How To Make Him Desire You Review: What Makes Men Tick And Love?

I can’t forget the day when my best friend, Mia was literally crying on our lunch date. She was tired of dating and looking out for suitable men. None of her dates were leading somewhere.

She was desperately looking to have a normal love life like others. She was seriously looking for professional help and suggestions. Nothing seemed to be working for her until a common friend of ours who dealt with similar problems, mentioned about a popular book- How To Make Him Desire You. This book actually changed her life.

In How to Make Him Desire You, the writer and famous relationship expert Alex Carter provides a basic learning guide for a woman who is struggling in making a man desire for her or want to win the partner’s heart.

To be clear, it is not all about making a man say I love you in quick time but bringing out an intense desire out of him which actually plays an equally important role when it comes to dating and relationship. You will understand the difference and our reviews about it below.

How To Make Him Desire You Review: What Makes Men Tick And Love

The product overview

Dating a man is not easy. It is neither very easy nor a herculean task to make charm your man and keep him interested in you forever.

Men think a lot differently than women. You have to deal with their fickle mind, mood swings which depend upon a lot going in their professional and personal life.

According to the author, one trait in men is pretty certain- their impulsive nature. He asks you to understand and take advantage of this nature as much as possible to make him feel extremely desiring for you.

In this guide, you will be told step by step instructions on how to trigger a man’s impulsive nature to your benefit and win his heart.

What is Different in this book?

This program is not like any other traditional dating guide book. With real and pragmatic lessons, it will make you understand the difference between lust and desire.

In a very constructive way, it makes you realize that a desire is a feeling which comes deep from the heart and is way different from lust. While the feeling of lust is a short-lived physical attraction for which you could be a dispensable person in his life. A strong desire builds a strong association.

Alex Carter explains how a true and powerful desire strengthens the relationship and leads to a stronger commitment. Two people will be in a secured relationship and together for long because they want and depend on each other for every aspect of life.

The connection will be sound irrespective of promises and duties. Moreover, bringing true desire will keep your man out of thinking about another woman. You will be the only one responsible for his delight feelings.

How To Make Him Desire You What is Different in this book

After learning the step by step instructions and reasons for man’s impulsive but typical behavior, you will think ahead of him and be ready for any upcoming situation. You will get well familiarized with a guy’s thinking process.

The fear of intimacy and social awkwardness for meeting and conversing with new people will be gone forever. It will bring out a more confident person in you who knows her reasons for the actions.

In these 174 pages, a woman can learn all about effective communication, emotions handling and thinking which will please and impress men in no time. The small 12 chapters in How to Make Him Desire You can do big wonders in your life.

Are you the right audience?

If you are still not convinced whether you should give a try to this program, try to ask the following questions to yourself.

  • Do you want more from your man in terms of attention, attraction, and support?
  • Does your boyfriend always tell you that he is not sure about the relationship and his feelings when you ask for the next step or commitment?
  • If you are still single and you need a step by step instructions guide to make you skilled and confident enough to make any man fall in love with you.
  • In some cases, a man likes you but he is unable to put express his feelings. The relationship and potential good future may suffer. So, you need to take control in your hands.
  • If things are still stalled after having a future and commitment talk, this will spice up thing between you two.
  • Do you find yourself all the time in a relationship with emotionally unavailable men? This is a perfect help guide.

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What comes in the package?

How To Make Him Desire You What comes in the package

With this online guidebook, you will be provided with an audio CD and bonuses right away at the time of purchase.

The package includes

– The book Manual

– Psychological Tricks To Become The Ultimate Guy Magnet

– The Audio Version  I personally like this option as it is good for working women like me who can learn on the go.

– Bonus Material worth $81 which covers:

  • Secrets of The Male Desire
  • Advanced Fascination Report
  • The Role Reversal Report

The author has provided all learning material at a special price with a one-time cost. As soon as your order for the program, these will be available for use immediately. This big package with such discounted price should reduce your second thoughts and nervousness about using it.


Along with hassle-free buying process, the author assures the product with 100% money back guarantee in 60 days. If within 8 weeks of purchase, you feel that it is not for you or the guidance is not satisfactory enough, you may claim the whole refund with no questions asked. This shows Alex Carter’s confidence in his writing and techniques.

How To Make Him Desire You 60 days guarantee

Online Support

The author claims to provide customer support in case you are unable to understand something mentioned in the book or can’t decide on the actions. You can drop him a mail and will get a direct customer support service.

My review for the book

I had to read it after I saw a huge change in Mia’s life and personality. Now, she has a loving boyfriend who is so caring and affectionate. She can’t stop gushing and talking about.  When we meet at parties, guys can’t stop chatting with her. I order this apparently magical book and gave it a read.

How To Make Him Desire You My review for the book

This guidebook is definitely not only about the theory and fundamentals of dating. It addresses real-life problems with the dating scene, husbands, and boyfriends.

The program has a totally different approach as compared to most of the dating tips and love life programs. It seems that the author has full clarity about how a relationship works in the real world out there.

It has set few action plans which should be followed to straighten out your concerns with men. For example, the methods like the mouse and cheese method, the vacuum technique and the furious magnet technique give practical ways for handling real-life situations.

These look like absolute solutions to the problems of bringing the ex back in your life, improving and maintaining your love partner’s interest in you. Eventually, the man will feel a strong desire to be with no one else but only you.

And More…

Alex gives logical reasons for men’s impulsive nature and reviews how it could be a blessing in disguise. Deep insights into the behavior and thinking aspect will help you build up interest and desire. You could be mysterious to excite the bond and simultaneously be emotionally safe with your partner.

Basically, he will be assured of you and your intentions but still want to know more about you every time.  Fun and easy to follow language make it trouble-free to follow the instructions and methods. The discounted price definitely brings another reason to buy and give a try.

To be noted:

If you are a person who personally doesn’t believe in psychological techniques or against it, this program is definitely not for you. Think twice before going for it.

How To Make Him Desire You To be noted

How To Make Him Desire You is worth a buy. All you need to do right away is ordering the product and you will get all of the learning material mentioned above. Don’t think that buying and learning only will fix a jarred relationship.

There is no system which can resolve your relationship issues itself unless you put some serious efforts into it. For making a guy desire you, first you need to work on yourself. This book will teach you all about it. The more efforts you put in, you will be in a better relationship.

If followed properly, this book can turn you from a single woman to a great catch for any right guy out there. It is surely not overnight magic. With focus, sensibility, and perseverance, you will be with the right guy who desires you and craves for your companionship and love.

Get How To Make Him Desire You Today, And You’ll Know What Makes Men Commit, What Makes Them Desire A Woman, And How To Turn That Desire Onto You!


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