Enchant Him System Review: What Can You Do To Get Commitment?


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The enchant him system is a program that intends to empower girls to have confidence in confidence themselves so that they can effortlessly attract the men that they admire, without having to put in a lot of energy and too much effort.

First, some background information

The system was developed by Carrie Angel together with Nick Braxton. Carrie is a relationship expert and coach while Nick is prominent romance expert.

The system is a step by step guide that aims at helping girls to discern a man’s mind to find the path to his heart. The program also teaches you how to make the man happy and in the process to have him adore you completely. This happiness leads to a perfect relationship with the man.

Carrie says that Enchant him is a result of a review of relationships with her clients and the experience of many years of dealing with people in relationships.

Carrie believes that no matter what kind of a relationship you are in, the main ingredient for the success of the relationship is building a connection that goes beyond the physical. An emotional and intellectual connection creates an environment of complete adoration. This connection creates an atmosphere of safety that makes the man feel free to open up entirely to the woman, which in turn enables the lady to enjoy the best possible relationship with him.

The eBook

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The system is part of an eBook that is coauthored by Carrying and Nick. You can buy the eBook at $39.95.The book was released on October 17, 2012. The book is classified in the niches of relationships and self-help. The Enchant him eBook contains 80 pages of advice to women.

Review of the book indicates that the book is dedicated to all women who are frustrated with relationships, are consistently rejected by men and have never known where they go wrong. The book is ranked top five in the relationship category of books and 12 in the self-help group for the last three years.

When you buy the eBook, it will come with:

  • Enchant him
  • Unlocking his heart. This is 23 pages free trial offer
  • Crack his code is a 16 pages bonus
  • The promotional key book
  • 60-day money back guaranteed
  • Free lifetime enchant him system
  • Upgrades
  • Technical support available by phone or email

Topics covered in the eBook include:

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  • What men are afraid of
  • What men want in a relationship
  • The meaning of sex to men
  • What to do when the man becomes distant
  • How men show their love
  • How men want to be loved
  • Why men stop trying
  • How to get him to open up
  • How to gain confidence
  • How to argue harmoniously
  • How to get rid of stress
  • How to give men directions
  • What men secretly crave
  • When to talk to him
  • How to improve your communication skills
  • Why men commit
  • How you can keep him hooked
  • Thrills and chills

The Enchant him system

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The system is based on magnetic chemistry. It can be summarized into six important topics:

The common mistake

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The first mistake the women make according to Carrie is that they expect men to love them the same way that they like the men. The error here is that men and women view love differently and a man can only be a man. It is not possible to change him into what you think he ought to be.

Portrayal of love

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Women need to know that men do not show love the same way that women do. As a result, women misread men and miss out on signs that the man in interested in them.


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Here again is another fundamental difference between men and women. While women communicate to be understood and build relationships, men, on the other hand, communicate to solve problems. It is either they will talk and win or talk and lose. If it is later, then the man would rather not talk.

Punishment reward system

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A study of many relationships shows that women punish good behavior and reward bad behavior. For instance, when a man starts to pull away and is all of a sudden unavailable, the woman puts in more effort to make herself look good and to please the man. This is equivalent to rewarding bad behavior. The woman then starts to feel that she is alone in the relationship. The system teaches women to punish bad behavior and reward good behavior. You should learn to motivate your man to love you in the right way.


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While women are traditionally taught to be modest, the system encourages women to be confident and take the initiative. Apparently, a man is attracted to a lady who is confident enough to make the first move.


The system advises women to manage their expectations in relationships. They should not expect men to love them in any other way other than the way that men know how to love.

Sensuality and femininity.

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This combination apparently is the ideal lady that every man aspires to have.


Enchant Him System Review 1

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The program also teaches girls the right mindset that they ought to embrace towards the men they love. It, also, teaches girls when to identify men’s individual preferences and to respond appropriately, without having to act and pretend to be what they are not. They can still be themselves and meet the needs of their men.

Offers and proposals

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The program also seeks to teach girls when to turn down offers, how many times to turn down offers and how to communicate that they are considering an admirer’s proposal.

A sneak preview of the program: Some of the topics included in the program include:

  • Types of Men
  • The self-confident woman
  • Tips on how to seduce a man
  • How to get over your past relationships
  • Men and pressure in relationships
  • Communicate if you can
  • Confidence, say it
  • Pretend not to change him
  • Simplicity and dressing to kill
  • Witty, funny and smart
  • Seduction

The aim of the program

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The program aims at giving power to women in relationships. It helps women to enter a relationship from the point of strength, consequently giving them an upper hand. The woman is made to realize that she holds the cards of the relationship. The reason is that men are attracted to a confident woman, one who knows herself and what she wants in a relationship.

The women are empowered to win the men they want and also have the same men treat them the way they have always dreamt to be handled without hassle. With the help of the program, the woman gets to enjoy the love and affection she has always longed for.

Enchant him also guides women to handle the communication problems which almost always plagues relationships and eventually become their death. It will also help you to ignite the passion of your dreams and enchant the man.

Also, through the program, you can discover the things that you might be doing that that could be turning off the attraction of the man towards you. The system teaches women the power they possess within them to make the man in their lives to love them exactly how they want; and to have the men treat them exactly how they want to be treated.

The system also teaches the woman to be irresistible. It ensures that the eyes and attention of her man are for her, and only her. Also, the women are guided on how to decode signals that men send that are erroneously decoded as disinterest, making the woman to make a decision to move on and miss out on great relationships with the men of their dreams.

How to enchant him: The process

  • Know yourself. You are encouraged to be comfortable in your skin. Embrace even those parts of your body that you think are flawed: small/big boobs, thin/thick legs, big/small eyes.

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  • Heal from your past heartaches

Man and woman enjoying in romantic relationship

  • before getting into a new relationship. The system advises you to retain the good memories but make a conscious decision to move past all the other experiences that were not great. You could even be friends with your ex but in the same stride avoid getting back with him every time something bad happens to you. Only then can you purpose to go out there, find a good man and help him fall for you.
  • Banish fear. Are you worried that your new man might not like you so much after all, because he did not call when he was supposed to, or he did/did not do this or that? Be realistic. You may have to encounter several men that are not the one before you get there. Take the initiative and call him, if you like him. Be clear about what you want and then sit and wait out for an answer.
  • Do not be tempted to pressure the man into a relationship. He must be the one to decide. You can, however, help to nurture him into a relationship once you determine that he likes you. Always be vocal about what you want in the relationship. Your confidence will make him fall in love with you.

NOTE: Always take his lead but nudge him on. Do not sit back and do nothing.

  • Do not try to change the man

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He was who was before he met you. Accommodate his traits and routines. Avoid overthinking everything.

IMPORTANT: Have a life of your own. Do not suffocate him. Let him enjoy the thrill of chasing you. After all, men are hunters, aren’t they?

  • Dress modestly but tastefully. Men love simplicity. Do not always drown yourself in heavy makeup. You can look beautiful in simplicity.
  • Be funny, intelligent and smart. You will be irresistible to the man. Give him your undivided attention every time you are together. Engage him entirely whenever you have some private moments.
  • Finally, be at peace and relax. Love will locate you in the midst of your daily routines. It is exhausting to walk around looking out for love.

NOTE: The program does not make any promise of instant results.

pros and cons


  • The program contains a lot of information and practical techniques on essential things that a woman should know to figure out a man, understand what goes on in his mind and elevate the relationship to the level that she wants.
  • The system is not too manipulative. Several reviews show that the program is as natural as possible without the recommendation of any weird behavior. The system is based on natural concepts such as rewards, change of mindset, chemistry and motivation. These concepts can only build a long lasting relationship and not cause any harm.
  • The other strength of the programs that t is created by a man and a woman. There is always the feeling that men do not understand women and vice versa. Relationship advises from a woman’s or men perspective, therefore, is viewed as biased. The program is a collaboration that allows women to access both the viewpoints of men and women concerning relationships.

It is, therefore, balanced and more efficient than other relationship programs. It is for every woman. The system is targeted to every woman: young or old, single or married, unlike other programs that are specifically designed for particular groups of people.

  • Easy to understand

The program is easy to follow. It also has real examples of relationship issues collected from years of relationship coaching by Carrie. It is, therefore, easy to learn and understand the techniques given. The concepts are simple and easy to grasp and apply.

  • No risk

The program is a one-time investment and comes with the money back guaranteed from a trustworthy company. The guarantee shows how much the developers of the program believe in it.

  • Updates

The system offers regularly updated tips and improved resources. The justification is that there is new knowledge all the time. The developers are commuted to keep the techniques and the system as relevant as possible.


  • The system calls for hard work. The program is not a magic wand. It demands true commitment from the woman to change her attitude towards relationships. Commitment may not be easy because it takes an effort to unlearn many years of certain beliefs and attitudes. All the techniques in the program require a lot of effort to apply. It is not a walk in the park.
  • Finally, the book may be too expensive for some woman who is a shame because they would probably benefit from the advice in the system. It also does not help that the book can only be purchased online and in digital form. It is not in the stores.


There have been numerous reviews of the program. Reviews show that a good number of people feel that the program is exaggerated. People wondered how anyone could promise a woman that she will have her man eating out of her hand. He felt that that was a gross exaggeration.

Other reviews indicated that the program misses the point. They believe that love cannot be forced. You either have chemistry, or you don’t. They feel that no book can guarantee a relationship.

Others feel that they did not find anything special in the book. They felt that it is a scam that does not offer anything of value.

Some people were categorical the system is a scam. They felt that it is bait and only aimed at selling. They said that every single review of the book eventually leads to a link where you could buy the book.

Do you need guidance to love someone? Is a question that many people seemed to ask.


There were much more people that vouched for the program as compared to those who doubted its legitimacy. Many that had read the book felt that the system has information that makes a lot of sense. Quite some men felt that Carrie has said what they wished their women knew. A good number of women stated that they would read the book since they felt that it could help to enrich their lives. I, therefore, feel that the system is worth a trial.

Enchant Him System Review

Gain access to the Enchant Him System, get him in touch with his romantic side, and get him enchanted with you and start loving you completely and fully!

Enchant Him System Review: What Can You Do To Get Commitment?
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