Emotional Hook Formula Review: What Emotions Hook Men On You?

I am an average looking girl and I am sure all other girls like me understand how men completely look past us. They have eyes only for those pretty looking girls that shine and dazzle and steal all the limelight away from us.

Here, I DO NOT want to say that I have any grudge or particular jealousy for beautiful girls. It’s just that I have really bad past experiences. I used to love this guy and he was interested in me too but then a model like women swept into our lives and this guy felt head over heels in love with her.

Now, no one was at fault in this situation and I had sort of accepted my fate. But this whole situation taught me one thing; I can NEVER get a decent looking guy. Will this happen again with me?

The Emotional Hook Formula: Explained

Yes, of course, this can happen again with men

How do I ensure that the next guy I fall for will not go after the next stunning girl he looks at? There will always be a possibility that he might leave me for a pretty face anytime. Is there any way to stop this?

I used to think nothing can be done in this situation. But then I met a new girl at my office who told me during a conversation on this topic that she can help me. I forgot what she said in a few days.

But then one day I saw her Greek god-like husband and ran back to her for tips. She said there is a product that can help me; it is called the Emotional Hook Formula or Drama Method.

Emotional Hook Formula Review

When I saw how much her smoking hot husband loved her, I sure did not require any verified reviews. The biggest and most obvious review was right in front of me.

Who can use this Formula?

Let me get to the actual review of this product so that you can also use it and get the happiness that you are looking for.

This product claims to assist women in understanding men so that you can make your relationships much better and easier. It is a course of personal development for women who can be any stage of a relationship. The program enables women to learn an easy and subtle technique to understand men better.

Yes, the techniques in this product are all aimed at understanding the psychology of a man and what they think of a relationship. This product is not just for single ladies but for all stages of a relationship. Namely, it is meant for:

  • Single ladies
  • For women in initial stages of a relationship/dating
  • Committed relationships

This program will not only teach you how to attract a man towards you but also keep him with you.

Emotional Hook Formula

So, this product will be helpful for you if:

Your husband or boyfriend has somehow become emotionally cold and disconnected and you are looking for techniques to connect to him.

• Your married life is at risk or you are feeling insecure about your relationship.

• You are looking for a program that will assist you in reviving passion and love that you have once experienced in your past.

• You want a real product that is created by actual experts.

• Your love life is extremely boring and stale.

• You want a program that could strengthen your relationship with its easy to follow steps and sure shot solutions to all relationship problems.

You can keep your man’s heart pounding and adrenaline rushing for you forever. Make him yours and keep him with you…forever!

Emotional Hook Formula

About The Author

This is certainly very easy to understand, implement and learn. So ladies, no matter you are looking for a man, dating him or want to marry him, you will get tips for all. These are not just any tips, these are tried and tested ways that are bound to work.

This product is created by Elaine Chase & Aaron Fox. There is a very interesting story behind this product. It started when Elaine became the talk of the town when she started dating an extremely good looking man. What is so different about this, you might be wondering?

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The fact that Elaine was divorced and a mother of two, moreover she had really average looks. How did she manage to attract such a handsome man? All the people in her town wanted to know.

The most curious person was Aaron, that handsome man’s closest friend. Aaron Fox knew that her smoking hot friend could never fall for a woman like Elaine. Elaine Chase was just not his “type”. So how was this possible? How was this hot man so much in love with Elaine?

Emotional Hook Formula Review

So much that he wanted to leave his Casanova life and marry Elaine. Finally, Aaron Fox met Elaine and asked if she was keeping a secret? Elaine made a shocking revelation that cleared all confusions that Aaron Fox had.

Aaron Fox is a relationship expert and understood what Elaine was doing in an instant. Elaine was doing nothing wrong; instead, she was doing all the right things at the right time!

Inside this Product

This is when Elaine Chase & Aaron Fox got together to create a product out of their combined journey and experiences. The final product turned out to be the tool that will help so many women in the future.

The product that Aaron & Elaine created is one of its types. This is the result of Aaron’s experiences and studying relationships during years of her job. But how did Elaine get access to all this information?

Inside this Product

According to Elaine, her husband gave her divorce and left her for a model that looked like an angel. He did not give a single thought about Elaine and their kids; he was so blinded by that model’s beauty and looks.

This broke Elaine and she vowed that she will not let anything like this happen to her again. But what could she do? So, she indulged herself into intense research and analysis of men psychology and the way their brain works.

She did find interesting facts and was shocked at how easy and obvious this was. Now it was time to implement them and the results were astonishing. She could literally attract any man towards her…Any!

Inside this eBook, you will find details about what you should and should not do in a relationship. This includes all stages of a relationship.

Is it with magic?

No, stay calm, this is no witchcraft!

Emotional Hook Formula Is it with magic?

This might be obvious from all other reviews as well that this is no magic. It’s actually science. You will learn ways that can trigger certain biological reactions inside a man. These chain reactions will give him an adrenaline boost and make him think about you only.

It’s no superstition crap either. Rather, this product is a combination of experience and knowledge gathered over the time of a decade by two well-qualified women.

You get an eBook (PDF) and an audio version as well. Inside, you will find special techniques and unique formulas. These will help you create desire, chemistry, and attraction with a man so that you become the most irresistible, alluring and seductive woman in his eyes.

Create drama and love with this product. If you buy this, you will get the solution to almost all relationship problems irrespective of the stage of our relationship. Some methods included in this eBook are:

• Cocktail Drama

• Emotional Variety Trick

• Sweet Turmoil

• Art of Dramatic Sex Appeal

• Attraction Sledgehammer

• Art of Dramatic Flirting

• Bad Smell Factor

• Emotional Escalation technique

• Mental Interlock

• Permission Principle

What are the Benefits?

What if you are a complete novice at handling relations? Will it still help you? Yes, it will and you will learn so much more during this process, such as:

• Learn methods to communicate and send your message across effectively.

• Men tend not to share their feelings and emotions like women do, make your man open up to you.

• Get any man you want, just any!

• Suggestive words that get his heart racing and lead his mind to all sorts of places that will be so good for you.

• Get through to an uninterested lover or an angry loved one.


Emotional Hook Formula Emotional Hook Formula Bonuses

When you buy the Emotional Hook Formula or the Drama Method, you also get useful bonuses. These would otherwise cost you a lot, but here you get them for free!

1. Extreme Case Scenario Turnaround

Have you don’t something really embarrassing or stupid around a guy? Now you just want to take that back and start over with a clean slate. This is the book for you!

2. Mind Scanner Report

Make the man think like it’s all his idea. He will make all the plans that you want, spend more time with you and try to please you constantly!

3. Shameless Truth Report

You will learn about all the secrets that are well kept inside a man’s brain. Learn what he is actually thinking at all times.

You will certainly not risk any of your money with Emotional Hook Formula. It comes with a 60-day full money back guarantee.

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  • Adam says:

    My partner and I has always gone on and off in our relationship. But there is always something that would put us back together. I really love her to bits. Reading this made me think if she actually used this on me. I better ask.

  • Roger Smith says:

    The program doesn’t focus only on new relationships, but also offer useful advice for women who are already in long-term relationships and simply try to improve them, is another big plus.

  • Milagro says:

    What could be better than getting the man you have always wanted. This guide was a big help, now I have the man of my dreams, he is perfect for me and he loves me!

  • Rebecca says:

    A controversial “get your man” guide that borders on the “enslave your guy” theme; perfect for empowering women who always tend to attract cheating “players” and “douches” as this program can level the playing field against those types of guys. It may be true that you can’t change a man, but you can change how they treat you.

  • Shelley Hall says:

    Emotional Hook Formula is basically filled with practical formulas that you can use to achieve the desired result depending on your relationship needs. This book is a must-have.

  • Julia Thomason says:

    You are getting the audio version of the program with the written program. This is to make sure that you are able to use the program, even if you are not able to be in front of your computer, reading.

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