Extreme Stamina Review: Last Longer and Keep her Satisfied!

Imagine yourself in this situation: you’re in bed with your partner and things are getting hot and heavy. You’re both enjoying yourselves, but out of nowhere that all too familiar feeling creeps up. You feel yourself reaching the point of no return.

You can’t believe this is happening and try to prolong the experience as much as possible. In an attempt to desperately distract yourself, you begin imagining your grandmother in the shower, dead puppies or even Donald Trump nude.

As you successfully manage to prolong your orgasm, 30 seconds pass and you just can’t hold back anymore. Before you could even yell out a warning you’ve done the unspeakable. You blew it (literally.)

This all too common issue is one which plagues males of all ages across the world. Thousands of men who struggle with premature ejaculation often times suffer in silence, but what many fail to realize is that there is an effective and easy solution available on the market.

What is Extreme Stamina?

Extreme Stamina is a program developed by Jason Julius which has received excellent reviews by men and their satisfied partners across the globe. This program offers techniques for men struggling with performance, stamina, and arousal through an innovative method that does not rely on pills or other potentially harmful products. Before diving in head first, Jason presents you with research and statistics in order to expel myths and provide you with the hard facts.

One fact that is stated from the very beginning is that the majority of men can last a minimum of two minutes and average a maximum of four to seven minutes. The program even addresses the evolutionary and biological reasons behind the statistics in order to arm you with information and get the issue under control.

The information provides an array of graphs and charts to give you further insight related to your body, sexual response, and the female orgasm.

Extreme Stamina Review: Last Longer and Keep her Satisfied

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The Five-Step Methodology

Jason Julius’ Extreme Stamina system focuses on five easy-to-follow modules which can be incorporated into your daily routine. Each module addresses the issue of premature ejaculation through different physical and mental practices. All of which are specifically designed help you gain full control of your sex life. For a comprehensive look at the program, a quick review of these modules is listed below:

  • Module One: Methodology- This first module is a video that introduces you to what Jason calls, “the control method” which helps you enjoy longer sessions with your partner through a few simple techniques.
  • Module Two: Physiology- The Physiology module shifts the focus away from purely physical techniques to a more mind-body focus. Here you will learn to get more in tune with your body’s physical sensations during arousal and ultimately improve your mental state during intercourse. During module two you will learn about Kegel exercises and how to use your PC muscle to prolong ejaculation. The goal of this module is to improve overall performance in the bedroom so you can have a longer and more satisfying time with your partner.
  • Module Three: Threshold Mastery- During this step, you are provided with a plethora of information to teach you how to intensify your levels of pleasure. In this module, you get to learn techniques used by adult film stars to stop themselves from finishing before the director has given them the cue. Not only do you learn how to stop at your own will, but through a continuous “start and stop” exercise, you learn to develop more powerful and pleasurable orgasms. Jason will also go over a topic that he refers to as a “non-linear” sexual experience and provide a number of exercises to try with your partner.
  • Module Four: Psychology- A sexual experience is both physical and mental, and psychology plays a huge role when it comes to a positive experience in the bedroom. On module four Jason talks about one’s mental state during sex and how it can affect how long you last in bed. Most importantly, he offers a solution to the issue where men end up being too mentally excited by the prospect of sex which eventually puts them in a tense state leading to premature ejaculation. This module also covers the topic of “mental success” and provides tools to take control of your body and halt the urge to have an early finish. During this phase, you will learn two types of mental states that will allow you to go longer and enhance your enjoyment levels.
  • Module Five: Reconditioning- The final module focuses on conditioning your body to integrate what was previously learned. In other words, you will learn how to get aroused when you feel necessary, improve overall performance, and last an adequate amount of time without much effort


The Ejaculation Control Triad

Along with the above-mentioned modules, the most important part of this program is what Jason calls “the ejaculation control triad.” Through this three-step process, you will learn how to take full control of your orgasms and prevent yourself from nearing the point of no return too quickly.

It’s important to follow this triad as it is directed in order to gain the best results. Those who dedicate their time and effort to these exercises on a consecutive basis will experience the most rewards and have a more fulfilling experience in the bedroom.

As you gain mastery of the three elements taught here, you will gain confidence in your ability to experience long-lasting pleasure and ensure that your partner will experience the same.

Extreme Stamina The Ejaculation Control Triad

Where can I buy this product?

If the above-mentioned review of Jason Julius’ innovative method has caught your attention, you can buy his amazing product easily and discreetly through his online website. While visiting the Extreme Stamina page, you will be asked for your e-mail address and once you fill that out, you will receive a link to buy the product along with additional reading material to review before your purchase.


  • An all-natural approach that does not use pills or chemicals with potentially dangerous side effects.
  • Easy-to-follow steps without any strange instructions or complicated exercises.
  • Long-term results are developed through consistent practice.
  • Provides research, statistics, and graphs before starting the exercises.
  • Addresses physical and mental exercises to gain the best results.
  • It costs $67 and comes with two free additional products.


  • This program does not offer a quick fix but calls for one’s time and effort for an extended period.
  • Getting information on the product involves signing up with your e-mail and then confirming your contact info. This might discourage some users, but I would highly recommend being patient here.

So, What are you waiting for?

 Extreme Stamina The What are you waiting for

Extreme stamina has received positive reviews from a number of satisfied men and their even more satisfied partners. It is a powerful, effective, and natural method that will help you gain control of your sex life. With Extreme Stamina, you will be able to boost your performance, raise your stamina, and control your levels of arousal. Take the bull by the horns and learn how you and your partner can prolong and intensify your pleasure for years to come.

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