How To Get A Girl Back In 30 Days Or Less Review: Get Her Back Again


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The report covers the honest opinion of the relationship guide by John Alexander. The content to read contains important details that you ought to know before buying the actual copy.

To achieve the recommendations set in the book means that you will need to be extra committed and disciplined when working on yourself. It is only after the completion of this that you can get your ex back.

What does the book cover?

“Get a girl in less than 30 days” is a comprehensive guide advising men on how to deal with relationship breakups. It starts with assessing the feelings that you get during the initial breakup stages all through to the way you handle it.

At this point, it advises on how best to change your mindset to enable you to reunite with your ex-girlfriend in 4 weeks or less.


How To Get A Girl Back In 30 Days Or Less

The guide gives an initial 4 step formula and the eleven attraction dials all which are critical in getting the lost love back. The main part of the four-step formula is to cut all the communication channels with your ex-partner as you work on a new you.

Part of the eleven dials of attraction is to ensure that you demonstrate the new you thus tapping the emotions of your ex-eliciting a positive responses example, making her laugh.

It gives concrete steps and instructions that you need to follow and the exercises you need to do to achieve these goals.

Use of affirmations when developing your self-confidence is an example. The primary goal of the book is to help the man become an alpha male.  Keep reading and practicing what is in the book will ensure that you work on improving yourself.

How To Get A Girl Back In 30 Days Or Less

The book will help you heal after a breakup thus enabling you to deal with a reunion in a more serious way. Just in case your relationship is irreparable, the book gives you a ground for moving on since you are completely healed.

The guide also includes scenarios that are commonly referred to as shit tests. They are tests that your ex will pose to you to gauge the reaction that you respond with.

Examples of such will include the tests to check whether you are still lonely and sad, or saying something that may turn you angry or defensive. The guide gives you the guidelines of what you should and should not do in those situations.

What does the Book teach you?

Conclusively, this review, unlike other reviews, will teach you the following

  • What any woman or woman means when she tells you that she does not need any man in her life.
  • The main reason as to why you are asked not to call your ex-lover.
  • How to solve problems and issues arising just because you were too much insecure or jealous. Chances are that if you are too much insecure, she will leave you.
  • The tricks used to solve your arguments with your ex; they demonstrate chances of a happy life in the future.
  • How to ensure that she is able to appreciate you again.
  • How to tell whether your ex-girlfriend is seeing someone else behind your back.
  • Steps to plan and implement not more than ten minutes of exercise that will win her trust back.
  • Understand the main reason behind why she dumped you in the first place.


Here are the examples of the bad points

  • One of the most important points in the guide is being an alpha male, a leader and taking responsibility. It suggests that at times the reason for a breakup may lie with you. As such, you have no option other than accepting responsibilities as a man.

How To Get A Girl Back In 30 Days Or Less Bad points

  • You may feel distressed or that you were not in the wrong. As such, you need to have an open mind, be receptive and do not disregard any tip as out of hand.
  • There are scenarios and examples of the few mistakes that guys make in their relationships. Some of these include lack of respect or failing to allow your wife or girlfriend to buy anything for you.
  • The guide contains useful information on the steps and ways to win back your lost love. The information can be quite overwhelming if you decide to absorb it all in just one reading. However, it ought not to deter you from learning something from the guide.

Here are the examples of good points from this guide

  • The guide is easy to read. He uses a friendly tone that makes it appear like he is directly advising you. It feels more relevant and personal, and you are thus likely to accept the ideas proposed.
  • John Alexander tells the situation the way it is. He holds nothing back. He draws and quotes experts in this field to underpin his points. You are therefore assured that the book does not represent his opinions and views.
  • The general idea of the book is, you do not just do the necessary and expect extraordinary results. You have to work hard and put a lot of effort into it if you want to win your partner back.
  • The guide highlights the possibility of men making the same mistake over and over again. They approach different breakups with the same mindset.
  • The guide is written in a friendly, personal and non-aggressive way. It has many scenarios and themes that you can relate to. With the content in mind, you will be more open to making necessary changes to win your lady back.
  • The guide provides something even before you carry out the suggested exercises. It shows various options, changing your thinking and demonstrating hope; a feeling you need to hold onto and emotion to boost especially in a stressing and depressive breakup state.
  • The guide contains a 60 days money guarantee. If you are not happy or satisfied with the quality of the content, you can return the book and get your refund. The provision enables you to buy the copy with a piece of mind fearing no loss of resources. However, with the content and the possibility of getting positive results, you may not use this feature.
  • The e-book enables the reader to feel that he is not alone in the challenges and situations that he is facing. It contains answers to different questions lingering in your mind.
  • One of the main advantages of the copy is that it is accessible to different people irrespective of nature and reason for the breakup.
  • In addition to the money guarantee policy, you will pay only $1 for the period of the first thirty days. After which, you get charged for the price of the book.


How To Get A Girl Back In 30 Days Or Less

Unlike other products in the market, the buyer has assured of a scam free content thanks to the money back guarantee policy.

From the author


How To Get A Girl Back In 30 Days Or Less The author

From the author’s perception, the guide contains no fluff or filler words. He tells facts as they are, a style recommended in all related topics. Considering the victorious stories associated with this guide, I too am optimistic that you will have a success story in no time.

Considering the victorious stories associated with this guide, I too am optimistic that you will have a success story in no time.

Building your Attractiveness

After a breakup cut off any communication with your ex and work on steps to create your appeal. To achieve this, you need to get busy, get out and about and not to lock yourself indoors.

Doing so will yield no result, and again you certainly don’t want to show your ex you are lonely and sad.


How To Get A Girl Back In 30 Days Or Less Building your attractivemess

To get a girl back, you need to distress. Avoid calling her to tell her how lonely and sad you are, and this does not place a good mood for reconciliation. Build on your attractiveness before trying to woo the lady back to you.

Build your confidence, it’s key

Confidence is the key when trying to get a girl back or even winning her at the first stance. Among the features that ladies look for in a man is confidence.

How To Get A Girl Back In 30 Days Or Less Build your confidence

To rebuild or even build your confidence, you need to do a self-reflection. Make powerful tools and mirrors to get your lady back. Say to yourself how you love yourself because you are perfect. Doing this exercise helps you to rewire your brain and impress your ex after three weeks period is over.

Doing this exercise helps you to rewire your brain and impress your ex after three weeks period is over.

Always make love, not war

A famous quote says that “play together, stay together.” With this, take things slow and gentle. Making love is an essential part of every healthy relationship. It should, however, be fun, sexy and pleasurable for both of you.

How To Get A Girl Back In 30 Days Or Less Always make love not war


Making love is an important part of re-connection for you and your ex in the process of getting back and even moving forward. Do something a little different. Spruce it up.

Be spontaneous and build the interaction all through to sex. If you don’t build up to here, you run the risk of her viewing you as just a good friend.

She is not by any chance your best friend. 

Often you hear happy couples refer to each other as a best friend. The cliche should not apply to any relationship based on intimacy, love or romance.

The whole best friend thing has been known to be a serious relationship killer. It may end up killing the healthy sexual energy. Remember making love and sex are fundamental in any reconnection process.

The four steps formula

John Alexander has developed a four stages method that you should use when considering getting back with your girlfriend. They are:

  1. If she comes with a decision to break up, tell her that you are okay and also act like you are okay.
  2. Work on your attractiveness to get even other women interested in you.
  3. Cut all communication ties for the first three weeks. Contact her after 21 days suggesting that you want to be friends.
  4. Get her to go out with you or hang out with you. Let her see the remarkable transformations that you have undergone.

The tips on how to get your lost love are so crucial. That means if you tell her that you are okay with her decision, that’s it, don’t pursue her or contact her until you are done with the rest of the steps.

Even when you feel at your lowest level, do not try to pursue her hoping that you will get reconciliation or win her back.

How To Get A Girl Back In 30 Days Or Less The formula

Building your attractiveness includes doing anything better for your life. Such includes joining yoga, going to the gym, changing your wardrobe or even joining the cookery class.

Essentially, the goal is to place yourself in a desirable and higher position than your girlfriend. The trick is to have her look up and see what she is missing. After your transformation, contact her again informing her that you are okay with the decision and that you want to be friends.

It might be the last thing you might ever think of doing, yet it is also the last thing that your girl will expect from you. After reading the guide, the approach feels like an aggressive/passive approach which is logically sound. After this, invite her out as a friend and let her see what has really changed.


John’s guide makes you think and questions your judgment and actions. It enables you to see things differently and open yourself to other possibilities that may help you win your lost love back.


How To Get A Girl Back In 30 Days Or Less Conclusion



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  • Richard says:

    One thing that you always pray as a man is that you never lose your girl. She is a special person in our lives and thus hold to them dearly. I now have some few tips just to make sure that I have her by my side for as long as it takes. This is amazing.

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    One of my friends got his girl back thanks to this guide. And he did that simply to dump her on his own this time!
    But the book works, so that you know…

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    Guys if you messed up and lost her but still love her and want her back don’t waste time crying or being depressed. Get this program and get your girl back. This program also teaches you what to do so that you don’t mess up again and land into the same problem. Since guys are always messing up, this is a great program to have ready when that moment arises.

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    I think I just got my much needed link. thank you so much. I’m going to implement all of these. I foresee success.

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    Get A Girl Back In 30 Days Or Less” is a very comprehensive guide on how to deal with breakups from the start exploring how you feel during the initial stages of the breakup to taking the first steps of dealing with it, changing your mindsets and lifestyle through to reconnecting with your ex after at least 3 weeks.
    The guide explores strategies like the initial Four Step Formula and the Eleven Dials of Attraction all of which are key to getting your lost love back. Part of the Four Step Formula is to cut off all communication with your ex while you develop a new you and the Eleven Dials Of Attraction work on demonstrating the new you and tap the emotions of your ex to elicit a positive response for example demonstrating confidence or making her laugh.

  • Charles says:

    The 2-step quick method that helps you stop all arguments and show your ex that you have a happy future together.

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    The modern world of today helps people to meet other people and the vast majority of them make the decision to cheat their partners or it can happen that because of the daily routine people feel tired and unwilling to be in a relationship with the same person always doing the same and need a little time for themselves.

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    A magical trick that shall turn the tables on your girl is covered here. From being the underdog, you become the king of the flock using this technique.

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    I feel more confident with other girls too. It’s easy to make them like you when you know how they think and don’t force them too think just like you on every matter. Which sadly was my mistake in my last relationship.

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    You’re definitely getting your money’s worth from the Get A Girl Back In 30 Days Or Less guide and can flick back to particular segments as and when.

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