How To Catch Your Cheating Lover Review: What Are The Signs?

Indeed, love is the purest of all positive emotions that one can feel in this world. While happiness is also a positive emotion, love carries an extreme uniqueness to it which only those who have experienced it can understand.

Hence, breakup or a divorce with a person that you dearly love can be extremely disturbing. However, at times ending the relationship is the only choice that one is left with. For instance, in case the partner turns out to be a cheater, it is better to let them go!

Are you experiencing a change in your partner’s behavior? Does your partner turn off their phone at night when they are away?

Or do they ignore you for days, and leave your texts on reading? Chances are that your partner might be cheating on you.

Well, cheating is a big turn off, and an extremely unethical thing to do. Likewise, accusing your partner of cheating without having adequate proof of it is also not fair!

In case your accusation turns out to be a misunderstanding, you could mess up your entire relationship for nothing. So you’ve got to be careful.

Now you might be wondering if there is a way through which you can easily find out about what’s going on behind your back. Well, I was pretty much in the same situation a few months ago.

Just like you, I was suspecting that my partner might be cheating on me. However, I was in love with that girl. So I could not risk accusing her of cheating and ending the relationship without proof.

Trust me, I tried all that I could. I tried sneaking into her phone, I tried checking her telephones bills, I tried to keep a check on the friends she hangs out with, but to no avail. While everything seemed alright, I could easily sense something fishy in her behavior.

One day, after an unnecessary heated up argument with her, I became utterly frustrated. I turned on my laptop and began looking for signs of a cheating partner.

I scrolled through hundreds of websites in the next few days, but all of them offered the same old obvious tips that are too general.

What I wanted was something specific to test! In the end, I shared my misery with a friend. She herself got rid of an abusive cheating partner back in time. I’m glad, she suggested me to read a book called ‘How To Catch Your Cheating Lover’.

Within a fortnight of finishing the book, I ended up exposing my unfaithful girlfriend! It turned out that she had a secret boyfriend in a different city, whom she used to meet every weekend.

I was hurt of course! However, I realized that it is better to end a fruitless relationship rather than to remain stuck in it for love. This is good for your own mental peace!

This is exactly what I’m writing this review for, to help you in catching your cheating spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend.

What is ‘How To Catch Your Cheating Lover’?

‘How To Catch Your Cheating Lover’ is a book written by Edward, who is a private investigator having a great experience with cheating cases. Through his expert advice, you will be able to figure out the reason for your partner’s fishy behavior with great ease!

Whenever we sense something awkward/unusual in our partner’s behavior, we simply ignore it for a while. None of us wants to accept the thought of our partners cheating after all. However, when the unusual behavior prolongs, doubts begin to develop! This book will prove it all to you.

What is wrong with my partner? Why is he/she not replying as frequently? Am I not good enough? These are the few upsetting questions that generally arise when we feel our relationship taking a downturn.

And what I’ve learned from this book is that in 9/10 cases, such questions arise because he/she has lost interest in you.

Well, this book has worked for me, and for thousands of other readers as the customer reviews on the internet suggest. Hence, I consider it to be the only reliable solution for catching a cheating partner.

Customer testimonials from the product website

Once you have read this book, all the knowledge that it contains will be imprinted in your mind. Hence, you will never fall into the trap of a cheating partner ever again. You will have adequate knowledge about the true signs of a cheater!

Just remember, that it is your prime responsibility as an individual to face the truth! Hence, do not hesitate to buy this book just because you don’t want to accept the fact that your partner could be cheating.

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Overcoming the emotional humiliation

It is natural for a person to face the emotional disturbance that arises when he/she figures out the bitter truth of a cheating partner. Hence, you will certainly face it too!

For about a few days, you might find it difficult to get over the entire situation. It might feel like the end of the world to you, and you might not want to love ever again.

However, trust me when I say this, time is a healer! It definitely healed me, and allowed me to form a loving relationship which was actually worth it! This all happened because I was ready to face the truth that I found after reading this book.

Remember, ending a relationship in a straightforward manner once and for all, is better than getting emotionally drained every day!

To overcome the emotional humiliation, you can try sharing your misery with a friend who had been through a similar situation. Or perhaps you could get some psychological counseling, to help yourself get back on track!

Why should you get this book?

‘How To Catch Your Cheating Lover’ will equip you with all the psychological tools that you need, to catch a cheating partner.

Moreover, it will also develop general intuition allowing you to figure out cheaters and liars even outside relationships.

Normally, relationship counselors will not tell you all this information. This is because most of them, find it difficult to point out the truth themselves. However, Edward (the author of this book) considers it an act of dishonesty!

Hence, I can safely say that this book will definitely lead you to the truth without making you run into circles. Unlike other help sources on the internet, this one is not filled with fluff text and generalized content.

This book also contains a number of tips that can save you from feeling humiliated. Finally, you can face a cheating partner with great dignity. This helps you in maintaining emotional stability.

Moreover, this book also allows you to find real evidence of cheating. It will not ask you to make wild guesses or assumptions leading to nowhere at all.

One of the best aspects of this book is that it teaches you how to break deeper into your partner’s internet activities, and real-life interactions.

Most of the secrets and evidence that you need, will lie in your partner’s chats and social media applications. However, accessing them secretly can be difficult unless you use the tricks mentioned in this book.

I remember that after I read this book, I easily broke into all social media accounts that my girlfriend was using. I also discovered a fake account of hers that which she used to send erotic pictures of herself to her second boyfriend.

These are prime reasons why this book is for you! Most importantly, it follows an easy language and explains everything to the point. Hence, everyone can make fruitful use of it.

Another benefit of this book is that you do not need to be an experienced psychologist in order to be able to apply this book’s tips. All that you need, is to know how to read of course! And that is the only prerequisite.

Once you’ve read the book, the choice will be yours! Whether you could end the relationship, or talk it out with your partner and offer a second chance. At least, you won’t be living in denial any more.


Ending a marriage/relationship due to a cheating partner is emotionally painful. However, the only way to live a peaceful life is to take the leap! At first, it might sound like a horrible decision, however soon one realizes that it was all for good.

However, as I had mentioned, accusing your partner without proper evidence can be risky! It might very well be possible that he/she is not cheating, and an accusation leads to a total mess in your relationship.

Hence, you definitely need a reliable source to figure out the truth from. And How To Catch Your Cheating Lover will make it extremely simple for you to figure out what’s going on.

As this book is written for everyone and for all cases, it has worked for every reader as of yet. This is what I could figure out from more than a dozen customer reviews that I’ve read.

Hence, considering the reliability of this book, the readability, and the effectiveness, I will give it a user rating of 9.7/10!

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