Ejaculation By Command Review: What If You Could Control Ejaculation?

Life becomes extremely tough when you can not get things on hand. Have you ever felt the disgrace overcome any of your excitements? It really makes a huge difference as to what you have in control and what not.

Talking of men, they really need self-confidence because that is all they need. Being a man and not able to have confidence in your own-self can be a big shame! When you don’t love yourself that is when you would not be able to exist as a separate identity.

To men, there is nothing more embarrassing than being “Just Okay” in bed. It makes them enter a nutshell where even they cannot reach themselves. They lose their confidence in themselves once they are not able to satisfy a woman.

You need to satisfy her to make it great!

There are a thousand reasons that make a man just Okay in bed and all those are highly commendable but if you can’t last that is when the real problem starts. No one bats an eye on the size once you can make it last to a time that satisfies your partner.

Once you do not meet the time-frame requirement of your partner, you would start feeling that heat. Men usually start with that timing in early minutes but the range expands as time passes. If it stays there, that is when things have gone out of hand. Your partner can outlast you and that is when you would feel like an underdog!

Men would never want to be acting as a submissive in bed and that is why being too quick to come to an end would hurt a lot. If you end before it just started, you can never ever satisfy yourself, leave alone your partner. It would make you some sort of incompetent person in front of yourself!

Do you know what we call this low-timing bed-time disease? It is what we call Premature ejaculation and if you don’t take this thing seriously we call it immature thinking! Would you ever like a ride to charge high and end before you knew it started? That is how your partner feels when you can’t even last more than a TV commercial!

What is this Premature Ejaculation?

A human has a sexual stimulus installed within his body. When the stimulus cannot get its functionalities alright, it is when things go wrong. When the nerves attached with sexual stimulus are overstressed and the message is sent before time, it’s all over. Your mind gets overly involved in the activity and you lose control over yourself.

Timing means a lot!


It gets overly involving for you and before you could make it count, the timer counts out. You did not even have the time to unbutton the pants in that timing! You never ever got things to yourself and it was you that let everything go too! Does it sound anything even just bad to you?

This is a problem that can make you single-forever guy and you can even stop thinking of women if you have nothing on offer. When you are accustomed to seeing that regret in her eyes after your short stint, you would better want not to get in bed again!

What to do then?

There is nothing on this earth that can be declared as impossible but you can make things seem improbable with the wrong choice. If you go for the wrong choice, you won’t reach your desired destination ever! You have this problem and you do not even want to put it in front of someone and yet you want the treatment too!

If it ends early it is not what she thought of!

You have been embarrassed in front of your partner for multiple times but this thing does not get solved! Lloyd Lester was one of you too. The one who has faced all this, including the shame of ejaculating before getting pants off, has surely some experience that can help.

It was all curtains for him as his sex-life was concerned. He had tried everything. He had spent thousands of dollars on pills and those sprays. Lloyd had tried every type of condom that could help him increase his timing but to no use. Each of his experiment had failed and he had no one to help.

The embarrassment is real. You make a girl ready to be in bed with you and when it is the time to show her your love, you can’t outlast. Does all this and the failure of every treatment yet not worry you? If it does then you surely need to dig deeper to find out what can help you!

How on earth can this be treated?

Let us tell you one thing. You have a deep scar, you need to make it heal. What do you do? You put an ointment and then put a bandage over it. What if you just take your eyes off it or paste a skin-colored wrap over the wound? Would it be helpful?

pills won't help!

Similarly, swallowing a hundred tablets or applying a hundred sprays would not help if the root cause is not addressed! You need real treatment and that is more mental than physical.

Yes! Premature ejaculation is not all about your physical disability to last. It is really your mind not able to take that ecstasy for long enough. Your mind lacks the ability to handle the pleasure and you put all the ointments to your physical treatment.

Your mind fantasizes the pleasure earlier than it is meant to be and that is when you lose control over yourself. The real problem lies high above your pants and that is what needs to be addressed. If you need to know what helps you out of it, you are surely in need of help from Lloyd Lester.

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How does this help?

Does it tingle you already thinking of having command over your ejaculation and having a timing that makes you and your partner happy? It surely makes a great amount of difference if you can make it last enough to make her satisfied!

When it lasts, she would love it!

Ejaculation By Command does not just make you think can I do it, it makes you thank the author every time you go to bed with your partner. It is not just beating about the bush but it is something that has been carved out of years of experience and has been made to take you out of the pain that the author had faced.

The guide can help you in the following great ways:

1. Mental Tactics

The guide has for you a set of mental techniques that may help you to get complete command over your sexual encounters. It may make you the Ringmaster in bed and help you have an upper hand over all the proceedings that take place. You would be encouraged to not to think a lot about her and sex while you are doing it.

It is what you need to learn and practice. The technique is one of the hundreds that are listed within the guide and all have been found out through years of tries but you just need to apply what works!

2. Technique

It has for you a set of techniques that can help you to last long and happy in bed. Primal sex techniques that have been found to be long and enduring may be what you need to get the timer up!

3. Breathing Basics

It is not only about what you do with your equipment of operation but also what other organs cooperate with it. Your breathing sequence plays a huge role in sexual arousal and ejaculation timing. The guide has for you a technique that can make the fun last longer.

4. Love Muscle Exercises

Your love muscle is what needs some attention too. When it gets smothered with a profound technique, its timer count gets highly boosted! You need to know that too for the goodwill of you and your sex life.

Lloyd Lester has for you what you need!

5. Tantric Relaxation

From the thousands of years of experience from the Tantric, the guide has for you a way of relaxation that can help. The technique can make it last thrice longer than what it used to be and it is so easy that you would use it the time you learn it!

6. Hot Button Strategy

Your equipment has a secret covert button that delays the ejaculation by many minutes. Does it sound interesting to you? It can make the timer elongated without any pills or sprays and that too instantly until you satisfy your partner and yourself.

7. Partner techniques

It tells you a set of positions and partner techniques that make the session last longer and let your partner enter her world of orgasmic pleasure. The experience that these tricks would give to your partner would let her remember you for life!

The magical set of your treatment!


  • Boosts your timing!
  • Makes you last longer!
  • Teaches you to give orgasms to your partner!


  • Needs you to read or listen to advise!
  • Needs to be understood!
  • Takes time for implementation!

Does Ejaculation By Command really work?

This is nothing about boasting but it is something that can change your life forever. Your sex life will be turned upside down right from the moment you start using these techniques.

Our customers love what we have done for them!

The guide has helped every person that has tried this very technique! It boosts your ability to last in bed and helps you to make your partner feel like heaven and hell at the same time. You just need these simple tricks to make your sex life great and enjoyable.

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