Healing From An Affair Review: What A Cheater Needs To Do To Help

Oh, how it is easy to love someone! The relationship starts off as being friends then develop into a romantic relationship. You will feel your world revolves around your partner, that he/she is the one for you someone who you want to wake up with every day, to experience the joys and hardships of life!

Love is the main identity of a relationship but as you embark on a journey with your partner, you need to build trust and commitment. It will never be easy, it takes perseverance to make a relationship work, to be understanding and to forgive each other’s imperfections.

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The first few years of marriage is sweet and enjoyable, most people call it a honeymoon stage but after 3 or more years, it will die down. Slowly, you will feel compelled to live with your partner.

This is where conflicts arise, there will be never-ending fights and arguments until you grow apart and go with your own life. Then, the home you once run to immediately, feel like a prison cell you dread to visit.

Sooner or later, you crave for someone else’s attention, a new adventure, and different experiences. The rest is history, the first few times you will feel guilty but as you repeat the wrong decision, again and again, the guilt you first felt vanishes.

The Truth About Infidelity

Infidelity is not a good excuse to have fun and feel ‘love’ once more. It’s a way for a person to distract themselves from their responsibility. People believe that infidelity is the last straw in marriage, once your partner does such an act, it’s time for a divorce.

Most people who cheat will never think of getting caught, they believe they’re good at hiding their secrets. Have you tried to cheat on your partner? How did it feel? You must feel guilty but after a few more tries, you stopped caring.

What will you feel if your partner cheated on you? It will hurt deeply, the one person you trust to love and respect you, cheated on you for another.

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What are the effects of infidelity? Distrust, insecurity, negative emotions, and distance.

Once you cheat on your partner and he/she finds out, the foundation of trust you built in your relationship will deteriorate. This means that he/she will doubt you every time you go out or do something you ‘don’t normally do’.

You may feel frustrated but you were the one who made your partner doubt you. You may think infidelity isn’t a major big deal but when it comes to an intimate relationship, it’s basically saying “You’re ugly, not worth my time”/

When you or your partner find out that one has been cheating on him/her, they will ask themselves on what they lack. “Am I not attractive? Too fat or thin?”, most of the time they will compare themselves with the person you cheated him/her with.

Insecurity changes a person completely, it affects their work and personal life to the point that they won’t be able to be productive and efficient.

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Negative Emotions
Besides distrust and insecurity, there will be negative emotions towards oneself and their spouse. These emotions may be hate, regret, and many more. It makes someone quite more liable to depression and anxiety.

When you lose someone’s respect and trust, they start to push you away. They will either turn around and not look back at you or be with you but will cheat as well. When cheating comes in a relationship, the couple’s behavior and way of life completely change.

If they do distance from you and it will be difficult to communicate with them, then your relationship will soon end. Most people who have cheated with their partner feels regret after their break up. Here, they will come to a realization of what they wasted.

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Is “Forever” Just A Word?

“I will love you forever”, is a sentence which most people get butterflies on. Forever means eternity, unending, and unbreakable. But is there such a thing as forever, especially in marriage? Maybe or maybe not.

When a couple gets married, the priest would say a verse that talks about this but the bible never tells how to overcome the hardships except to make God the center of ones’ marriage. The couple’s forever is when you two get to live together until you grow old.

There are people who are married and live together until they die, some are happy but others are not. Centuries ago, divorce isn’t a popular practice, in fact, it is looked down at by many people. Nowadays, Divorce is like a normal thing in this generation.

moving on after an affairBut because of divorce, the current generation isn’t adamant to get married early. They believe that being satisfied that you’ve done everything you want comes first than anything else – like marriage, creating a family, and growing old.

More than 40% of American couples choose to file a divorce when faced with problems in marriage. In other countries, they call it annulment. In the latter, there’s a chance to patch things up and be together again.

Is “Forever” possible? Yes, it does if both couples work together to make their relationship work. Most people don’t believe in forever because they were exposed to the kind of environment that is not pleasing.

You can live and be in love with your partner as long as your relationship is covered by trust and love. But what happens when you or your significant other had an affair?

Is it still possible to have a forever with him/her? Yes! How? When you buy “Healing From An Affair”, you will feel the love you had with him/her the first time around.

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What Is Linda & Doug’s “Healing From An Affair”?

You’re here because you want to find a solution to your marriage, to save it from going to jeopardy. Is the reason behind your marriage’s destruction caused by an affair? You or spouse may have cheated and made hell broke loose.

Linda & Doug are a married couple for more than 10 years, people look up to them with admiration because of their undying love for each other. But Doug, somehow, got into a situation he never truly thought would happen.

Basically, he had an affair with his coworker. The coworker was more than 5 years younger than him, and since he was a manager, the coworker’s attention was all over him. Linda was too busy with her children and home life to have an intimate time with Doug.

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For more than 10 years of their marriage, they stumbled a problem and that is infidelity. He regretted what he did but hid it. Did you know? A woman has this instinct that something’s wrong.

She visited his office and there she saw, her husband and a young girl flirting. The rest is history. The husband tried everything to compensate his mistake, but the woman felt it’s never enough which is why she pushed him away.

Through the “Healing From An Affair”, it teaches couples to mend and forgive the mistakes and shortcomings of their partner. At the same time, adjust and satisfy each other’s needs and wants. Here you will learn to make your marriage work even if you believe it’s impossible.

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What’s Inside The “Healing From An Affair”

There are more than 15 chapters in the e-book, other than that, when you buy this you will receive audiobooks and other topics related to this. Below are five important key points that Linda & Doug talks about in the e-book:

Defense Mechanisms
When a person is caught cheating, they normally deny the fact that they ever did such a thing even if there’s proof. This is one type of defense mechanism, another is blaming another person for your actions.

Replenish Your Love
In this chapter, you will learn how to start over again and feel the love you have felt for your significant other in the beginning. You will also learn how to make your spouse special and change his/her outlook on marriage and you.

It won’t be easy and it’s different from each and every couple. So, this book does not have instructions on it but a simple guide in order that you get an idea of what you should do.

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Marriage Counseling
This will inevitably make your relationship stronger, it makes you realize each other’s thoughts and feelings. It will talk about the importance and why you should see a counselor.

Normally, when you two are the only one talking, you won’t listen to your spouse’s side because you believe you are right and he/she is wrong. But if you ask for help from a counselor, you’re mind is open to possibilities and realizations.

Understanding Your Partner’s Reaction
There will be times when there are certain objects or words will trigger your partner to react differently. Reactions such as violence or sadness due to the experience he/she encountered with you. This will teach you how to cope this until he/she has adjusted.

Acceptance Of Mistake
Finally, the number one important rule is to accept you’re at fault. The reason why marriage feels tensed or uncomfortable is that you have not admitted your mistakes. Well, maybe you did admit but at the same time, blame your partner for it (which is wrong).

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Feedback From Couples

The “Healing From An Affair” teaches many things for couples, to detect before it happens and to restore your broken marriage. Most reviews from fellow people who have cheated on their partner reported their huge regret.

This also gave them a chance to find themselves and the reason behind their love for their spouse. Not only that, reviews from all over the world mentions how if you purchase the “Healing From An Affair”, you will get more than what you paid for.

A review from a woman named Geline said, she has been cheating on her man for almost a year but he later found out through a common friend. Geline tried patching up with her husband and nothing worked out.

It came to a point where they started filing for a divorce! Then, she stumbled upon Linda & Doug’s story and decided to buy the book. Here, she found a way to compensate for her mistakes and be a loving wife to her loyal husband.

Click this link to get started with Healing From An Affair – find out the next steps to get past the event, and start growing a healthy relationship again!


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