Hard To Get: The Timeless Art Of Conquering His Heart Review

I have always wondered why I was not able to find a suitable boyfriend for most of my prime years.

Being an attractive and intelligent woman, I have always been approached by the wrong men all my life.

The real men I have had any feelings for, could not be less bothered by me.

This was very disappointing.

I have always wondered how “bad” girls get all the good guys, and quieter girls like me are left alone.

A few months ago, I came across a wonderful program that answered all my questions.

This program is called “Hard to get” and has a lot of great reviews all over the internet.

As the name suggests this program teaches you tips and techniques that can make you a worthy target for the “good” guys.

Hard To Get: The Timeless Art Of Conquering His Heart

How men actually think?

The author so wonderfully explains how a man thinks and what makes him fall in love.

According to him, men love moving “mountains” for the woman they love.

It is the feeling of winning over a woman that is tough to win, the woman that is desired by others that turns a man on.

What the author means is that a man is always up for a challenge, and a woman who is hard to get, perfectly suits his appetite for challenge.

The author also speaks of how a man usually loses interest in a woman if she falls for him before he has “earned” her.

The mistake women like us usually make is that we are quite easy to get.

Easy to get means that we are easy to please, too eager, our worlds revolve around his, and we get too serious, too soon.

We get desperate too easily, we reach “emotional first base” long before he reaches there and we wait for him to arrive there.

What is really needed to capture the attention of any worthy man is to be in control- of yourself, your emotions and your life.

Why valuing yourself is so important?

Most women, including the ‘old’ me, suck at valuing themselves or giving themselves any love.

This is the reason you see women that are desperate, needy and emotionally weak and unfulfilled.

The program “Hard to get” focuses mainly on valuing yourself.

This principle is in fact, the heart of this program.

Through subtle tip and techniques in this program, you will learn how you can value yourself, love yourself and cherish every aspect of your precious life.

This program teaches you how to respect yourself, how to learn to restrain yourself before you send that clingy, needy, desperate message or email.

Does playing hard to get count as manipulation?

Many people wonder if they play hard to get, it means they are deceiving their partner or playing mind games.

The author explains how this is just a myth.

Playing hard to get will surely give you an upper hand and work to your advantage, but there is absolutely nothing unfair about it.

It is just to give you both the thrill of the chase.

And no woman deserves to be treated unworthily just because she loves a man.

A man has to play his part, and after all, throughout history, men pursue women.

It is the law of the land that a man is born to pursue a woman.

So let your hair down, and let your man pursue you.

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Why being hard to get will make him cherish you even more

Being hard to get will gain you some brownie points.

Your guy will be excited to show you off to his close friends.

He will himself want to introduce you to his parents and family and will be excited to do so.

You will receive calls from him during the day- just to check on you and to know what you are doing.

He will start doing thoughtful things for you – because he treasures you and loves you all the more.

He starts getting a little possessive about you, being careful about other men around you, though he trusts in you.

Why being too available is not good

The author explains why being too available for this man, robs you of the importance he associates with you.

When you play hard to get, you are just enjoying your personal journey, and getting to know him better, slowly.

This does not mean you are completely unavailable for him.

It just means you are enjoying being pursued, and are in control of your love life and future.

This journey of pursuing and being pursued is sure to be very thrilling for you and give you a lot of memories to look back on.

The love, respect, excitement, and fun that come with this kind of pursuit are amazing.

Some important tips from the program

This program successfully teaches you some very intrinsic truths about human nature.

The tips and techniques suggested to you in this program work very much in accordance with the inherent laws of nature and the human mind.

This ensures that the relationship is not boring, and ensures things get exciting for a bit.

It gives you the much-needed edge men want in a relationship. The playful aspect of this program is something that you will love.

This makes sure that you bring in a lot of playfulness to your dull, ordinary relationship, and spice things a little bit.

The program makes sure that your value in his eyes increases manifold.

It also teaches you how to maintain your cool and calm and enjoy yourself on the pedestal he has placed you on.

It also gives you tips on how you should not treat a man so that he always feels respected and loved.

If there is another woman in the life of your man, the program gives you extremely useful and easy tips on how to ward her off.

You will be amazed at how effective and simple these tips are.

Hard To Get: The Timeless Art Of Conquering His Heart Program

What this program actually is?

The program gives a lot of advice on the following main topics:

It shows you through explanations and examples, what it really means to be hard to get, and how you can be hard to get.

This shows you how you can work in accordance with the universal law of the human mind and nature.

This ensures a smooth process for both of you through the relationship.

It shares some secrets about why you should not treat him like he is the one.

It sounds a little weird, but you will be surprised to know how it works.

This program teaches you in depth about intensity, and why it matters so much.

It shows you the things that men usually fear and run away from.

This also shows you how to handle such things with poise and grace.

It explains a great deal about why men are made for pursuing a woman, and why they love the chase. And why you will love it too!

The most important thing about a man pursuing you, and why it works is this. – He thinks it is his idea.

The author also explains the importance of not initiating any serious conversation with your man.

Some additional tips and topics from the program

Some of the additional topics discussed in this program include:

How you can get his attention and make him chase you when all he thinks is it was his idea to do so.

It teaches you how you can develop all the necessary confidence and self-control in order to get what you want from a man.

How to handle things with grace when he does not want to talk and when he behaves differently.

It also teaches you how to maintain your dignified persona and composure when you feel things are getting great again.

It shows you how long you need to play hard to get- no, it isn’t forever.

The main thing this program teaches you is to let a man pursue you.

While doing this, there are many things that can seem as scary obstacles along the way.

The course teaches the reader how she can in a dignified way, move past all of those obstacles.


The main principle behind the program “Hard to get” is that people tend to want what they cannot have.

What this really means is that when things seem very hard to obtain, it suddenly seems very valuable.

That is exactly how human psychology works, and it will always stay that way.

When things are rare, its importance in people’s eyes automatically goes up.

They start desiring it all the more because the perceived value is much greater now.

The same applies to relationships too.

If a woman is not hard to get, it means she is readily available.

This equals desperation and is a major turn-off for all men.

Desperation is known to repel others and is revealed in a thousand subtle ways – all of which you need to avoid as much as possible.

Among all the great reviews for this program, this review is my tribute to this wonderful program.

I wish more women would come forward and try this program out, to have what they have always wanted.

I highly recommend you to buy this program, and let us know how it worked for you.

Wish you all the very best!

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  • Carolyn says:

    This one got me like Wow! Awesome guide and awesome review. Have got to his heart and want to just go more than into him than that!

  • John Cervantes says:

    It tells you how to liven your relationship by playing using some tried and tested even after he’s got you, hello ladies its still LOVE and Love is a GAME and we need to level the playing field.

  • Jennifer Tubbs says:

    Understanding what will make your man happy at times is not easy. So when you get some of the tips, you go for them in full version. I am hoping that they will be of great help to me for sure. Let us do this my awesome ladies.

  • Charles says:

    Haha when my GF revealed this program to me, I was completely shocked by the accuracy. The one that wrote this is a genius!

  • Elizabeth P. Miltenberger says:

    Wow. I cannot explain how much this system has helped me. It is a program that has really opened my mind. The guide is a great one that women should consider using this program since it helps get into any man. The product contains some serious secrets that ladies should use. I love it.

  • Dennis B. says:

    This is a guide that reveals to women how they can use the art of playing hard to get to charm men into falling for them. It’s a respected principle that has worked for thousands of women across the world.
    It helps women in discovering the worth of practicing restraint when it comes to dealing with men.

  • William says:

    Some men are easily discouraged by playing Hard To Get, but the book itself lets you know where to make it easy for him and where to make it a challenge.

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