Girl Gets Ring Review: Can You Secure His Heart And Commitment?

Beyonce said if he likes it, he should put a ring on it. Ladies everywhere agree with this sentiment. However, for many, getting to the ring stage is quite a challenge. Until now.

Today’s review is for a product that aims to level the playing field. It claims to do this by showing women why commitment is proving hard to come by. Then it proceeds to show women how to cross that hurdle without sacrificing who they are. Playing stupid games or issuing ultimatums.

The name of the product is Girl Gets Ring.

Girl Gets Ring

Girl Gets Ring

Girl Gets Ring is a relationship guide. It is a digital product that comes in an ebook and mp3 audio format. The ebook is one hundred and forty-five pages in length. The goal of the ebook is to show you how to get him to put a ring on it in the shortest time possible. To do this, it claims to reveal never before released secrets about men.

The book has two co-authors. They are T Dub Jackson and Jonathan Green.

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T Dub Jackson

T Dub is a relationship and human bonding expert. You may have seen him on countless television shows. Read about him on websites and blogs. Or heard him on the radio.

He is also a best-selling author. His book The Magic of Making Up is at the heart of his growing fan base.

T Dub’s motivation behind this program stems from a breakup. He initiated the breakup. The breakup broke his heart. He was in love but was not willing to take the next step with her. Even after dating for four years. He wanted to understand why. What was going on inside his mind that led to that sad moment?

He discovered what he calls his mental blocks. These mental blocks are barriers to making a commitment. Apparently, all men have them in varying degrees. Therefore, for women, the key to commitment lies in identifying and removing the mental blocks.

Jonathan Green

Jonathan is also a relationship expert. He is a world-renowned dating coach who works primarily with men.

T Dub and Jonathan have combined the areas of expertise to produce a one of a kind relationship guide.

Relationship Myths to Avoid

Couple in Relationship

Relationships are tough. That is an undeniable fact. However, digital and print media make it tougher. They promote an unrealistic and unachievable view of love. Common myths they promote include.

– Love is all you need.
– You have to look a certain way. From hair color to eye color. From height to weight to personality to clothes you wear.
– Success in the bedroom requires following a specific set of rules.
– Manipulating your man by playing a whole slew of games on him will make him love you more.

The result. Women who do not fall into the “right” criteria feel inferior. Less than. Like they have a problem. This is very unfair to women. It is also very unfair to men. This program puts an end to the games and feelings of inferiority.

What Men Need

Men and women process their feelings differently. The program’s creators say women are verbal. They can tell you exactly what they are feeling. This is not the case for men. They experience feelings but are not good at expressing them.


Generally, a man’s feelings fall into three groups. Like a traffic light.

1. Green signals a good and positive feeling. At this stage, they are willing to move forward. Men are the initiators when under green light feelings. They plan dates, talk more about the future and what to get to know more about a woman’s life.

2. Yellow signals feelings of caution. Things are not bad but there are hints that something may not be as it should be. At this stage of a relationship, you begin to hear the ‘I love but I am not ready’ statement.

3. Red signals feelings of an unsolvable problem. A problem has been identified that prevents forward action. A man’s defensiveness is at an all time high at this level. They begin to seek an out. It is me not you. I am not relationship material. I am not over my ex. Etc, etc., etc.

According to T Dub, the above have nothing to do with a man’s level of attraction or love for you.

Program Details


T Dub has been married for sixteen years. Jonathan is not married. Together they have covered all areas of dating and relationships. The ebook has six phases. They are:

– Singledom
– Looking for Love
– Making First Contact
– Dating and Establishing Strong Love
– Becoming a Real Girlfriend
– From Girlfriend to Fiancee

The above setup is specific. The program’s creators want to walk you through the stages of an actual relationship.

Program Tips and Techniques

Couple, Engagment

Following is some of what you get to learn in this program.

Masculine Hero Avatar Principle (M.H.A.P)

The Masculine Hero Avatar Principle (M.H.A.P) has four principles. I highlight two of them below. The principles show you how to use a man’s primal nature to build attraction and commitment.

Men have two images. The first image is who they view themselves as. The second image is who they think others view them as. The Masculine Hero Avatar refers to the image a man has of himself. All men project an image that protects who they really are. Regardless, men want to be loved for who they really are. This is the first M.H.A.P principle.

The second M.H.A.P principle involves accomplishment. Men are driven by strong feelings of accomplishment. As such, what they allow in their lives must work towards this accomplishment. Anything that reveals it will not gets abandoned in due course. Women in successful long-term relationships have figured out how to be part of their partner’s destiny.

Invisible Man Traps

First encounters with both men and women are full of embellishments. Men tend to lie about their financial success. Supposedly, women who pay way too much attention to the lies are a red flag. A man starts to sense that you may only be interested in their money. Not them.

Women are advised to be gracious. However, constantly remind the man that you are more interested in him than in gifts and the like. Offer to pay for things as the relationship develops. Apparently, he is paying attention to your willingness to pay, even if he refuses.

Not all traps are financial. If a man is trying too hard to please you, it is a sign. You are being tested. You are advised

Connection Building Questions

Relationships are built by asking questions. There are two types of questions. The first type is surface questions. Questions that focus more on what you have rather than on who you are.

The second type of question is more in depth. They dive below the surface. They encourage people to open up and reveal their true self. Deep connections and attractions are built on the second type of questions.

Other tips and techniques include

– Learning how to discern a man’s true character
– Three behaviors that put men off
– Why looks are not as important as you think
– Inspiration from Gandhi about how to change a man
– Secrets to a reflexive attraction.
– What men consider to be the ’new sexy.’
– The right time to sleep with a guy and what to do if it was too soon.
– How to spice things up in the bedroom.
– Three words that may save your marriage.
– Why you should never play hard to get.
– How to help men reveal their need for intimacy and commitment.
– Listening skills that are guaranteed to make him pay attention.
– How to become a man’s most valuable asset. His MVP – most valuable partner.
– Why men cheat.
– How to keep other women away from your man.
– Fun ways to get to know a man you are interested in.

Program Bonus Items

Wedding, Ring

Your purchase of this relationship guide comes with three bonus items. Those bonus items are

1. The 7 Biggest Mistakes Women Make With Online Dating
2. The Clean Slate Method
3. Long Distance Relationship Secrets

1. The 7 Biggest Mistakes Women Make With Online Dating

Today, most couples meet online. This first bonus item shows you seven online dating mistakes to avoid. Mistakes that doom your relationship even before it starts.

2. The Clean Slate Method

We all make mistakes.They include cheating, lying, having emotional affairs etc. This second bonus item shows you several ways to recover from them.

3. Long Distance Relationship Secrets

This third bonus item includes an interview with two relationship experts. Their focus is long distance relationships. They will show you how to make it work.

Super Bonus Item


From Conflict To Compassionate Communication

Communication is key to a successful committed relationship. This super bonus item shows you how to stop petty arguments and fights. Lori Rubenstein is the instructor. Lori is a love advice coach.

Money Back Guarantee

This program comes with a sixty-day money back guarantee.


Popping the question

Reviews also show that the program’s creators have spent over eighteen years in research and development. To find out how love and attraction actually work, they have studied numerous successful long-term relationships and even those that failed.

This relationship guide shows you how to get the ring without manipulation or sacrificing your dignity and pride. As far as relationships are concerned, this program is definitely a time saver.

Buy this program if you are ready to take the next step in your relationship. Reviews show that this program is great for women struggling with loving yet stubborn boyfriends. Boyfriends who claim to love them but who do not want to take the next step. marriage.

The program is not just for those in an established relationship. It is designed for various relationship levels. You can use it if you simply want a guy to notice you. Or you can use it to get a guy to ask you out on a date. You can also use it if you want to become exclusive with a particular guy. This program also works for people with children. Age is also not a factor. Neither is your weight.

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