Impulsive Desire Method Review: What’s The Trigger To Her Desire?

Do you believe in magic? If you said no, then you might be surprised by this amazing method.

Of course, you have noticed these chicks that are completely lost for an asshole that might even beat them or degrade them. This is not normal, still, it happens a lot. You just need to think about what makes these guys so special.

Impulsive Desire Method Review: What's The Trigger To Her Desire

I had a similar observation a little over a year ago, and I was amazed at how little to no sense this all made. That’s when I figured it out:

It is not about logic, but what could it be? What makes these women go crazy about those assholes?

The emotional connection factor

Well, people who grew up in bad spaces, tend to look for that in their adult lives. Even though they are aware it’s not good for them, they look for it. It turns out that emotions guide our lives and make us do stupid things:

  • Ads, online and on TV, don’t really make sense. They target emotions
  • Fashion and cars aim to your aspirations, not your income
  • Trips aim to your need for rest, not your income
  • Restaurants aim to your need for food, not your income

See? I mean, not that these guys don’t want your money, of course, they do. But that’s the point: You know what they want, what can they give you back? Food? You can cook for yourself.

For girls, it’s the same. They know you want to nail them, but what do you offer? They know sex is important for you, but do you know what is important for them?

Impulsive Desire Method Emotional Connection factor

Opening the right doors

Well, I had this question going through my mind, night and day. Girls are tired of guys hitting up on them because they make their intentions very clear immediately. What these idiots don’t think about is that girls know, already, what your ultimate goal is.

But, that’s not their goal, they are looking for something else. So, I decided to go online and see what women had to say about it. Sadly, I found things written for women, even if they said the article was for men.

One day, when I was in LA for a weekend, I met this guy, a friend of a friend. We went to a club, he had a strategy to hook up and needed everyone’s participation. I thought this was very stupid, but he promised we would all get laid by the end of the day.

So, I saw him striking a conversation with the girl and she was hooked immediately. We were talking with her friends and other girls. He then came back with this girl, immediately all other girls were more relaxed. He took some minutes to talk to the other girls and, just like magic, they were all ready to go somewhere quieter.

Impulsive Desire Method Opening The Right Doors

Learning from the man

Next morning, while having breakfast, we were celebrating our awesome night and wanted to know more about his methods.

He said that he was part of the pick-up community and had gone through years of training. There is some sort of NLP to get laid and these pickup guys have apparently mastered that. When we asked him about learning more, he invited us to this seminar, but:

  • It cost thousands of dollars
  • Was taking place in a house far away from LA
  • It would go on for a week

I had no time, I am running a business and have real life commitments. No, couldn’t just disappear for a week to learn how to get more girls.

So, I told I couldn’t make it, and he mentioned the Impulsive Desire Method as an option.

Impulsive Desire Method

Well, the guy had more than proven himself, and I knew nothing, so I decided to listen. After going online, reading all the reviews and stories, I decided to buy.

To be honest, I was not convinced in the beginning, so I would text this guy with questions, until one day, he shouted: “JUST FOLLOW THE FUCKING GUIDE, MAN!” Followed by an offering of clarification through the process, but only after putting things to practice.

So, I decided to just stop being a coward and get this into action. The only time I called this guy was to tell him how great it worked and how right he was!

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What makes it good?

OK, what if I told you that what women want is more emotional? What would you do differently?

Try to act all comprehensive and understanding? That’s amazing! She’ll go home with another man. What I am trying to say is:

If you know how to work with the emotions of a woman, then get the fuck out. But most of us, even after hearing that they are more emotional, don’t know what that means.

Well, Impulsive Desire Method answers this question. That’s it! Long story short, Impulsive Desire Method gets into the emotions of a woman and tells you how to work them.

Impulsive Desire Method What makes It Good

No bullshit

Remember all those times when you imagined banging someone, and you had a massive erection, without that person even being in the room. That’s the power of the mind, dude! Impulsive Desire Method offers a method to awaken feelings in women.

  • The way you look
  • Smell
  • The words you use
  • Voice Tone
  • Security
  • Interaction

All of this plays a big part in arousing emotions in a woman and make her feel however you want.

How does it work?

Really, it’s quite simple. The guide will tell you how to start working the mind of a woman so that then you can create an emotion. When this emotion, whatever you want, is in place, then you can act.

Of course, what you want is to make them feel desire for you. Please, don’t worry, not only will she want to go home with you, but she will also do anything to please you.

So, as you can see, your job is to:

  • Have a place ready to take her back
  • Look and smell well
  • Use Impulsive Desire Method
  • Take her home
  • Enjoy

Women are natural pleasers, you just need to awaken that in them. Yes, there is an exception, but you don’t want that.

Impulsive Desire Method How does it work

Results at the tip of your fingers

Literally! If you say the right words and touch them in strategic places, their body will associate that emotion with the touch. So, if you touch them again there, in a similar way, they will feel that emotion again. This is only the introduction, this guide is filled with secrets.

Let me tell you, I had never had such amazing sex as I am having now. These chicks stop caring and they would let me try anything. Although, once, this one girl turned very horny, and she had very specific kinky needs, that I had to fulfill.

Also, not only the fulfillment part, but she was so horny that made me horny. So then, I was horny and hard AF, and she was having her way with me and I was having the time of my life.

After, when we were done, she was feeling a little awkward and embarrassed. IT just took another touch to make her go again.

The difference

Well, comparing this with that course:

  • Read and get laid in real time
  • Don’t waste thousands of dollars
  • Use your time effectively
  • Don’t get locked in a sausage party

All the information you need is right in the guide. Now, of course, on a more serious note, these pickup artists are extremely good. However, their training takes years. You can start within days with this guide.

Some people, after they finish the guide, join some of these communities. I didn’t need to.

See, I had been in relationships before, 5 years long, 4 years long. That was never a problem for me. My problem was driving them crazy, now I had the solution.

Impulsive Desire Method The difference

Final words

There are many options online. Some people will advise for X or Y, but you need to decide what is it you want. I, for example, just needed to learn how to get good one night stands. That is why the book worked for me.

If you are looking, for example, into having a wife. You will get help on the hooking up and keeping her engaged department. Or, if you are married, you will be able to awaken that horny monster every woman has but so strongly resists.

You can awaken those parts of women that are covered in emotion. Many people idealize emotions and feelings, but they are as malleable as thoughts and ideas, you just need to know how. And now you can!

Don’t miss the chance to make this work for you, man. At the end of the day, life is too short and everything is consensual. Yes, I’ve had some chicks say no, it was sad. But all of those who said yes, gave me, and still, do, some of the best sex I’ve had in my life.

Yeah, they come back, because they want. What are you waiting for?

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