His Secret Obsession Review: What’s Truly Hiding In His Thoughts?

Ladies, it turns out that while sex is important to a man, it is not at the top of his wish list. This piece of crucial information is revealed in the program that we shall review below.

In 1992 a relationship book hit the shelves called Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. Do you remember that book? Did you ever read it? The book’s premise was based on the fact that at a fundamental psychological level, women and men are very different

That book created two distinctive camps of people. One camp was for those who strongly agreed. The other camp contained people who vehemently disagreed.

Reviews indicate that those in the first camp were on the right path. Men and women are different. No matter how hard a woman wishes or tries, this difference will always remain. To have a successful enduring relationship this must be clearly understood.

His Secret Obsession Private Island Signal

His Secret Obsession

His Secret Obsession is a relationship game-changer. The program will teach women how to awaken a man’s most secret and powerful obsession. An obsession that he may not consciously know exists. Doing so will enable women to have the type of relationships they have always dreamed about.

To do this, the program’s creator has identified the secret ‘key’ that unlocks a man’s love and attention. You can guarantee a man’s total devotion when you use this key. Not for a temporary period but for a lifetime. This key will also reveal that there were always plenty of great men around. Women were just approaching them wrong.

James Bower – The Program’s Creator

James Bower is the creator of this great product. James is a relationship coach. He has been working with women for over twelve years. In that time he has picked up on a related trend. This trend allowed him to help women turn unsuccessful relationships into positive ones.

The trend he observed was related to certain keywords, signals, and behaviors that when utilized turned men into adoring partners. The success of these actions is tied to what he calls the “hero instinct.”

In the big scheme of things, women are classified as nurturers. Men are providers. Over time though, the true meaning of this word has been mucked up.

The definition of nurture is to care for and encourage the growth or development of another.” Today’s woman has forgotten the “encourage the growth or development” portion of the definition.

For a man to grow and develop he must have a purpose. He must feel needed and be provided with the opportunity to save the day. This program shows you how to do that.

His Secret Obsession Ex-Back Signal

Program Details

This program is available either as a downloadable pdf or a high-quality MP3 audiobook. The instructions are simple and easy to replicate in a natural manner. In addition, the teachings have been structured to work successfully whether you are communicating face-to-face, on the phone, or via text.

Following are some of the tips and techniques you will learn to perform.

Tips and Techniques

1. The Glimpse Phase – This is where you show a man what a future with you would look like. Give him something to whet his appetite.

2. The Fascination Signal – This trick will show you how to get and keep a man’s attention. Stop them from disappearing by becoming an emotional addiction they cannot live without.

3. Silent Action Signals – Silence is a powerful form of communication when used correctly. Learn how to activate a man’s hero instinct without using any words.

4. I Owe You Signal – We all know that men have selective hearing. This trick will show you how to use it to your advantage. This signal will initiate a deep trust bond between you and your partner. As time passes they will begin to see you as their only confidant.

5. Damsel in Distress Signal – This is a sticking point for many women. For many, to be a damsel in distress is to show weakness. This is far from the truth. This signal will show you how to tap into a man’s natural protective instinct. Women who have, are thriving in great relationships.

More Tips and Techniques

You’ll also learn the following:

1. Private Island Signal – Men are visual creatures. This makes them easily distracted. This signal will show you how to curb those distractions

2. X-Ray Question – If you want to know where your relationship is headed you need to ask the right questions. Questions that will have your partner share with you what they are truly feeling and not just what you want to hear. The x-ray question is designed for that purpose.

3. Ex-Back Signal – Have you ever broken up with a man who you were sure was “the one?” If you have then this signal will show you have to get back together with them. In addition, it will show you how to ensure he never leaves ever again.

4. Secret Currency of Happy Relationships – Relationships are hard work. When done right though, the hard work pays the greatest dividends. This tip will show you to make daily emotional deposits into your relationships. Those deposits will ensure you that you experience the love of your man till death do you part.

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The relationship guides His Secret Obsession is incredibly popular with women.

He has been writing about relationships and psychology for a living for 33 years. What do you think of His Secret Obsession?

How much time and money is it really worth?

You can find out more about His Secret Obsession in my review.

Best-selling author James Bauer has written a new relationship guide called His Secret Obsession. A committed, passionate, and long-lasting relationship between a woman and the man she loves is made possible with it.

The book’s main theme is that men should tap into their women’s hero instincts.

The hero instinct essentially means that men want to lead meaningful lives and be respected for their efforts in life. Having a hero instinct is great when you’re in a relationship – you want to be a hero to the woman you love.

Her instincts are characterized by the following:

Women who make a man feel like their everyday hero have a much greater chance of attracting him, and men who do not feel like that are more likely to be reluctant to commit.

Using His Secret Obsession, you can trigger the hero instinct in your man with the right words, phrases, and messages.

On my own website, Hack Spirit, I have started writing extensively about the hero instinct after reading this book. My favorite aspect of the concept is the way it speaks the truth about what really drives men when it comes to relationships.

Women who want to win over their man’s heart by understanding him.

There is a wide range of potential users, so let’s see who will benefit from this eBook:

  1. A woman who wants to gain the interest of a man she likes
  2. Women who want their friendships to grow
  3. When a woman wants to become committed to her man after dating him
  4. Women who feel emotionally distant or uninterested in their partners
  5. Females who don’t want to settle for mediocrity, but who want the best
  6. A woman who wants her man’s attention, love, and respect.
  7. But mostly, it’s for women who are open to trying it out.

There is no guarantee that your relationship problems will be solved overnight with this book.

In order to be successful, you have to be willing to make an effort and follow through on the different signals and phrases. Sometimes, waiting for the right moment or adapting phrases to suit your man and situation is necessary.

Additional help is Available

In addition to the pdf/audiobook, your purchase also grants you lifetime access to the Be Irresistible community. As a member of this community, you will receive exclusive insider mailings, bonus reports, and additional courses.

If you need more assistance in building a successful relationship after you make your purchase, you are welcome to get in touch via email, live chat, phone, or regular mail. The specific contact information is available on the purchase page.

Money-Back Guarantee

Building lasting relationships is not just James’s job but his life’s purpose. The tips and techniques have been tested and re-tested. As a result of his commitment, he has seen his tips and advice work for thousands of women.

However, he recognizes that you might find yourself overwhelmed by what is revealed by this program. A sixty-day, 100% money-back refund guarantee has been offered with this in mind.

Request your no-questions-asked refund via live chat, email, regular mail, or by calling their toll-free number.

Who Should Buy This Book

In a nutshell. Everybody. Neither men nor women were made to be by themselves. People in great relationships are happier and healthier. In addition, they are also wealthier and live longer.

Every level of relationships a woman may find herself in has been accounted for in this program. This includes those new to the dating scene and those who have been around the block a time or two. Those struggling with a man who has become emotionally unavailable, distant, or bored. There is even guidance available for those in the midst of a break-up or separation.

You are special. You deserve love. To be understood, adored, and placed on a pedestal. Unfortunately, these things will not be handed to you on a silver platter. You must work for them.

Embrace your femininity. This book gives you a running start. Read it now. Learn it. Execute it. Get the type of relationship that will ensure you become the best version of yourself.

Have you’ve been playing games with men with the hopes of getting them to settle down with you? Those games stopped working almost immediately. The reviews confirm that this program has a greater success rate. The addition of the money-back guarantee eliminates any financial risk.

Choose authentic love. Love that will stand the test of time.




Contrary to popular belief there are plenty of good men out there. Not all paired up yet. This book reveals what women have been doing wrong.

Men do want to commit. It is very much a part of who they are. In most cultures, for a boy to become a man, he must perform a task or go through a ritual. These practices have a long heritage. They have become part of a man’s DNA. They are crucial to his survival.

Manhood once attained must be maintained. Most men will go in search of activities that will allow them to do so. When women learn to do this they don’t lose their value or credibility. Their value increases. Their needs are taken care of. Why would want to deny yourself this?

Also, women should remember that just as there are tasks that only men can do, the same applies to women. Do not try to do everything. Do what you were designed to do. Focus on what you need.

Ladies, this book will change your life. This book should be in every woman’s library.

Ready to stop playing games? Do you want to skip the frustration and say goodbye to your last heartbreak?

His Secret Obsession

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4.2/5 - (45 votes)
  • Catherine J. says:

    Thank you for introducing this book.
    I tried it out, and it did wonders for my relationship. It helped me in figuring out all the things that I was doing wrong.
    Thanks again!

    Catherine J.

  • M. Sanders says:

    I’ve always wanted to crack my boyfriend and see the things that he wants the thoughts he don’t speak. Because of this book, every action of his has grown clearer for me now and everything is totally worth the price.

  • Stacey Baker says:

    When he was my boyfriend, he was unpredictable. I thought that after marriage he would change. But I was wrong. He loves me unconditionally. Still, there are things that he never shares with me. But now I can understand him and his silence also. Thanks to this ebook.

  • William Rutt says:

    I loved the fact that if you follow the instructions in this program – you can actually get to a happy married life. I’m on my way!

  • Marsha Lewis says:

    His Secret Obsession is a relationship guide that teaches you how a man thinks and how you could use it to your advantage to make him become obsessed with you. The program is divded into 2 parts and has a total of 17 chapters. The core of the program centers on men’s hero instinct and you will be provided with a list of techniques to exploit this instinct. With this guide, you will understand what is going on in the male mind so that you can tap into your man’s deeper feelings and really create a solid and unbreakable bond with him. It will make you look at men and relationships in a totally different way.

  • Ina says:

    The main idea of this book is to educate you about what’s really going on in a man’s mind and how to connect with him. By using psychological triggers, you are able to make him fall for you again effortlessly.
    He reveals all the hidden things you are not aware of that will make men completely obsessed with you. You will learn all the secrets and when you should use them to make sure you succeed.

  • Robert Tribble says:

    She used this on me and it worked. I never knew that there is something like this that teaches women on how to effectively get the men that they want to commit very well to them.

  • Cynthia Jennings says:

    Extremely well informed and composed writing. It’s a good read and many of the pieces of information in the book are extremely insightful – especially ones who are looking for it.

  • Anthony Tutt says:

    It will help women steer away from feelings of abandonment and rejection by the men in their lives. Maybe you feel it is a sign that he is having an affair. His Secret Obsession will help you learn and understand men’s love language.

  • Claudine says:

    Just bought and listened to it. I am 42 years old and another relationship just broke up. I really think I did a lot of things wrong: I was 100% committed and tried to look as good as possible. Now I´ve learned that that was the wrong approach. I can’t wait to try this method-maybe it works to get my Ex back.

  • Yuliya says:

    Did this book help to you?

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