How To Become An Alpha Male Review: Are You Becoming One Yet?

Imagine this. It’s been a tiring and busy day, you just got home and you just want to relax in bed tonight. You open your laptop and scroll through your news feed on Facebook. You sift through pictures of that attractive woman and see people having a banging social life.

Everything was going well until one post stopped you from scrolling further.

14,000 people are having sex right now; 25,000 are kissing; 50,000 are hugging. And you… well you’re reading this.

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Your mind was probably racing to certain ideas and thoughts until you get to that one question. Why am I still single?

This is the part where you start feeling incompetent with the other guys out there. You start to think about the things you’ve been missing; a date, steamy make-out sessions, and adrenaline-rushed lovemaking.

It’s funny how one question can send you into a frenzy of jumbled emotions; you start to review the entire run of your life. You raised a finger and blame puberty for not transforming you correctly or in the way you want. “Oh, am I just not that good-looking or possibly because I’m just too broke?

I mean it’s already a given that popular kids hook up with other circles. Although, you probably remember that even the normal-looking kids experience the fun stuff.

Oh, not to mention, how about that skinny, feeble boy who was also able to get himself a girlfriend? It was those times when you just want to ring him up and ask for his tips and tricks then and there. What have you been doing wrong for the past few years? Because of this, you get sleepless nights thinking of ways to get a hot girl to hook up with you, or at least get some action in bed.

So, tell me. Are you sick of being alone all the time? Do you just feel the lonely, empty feeling when you see couples walking right pass you being all adorable-looking and all?

If you want to be the exact opposite of those and start being that chick-magnet you dream about every so often, well it’s time for a game-changer.


John Alexander’s ‘Become An Alpha Male’

I was looking through the internet and doing my thorough research about women and seduction. That was when I stumbled upon a book with decent ratings and reviews.

How To Become An Alpha Male Review

At first, I was very hesitant to try it out. If women couldn’t swarm all over me for the past 23 years of my life, then why change now? But nonetheless, I was desperate to get my hands on any book that would help me from being woman-less.

My hands were itching to get my hands in one of John Alexander’s books after I’ve read reviews that some people were able to successfully be with the woman of their dreams. With as much courage as I could, I pushed myself to buy the book and start my journey.

How To Become An Alpha Male Review 2

I went home right away after I bought the book. Once I was in my bedroom, I examined the seductive women on the front cover of John Alexander’s ‘Become An Alpha Male.‘  The book was like a box of surprise. You’d expect the author to have had such a smooth sailing since birth to be able to come up with a book that a lot of people are hoping to buy when they get the chance. It turns out that he was just like me.

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The Author

He was, in fact, someone who you’d considered socially awkward and he’s never had little to no luck with women. He doesn’t have his own circles or group of friends too!

The lack of relationships, social, and sex life succumbed him into thinking that there was something terribly wrong with him. This mindset of his, later on, led to depression. John Alexander did not stop there despite his condition. He decided to break the barrier and took a turn.

Then I came to a sudden realization that I had to actually do something than just mope around and wishing girls would start to magically come after me and actually find me attractive. I started to read the book and point out the parts that I was actually doing wrong. “Oh, there’s my mistake.”

Just like John Alexander, I started making my move to build my circle and socialize as much as possible. It turns out I quite enjoyed being around people who have the same interests as me. Truly, it is easy to fear the things we’ve never tried.

I didn’t know I would actually grow accustomed to the company of people. Never have I seen myself having my own circle, or hanging out with anyone, especially women.

 Join the program on How to Become an Alpha Male today, and follow the steps to become the guy that girls love!

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What’s In It For You?

Of course, you’re wondering if this book will actually address to your problems in either getting laid or entering a romantic relationship. Need not to worry, listed below is what’s in it for you when you have this book:

  • How to attract women without even making the first move
  • How to impress and surprise women romantically and sexually (and make them want more of you)
  • Techniques on how to get and date that woman you met through the internet
  • Overcoming your fear of socializing with women
  • Practice and cases to test how much of an Alpha male you’ve become
  • Real life situations and examples

The book sets you up for a detailed guide from flirts and flings, to dating and serious relationships. It does not talk purely about seduction but it would also gradually cover up details to reach self-improvement and give the person a different kind of outlook on life.

It shows you not only your perspective but also the people around you. John Alexander hones you into a person who still considers what the other person feels or thinks instead of going your own way. Despite the cover looking suggestive, it focuses on developing and improving one’s personality.

The good thing about this is its accessibility to target markets.  I assure you, this will help you, no matter what you look like or what you state in life is. How To Become An Alpha Male will help most – if not all – guys in the world.

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The Psychological Aspect

What I like about this book is the way it involved Psychology. It would leave you saying “I didn’t know that it means something like that!”

1.  Verbal Communication

  • As much as we are very much in common with the use of our skills in speaking, the book does tell you the safe route on answering a certain dialogue that she would likely say and how to get out of that sticky situation.
  • A given example for this is when she tells you to stop while your in the middle of a heated make-out session that’s about to turn to second or third base.

2.  Non-verbal Communication

  • It was interesting enough that body language actually tells you a lot! As the old saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words.” How To Become An Alpha Male tours you on how to decrypt what that parting of the lips, the flutter of the eyelashes means, and other signs that mean ‘go ahead’or ‘stop’.
  • What is keeping the ladies uninterested in you? Check this out and see if you possess the non-verbal cues that show your non-dominance and remove it from your habits.

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At first, I thought How To Become An Alpha Male was the kind of book to get when you want to pick up women in bars, or pretty much just hook up with them. You would think this book is just about being a playboy and getting at least three different women in bed in five days, but the book proved me wrong.

How To Become an Alpha Male discusses the tips, tricks, and terms to attract women naturally; this makes it easier to appreciate and understand it than scattering different points all over the pages of the book. It gave me a higher success rate in being with the woman of my life than ending up along the gutters of the “Friend Zone.”

A guide book that is fundamentally crafted to teach everyone the basics with such ease whilst acting like it’s a friend talking to you about their experiences in life. It gives out an entertaining and conversational vibe while comprehensively discussing technical or strategic information.

Before I even bought the book and gave it a chance to read it, I told myself that I  wouldn’t lose anything at all if it ended up abandoned on my bookshelf. Fortunately, I felt like I didn’t lose anything but I’ve gained a certain knowledge that would help me in the long run.

John Alexander has saved me from so many heartbreaks and rejections that he became my savior. Not only was I able to get a romantic relationship but also I’ve learned how to keep both of us content in any way possible; From a nobody to an alpha male. If  I could make such a difference, I bet you can too!


If you want to become an alpha male, then you want to get the How to Become an Alpha Male course today to learn how – click here to start!


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