Forever Yours Review: When Does A Man Want To Be Forever Yours?

2 years ago I was in a relationship with a man I considered to be the man of my dreams.

He was a perfect man, women adored him, and he was perfect in all aspects.

But all through the relationship, I felt that there was something missing.

There was something that was drawing him away from me and I couldn’t figure out what it was.

There seemed to be something that was separating his heart from mine and drawing as far apart.

Though externally everything seemed well with our relationship, both of us knew that we lacked emotional intimacy.

I would share everything about my life with him, but just could not get him to share his personal details with me.

He would often stay aloof and try to solve problems on his own without sharing his thoughts and feelings with me.

Most of my other friends had been in relationships too but their boyfriends would share their deepest desires, fears, and secrets with them.

I often wondered why my boyfriend was different and why he wouldn’t share his feelings with me.

There was something missing between us but I did not know what to do to fix it.

And a few months later things started drifting further apart.

He wanted to talk to me about us.

He explained to me, that he thought that this was not working anymore. And he could not love me the same way as he had when our relationship began.

He said that he felt something missing between us.

It hurt me deep inside when he told me that he no longer felt like sharing his desires and secrets with me.

He no longer felt emotionally secured to me and thought that our connection was fast breaking down.

I was shattered as I listened to what he had to say but deep down in my heart, I knew this was true.

We both decided that we should give this relationship some time and see if things would get better.

Both of us did not know what was going wrong but knew we were headed for a downfall.

I tried everything to make it work

Yes, I tried everything to make it work.

I read articles, practiced techniques, read books and listened to relationship coaches on the Internet.

But the further I tried to get closer to him, the farther he drifted away.

I did not know what was going wrong with us and why all my efforts were going to vain.

I had no one to share all this with and I felt desperately lost and alone.

One night as I clearly remember, I broke down.

As I cried, I asked him what wrong I had done for having to suffer this way.

That night, he left the house.

I was left all alone and felt miserable.

My search for a solution continued

I was browsing through Facebook one day when I found somebody talking about a program called Forever Yours.

The discussion was about how effective this program was and I could not help investigate more on this.

When I found the product site I saw the amazing reviews and testimonials attesting the efficacy of this program.

I immediately decided to buy this program as I had nothing to lose.

And this has perhaps been the only decision that saved my relationship.

What is this program about?

The author writes about the research she has done to understand the psychology behind how men and women function.

Men and women are wired very differently and need understanding on different levels to know how they truly function.

The author writes that when the woman pushes the man to do something like commit to a relationship, she is committing a grave error.

This pushes him further away and she loses him a little more.

Men like to be in control of everything and want to feel as if wanting to commit was their idea.

When women stress or push a man to commit this will only send the man away and lead him to become defensive.

Also if the women act very casually and in front of the man and expect him to chase her, that is also an error.

Here, a man feels as if she does not want to be in the relationship and will not pursue her.

The key here is to strike a balance between subtly showing him that you are interested in being in the relationship, as well as giving him his space in order for him to come around.

This is where the Forever Yours program helps you to strike the right balance.

The author explains how getting emotionally close to a man is similar to finding a password to his heart and making sure that he is only yours to keep.

It is difficult to get emotionally close to a man but once you have his password, it can be pretty easy to break open the walls and to find him.

Forever Yours Make Your Relationships Stronger And Healthier

What’s inside the program?

The program contains a list of training videos that a user can access.

Once you buy this program, you will have access to all the membership videos and material to get started.

You can also access the material in the form of books which can be downloaded to your personal devices.

These e-books come in audio format so that you can listen to them whenever and wherever you want.

A very interesting part of this program is a Special Man Mind Map.

This gives you a peek into the psychology of men and where you stand at the current moment.

All this is very interesting and makes you reflect on things that went wrong and what you could have done to make them right.

The author has also included bonuses so that this becomes a value-added deal for you.

The two bonuses included are the Forever Faithful and Inside a Man’s Mind training.

The Forever Faithful book gives you techniques to practice so that your man remains loyal to you to the very end.

Inside a man’s mind gives you the tools to interpret a man’s thoughts, actions, and words to know what exactly is going on in his mind and to prepare suitable responses for it.

“True love can last a lifetime. Never lose it

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Who is the creator of the program?

It may be the first time you hear the name of Carlos Cavallo. But, now, you are lucky to learn about him. Carlos Cavallo is a dating and relationship specialist, who has assisted several couples in overcoming the problems. Cavallo helps in making your relationships stronger and healthier. You can find his instructions on different TV shows and radio programs. Cavallo has shared his work with audiences. You can trust him and learn the secrets of winning a man’s heart.

Designed by Cavallo, the popular guide presents you with a step-by-step guide on understanding everything that your man thinks and feels. You can develop a deep emotional connection with your soul mate.

Carlos has used his relationship insights and emotional intelligence to inspire every woman to make the dating success. Women have learned the way of nurturing a lasting relationship. Carlos is straightforward while giving instructions during the coaching programs. He has removed myths about dating. His goal is to guide women on creating the right mindsets and strategies. Carlos has a personal YouTube channel and website where you can find his instructional videos and interesting love quizzes.

My experience with this program

As I started applying the techniques in this program I discovered that most of what the author says is true.

Men aren’t really complicated if you figure out the password to their hearts.

I spoke to my man for a couple of days using the techniques described in this program and was able to figure out the password to my man’s heart.

The password was true to understand what he is and his pattern of thinking.

Once I figure that out things started to go smoothly between us.

Fights reduced, love increased, and he truly began opening up.

It’s amazing how simple techniques like these helped me get closer to my man.

I realized the mistakes I had been committing and how I was pushing him away.

I thank the heavens for sending me help at the right time because had I continued my earlier behavior, I would have lost him forever.

A month into the program and practicing techniques highlighted in the program, we were closer than we ever were in a relationship.

My man returned home and proposed marriage to me.

We are going to be married this summer and I couldn’t be happier.

Forever Yours Make Your Relationships Stronger And Healthier

Will Forever Yours be an effective solution for you?

You may have started receiving different responses from your life partner. You find that your partner is not staying committed to you. In this situation, you can rely on the guide from Carlos.

The guide is also beneficial to those who think that their partners have grown distant. Due to emotional reasons, men sometimes grow distant. You can follow the guide to rebuild your connection without any adverse effect

Pros and cons of this program


  • If techniques in this program are followed meticulously then there is nothing that can stop you from getting closer to your man’s heart.
  • Teaches you how to look at things from a man’s perspective and gives you a picture of what your man is thinking at a given point.
  • Priced at a reasonable rate.
  • Contains steps that are easy to follow read and understand.


  • This is a paid program.
  • The results take time to show.
  • Patience and action is a must if you want to see results.


I am thankful that I found this program at the right time.

My boyfriend asked me how I could come to understand his heart in such a short while.

I told him that I had figured out his password.

He was amazed by listening to my response but knew what I meant.

My boyfriend today trusts me with every little thing, sharing deep aspects of his personality with me.

He opened to me about a lot of hidden fear, feelings, and thoughts he had about his life.

He opened to me about his past something that he had never done until today.

All in all, it has been a healing experience for me, as well as my partner.

This review, along with other great reviews is a tribute to the wonderful work by the author of the Forever Yours program.

With her help, I was able to open the door to my man’s heart and stay there with him forever.

I wish that you find such success soon.

I wish you lots of love and luck in getting closer to your dear one.

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  • Micheal says:

    Relationships are very delicate aspects of our lives for sure. I am that person who has struggled when it comes to relationships. I have tried several tips in order to have her at my side forever but failed. Coming across this was a great rescue. I am implementing the techniques are working in my favor. Thanks for this.

  • Barbara says:

    The review really got me thinking about buying it. At first, I thought it was a bit silly, I mean my relationship was falling apart, and I am looking through the internet for the solution. But to my surprise, the methods actually worked. For the first time, i’m really glad to be wrong about this.

  • Charles says:

    There is nothing wrong if you want to sought for help when it comes to romantic relationships. These bonds are delicate and get complicated easily, so a product like this can be hugely useful in such situations.

  • Jacqueline says:

    Forever Yours causes us (as a ladies) manage run of the mill yet significant issues in a relationship. From a man’s dedication fear to recouping from an apparently unavoidable separation, Forever Yours has all bases secured.

  • Jean Maynard says:

    There is nothing better than finding someone that you love, someone who respects you and someone that you can live with forever. You will have all the things that you need to get this dream to become a reality. There is nothing that you can’t have if you really want it.

  • Rudolf Lambert says:

    Forever Yours is an ebook that promises to give women real answers on one of the most confusing and frustrating topics out there: relationships.
    Let’s face it, falling in love is complicated and having a healthy, happy and committed relationship is no easy task. Many women find themselves stuck in relationships with men who don’t seem to be able to connect with them on an emotional level and are afraid to make a commitment. It can be frustrating and discouraging and can leave you worrying that you will be alone forever. However, this book promises to change all of that.

  • Lena G. says:

    Forever Yours claims to offer women real advice on how they can get their partner to go that extra mile and make a serious commitment to the relationship. It promises to unlock secrets of the male psyche so that you can understand what your partner really is thinking.So, could this be the dating and relationship guide that finally helps you to find happiness and love? Let’s take a closer look at Forever Yours and see what it has to offer.

  • Julia Fischer says:

    The Forever Yours course is pegged upon the basis that men go through various stages in a relationship. This includes attraction, connection, and final commitment.

  • Mark T. says:

    This is an awesome book. it’s a great read. I loved all the characters, the plot, the setting. all of it. Fantastic! recommend it. Loved it

  • Elizabeth Harvey says:

    I was reading such an emotional scene that my supervisor sitting next to me asked what was wrong (I was tearing up!) had to tell my boss why & he looked at me & said ” I’ve seen you tear up over a few books so I know this must be a really good book for you to tear up over!

  • Cynthia Barahona says:

    In essence, the challenge is in trying to strike the correct balance between applying effort to get the relationship moving to the next level without appearing like you’re trying to do so. This sounds like a dream, an impossibility.

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