Dirty Dialogue Review: What Are The Dirty Words He Wants To Hear?

Talk dirty to me… lalala, la …

Leaving joke aside, how much do you know about dirty talking? How much do you feel like doing it? How brave are you to make your man go crazy while having sexual intercourse?

I know for sure men love dirty talk and it is why I think that every woman should give it a try. See how it works. I found myself in this situation. Watching a movie with my boyfriend. During a sex scene, he got very horny, and I felt like he wanted to tell me something. I guess he didn’t because he didn’t know how I was going to react. But I think that the scene when the girl was talking dirty to her man was his favorite. So, I said why not?

Still, I think that saying the wrong things might ruin your intimate moment, so it is better for you to see what works and what does not work for men. It is how I ran over this guide that I find very interesting. Here is my review to you.


Women are sometimes asked to talk dirty to their men.

It’s worse when you are surprised by him asking you to talk dirty and you have no idea what to say. Or maybe you feel embarrassed. Any reason it is, I am normal, just so you know.

But if you want to please your man, you might learn some dirty language. Forget about limits and shame, there is no such thing in sex. In sex, everything is fun, relaxing, and people should be open to whatever they want. Nobody is watching, so why not?

If he asks you to do it, it is better than when you do it without knowing if he is into this kind of stuff. Because if he is not, he might get annoyed by the idea. So yes, be happy if he asks you to.

When you are not good at dirty talk

But what to do when you have all the good intentions but you lack the bad girl attitude? Before you go any further and make a fool out of yourself, you should seek help. I don’t mean calling a friend or something, but a good book might help you. The Dirty Dialogue was my perfect match. It was as if this book read my mind.

So, briefly, if you are bad at dirty talk, learn it, become good at it. Take the guide and read it bit by bit, become the sexy woman that your man craves for.

You are that one, you just have to show yourself to him. It is what I used to tell myself when I started reading this book. And at the end, it turned out that yes, I was the sexy woman that he was craving for.

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Start your dirty dialogue

It is not enough reading, you must also practice. Think of tonight or tomorrow night, for instance. Put on your new lingerie, prepare two glasses of wine, a light food, and wear that red lipstick and nothing else.

Delight your man’s evening. But above all, while you are heating up, surprise him with a sexy dialogue. The thing a bit what your man wants to hear from you. What could he want? What does he like?

Feel and be sexy. Feel wanted and show him that. You know what he craves for, tell him. Softly and slowly. That red lipstick added you have yourself a hell of a night.

When I first tried this program, I refused to think of any boundaries. I refused to feel ashamed, I said to myself that that was my night and that it was what I wanted to do. So, between me and him, anything would work.

Learn to talk dirty

This book is the real deal. To my, it was my savior. It helped me open up and become more confident about myself. I do not feel ashamed anymore. On the contrary, I like dirty talk, I start dialogues very often and my sex life is awesome ever since.

Plus, my partner and I start heating up through sexting and it is really fun. Our relationship seems to be just like 10 years ago, it’s like we are never getting old. In fact, I very much enjoy it myself.

The features of this guide

So, in order for you to get an idea about this book, I will give you a bit of insight from it. Before you run and purchase it, here is what you should expect from it:

• You will never be afraid that your man might consider you crazy if you talk dirty to him. Even if he will appear not interested, you will know how to react, without feeling sorry for yourself. So, you will not be afraid to try dirty talking in bed.

• This guide will teach you some nice tips on what you should say and what to avoid saying to your man while you have intercourse. You will know at the end how to please your man and how to anticipate what he wants from you.

• After reading the guide, you will understand why men tend to fall in love with open-minded women and leave the ones who are limited.

• Do not worry about feeling guilty or ashamed about your dirty dialogue. This book will teach how to overcome all that unpleasant feelings.

• What I find interesting about this book is that it helps you determine if whether it’s love or just lust within a relationship.

• The book will help you create a strong bond with your man not only in bed but also outside it.

• There is a top 3 code secret dialogue. You will get to know it while reading this book.

That is not all. After purchasing the book, I promise you, you won’t be able to leave it aside until done. Plus, you get into the right mood for practicing dirty talk.



What are the bonuses?

As if this wasn’t enough, the guide is accompanied by some free bonuses that I absolutely love. Those are la crème de la crème, trust me. Here they are:

1. The dirty dictionary. Of course, a dictionary is absolutely necessary. In this case, you will have yours from a to z dirty alphabet. So, you will not worry about not having inspiration, you just have to give it a look.

3. The dirty dialing. The prelude rules. Men love dirty dialing. When he is not by your side, consider it an advantage. You can make him fantasize about you.

3. The dirty delivery. This section contains 77 text messages that you can borrow and send to your man and heathen things up before he gets home to you. Mine loved them.

4. The dirty diva. You will be able to talk dirty just like a dirty diva. That is not wrong but on the contrary. A diva is always a diva and talking dirty is fun.

With these bonuses, you can call yourself a dirty talk professional. Your man will absolutely love what you give to him. In fact, keeping the fire between you two makes the relationship last.


• you get your man want to really bad with some words and phrases within the guide in no time

• the best tips that will make your relationship last and keep the fire burning

• some useful insights on how men think and what they want from us women, so that we don’t misjudge things in the future

• no less than 77 dirty messages that will heathen the atmosphere between you and your guy before meeting with him

• developing trust and a great sexual relationship between the two partners


Not all men are into dirty talking, so make sure you know what you are doing. Before you try it, see if your man is that kind, if not, you should leave this guide aside.

My final thoughts

This dictionary of love without boundaries has changed my life. I am much more confident about myself. A few years ago, I would have felt ashamed to speak dirty, but now I know that there is nothing wrong about it. After all, if I trust my man and he trusts me, I don’t see the problem.

I recommend you this book if you are open-minded. Moreover, the author offers you a 60-day money back guarantee. So, if you feel that the book does not meet your expectations, you can ask for a refund. You will get your money back without any question.

If on the contrary, you find it useful, you might as well add a personal review about this book. Let other women know that it is OK to please your man, as long as you trust each other. An open-minded relationship makes the two partners happier and safer with each other. So, what are you waiting for? Try this book, no regrets involved, you’ll see!

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Dirty Dialogue Review: What Are The Dirty Words He Wants To Hear?
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