breakup. So do not move on to this module unless you have fully completed the module 2.

Module 4

This module is called ‘Flight Check’. This module relaxes your emotions and your psychological state, allowing you to focus more on your goal.

For as long as you stay worried, you will not be able to put all your mental strength into it after all. Remember, avoid desperation! That is the only thing that prevents most people from getting back with their ex.

Module 5

This module is called ‘Text Judo’. As the name implies, the prime focus of this module is on the techniques of text messaging.

While text messaging sounds simple, it usually is not! There are a lot of psychological loopholes in texting that you can exploit. After understanding these tips, getting your ex’s attention back will become easier than ever!

Module 6

This module is called ‘Across the Bow’. The focus of this module is on the conversation tone and conversation tips.

Starting a conversation with your ex again after a long period, is difficult. Such a long silence often results into awkwardness. This section tells you how to avoid such difficulties.

By using the tips in this module, you will be able to make your ex feel like he/she still has feelings for you. Hence, this is the part where the real climax actually starts. In other words, it is the most crucial part of this process! So use it wisely.

Module 7

This module is called Prepping the Soil. Again, as the name implies, it adds further into Module 6 and tells you how to keep the conversation up through effective text-messages.

When you notice how much this module adds up to the entire process, you will be in awe! I have personally felt that this module in addition to the previous ones, made it 10 times easier for me to get my ex back.

Module 8

This Module is called, ‘The Green Eyed Monster’. This module is all about inspiring and motivating your ex. Once your ex gets the thought that it is possible for you both to get back, all that he/she needs is a little motivation.

Psychological tips like these hardly ever fail. Through some inspirational and motivational texts, you could step up further. At this point, you will already know that 80% of your work is complete!

Module 9

In case your ex is going through a troubled period in her life, this module can do wonders for you!

It basically tells you ways of giving a helping hand to your ex. In other words, it simply spices up your main goal of getting her back. Even if he/she doesn’t take your help, he/she needs to know that you are there!

This can help in gaining back the trust, and love.

Module 10

While you are on module 10, almost 90% of the process of getting your ex back is complete. By this time, you would already feel like your ex is right on your doorstep knocking to get in.

By using some honest and powerful text messaging tips discussed in this section, you can give a final ignition to the love that this slowly developing again between you two.

Module 11

This final module is more about post-work techniques. By the time you finish module 10, you would already have your ex back in your life.

Then, you can use the tips and techniques mentioned in this module to keep your second relationship on track! Now, you must make sure to avoid all the past mistakes in order to take your relationship further.


Infatuate Your Ex is like one of the rare gems that come in the market only once a decade! So take the benefit of this product in the market for as long as it is available.

Due to the high demand in the market, thousands of people are making use of this book every month to regain their love life. At least this is what the customer reviews imply!

Moreover, this book stands out as compared to the rest because it is not gendered specific at all! Both men and women can make use of this book with ease. This is because the tips mentioned in this book, work for both men and women.

Considering all these factors, I would personally give this book a rating of 9.8/10!

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