The Dating Apocalypse Survival Kit In-Depth Review

The dating apocalypse survival kits by Rob Judge & Bobby Rio is a very popular training program on dating and relationships. Within this ideal program, the dating & relationship coaches reveal their exact system on how they were able to sleep with several varieties of women they met off mobile dating apps such as Tinder strategy guides and how anyone can do the same.

The Dating Apocalypse Survival Kit is the right program that will leave ladies out there craving for you, which is exactly what you need. Therefore it focuses on giving you skills and techniques you’ll need to build a magnetic attraction to women. If you are looking for young women, this review is for you.

What is Dating Apocalypse Survival Kits?

The Dating Apocalypse Survival Kit is a thorough dating guide for men. Things have really changed on the dating scene, which serves as the idea behind the scene. The program focuses on offering men out there with an idea and tools to open their eyes to;

  • What has changed and how things have changed
  • Understand circumstances through their advice on dating
  • Finding the right girl irrespective of preferences
  • Becoming a winner in the online dating

As a result, this program makes you stand out playing your own thing and not what everyone else is doing. In the course of the review, you’ll get to know the difference.


About the Creators of Dating Apocalypse Survival Kit – Bobby Rio & Rob Judge

Bobby and Judge are the backbones of the Dating Apocalypse Survival Kit. The question is, why should you choose the Dating guides Apocalypse Survival Kit over other programs out there?

The most important reason is that the Dating Apocalypse Survival Kit is jam-packed with tons of valuable up-to-date information that is very useful to your dating life. They have come out with their set of “new rules” for dating in the year 2018. These so-called “new rules” are still in vogue to date, like it or not, because they keep updating the info year in year out.

Another is that you have the world’s best dating and relationship experts behind you for support. With wide variety of experience in the pickup industry, they have become professionals in terms of dating and connecting opposite sex.

Interestingly, they offer series of popular programs that aim to help men improve their skill levels in all ramifications. Such programs include (Unlock Her Legs, Magnetic Rob’s Messaging, Make Small Talk Sexy and more. This is a complete program of printed productions and videos.

What does Dating Apocalypse Survival Kit offer?

According to our review of this program, it features and focuses on actionable items. Some of the items it features include what to do in different real-life scenarios to keep control and take them whenever you want. These scenarios may be taking a girl home for the night while it may be to keep dating and having sex as for others.

Another impressive feature of this program is that it teaches how to fix a relationship.

While the Dating Apocalypse Survival Kit offers varieties of handful info, it will not give you dating advice from different eras.

All it does is help you adapt to this era. This being said, what you need to do is find the part well suited for your situation to key into the advice it offers.

Let’s take a peep into the keyhole to have a look at the effective content of this program. This is for those who want to get more dates or learn how to dominate or succeed with online dating. All the materials you’ll need are in Digital Format. You’ll find the materials in the member’s area. 


The Ten Step Tinder Solution

Tinder is a place where you’ll get to determine the success of this right program. It features more women than you can ever imagine, with their number growing daily.

According to Rob & Bobby, you need about ten lessons that cover all essential materials with varieties of bonuses for your self-development. All this up-to-date course information comes in handy.

Tinder strategy guides are an important part of the program. Your approach to it is very important. With this program, you’ll have access to materials that will explain how to maximize your chances when it comes to women.

It involves attracting more hottest girls of your type as well as how you should approach the entire act of connecting with them on Tinder.

#2 – Mobile Dating Blueprint

According to our review of this program, another impressive essential in Dating Apocalypse is mobile dating. It has to do with your initial presentation, which is important. This is because most women will create an image or opinion of you according to your first date impression in this new hook-up culture.

This may be based on the pictures, stories, or videos you have in your profile.

This means that if you don’t impress her at the initial stage, then you may not even get her to respond or even start any relationship with a girl. Hence, it is an important spot to start it up with any girl of your choice. Once you win this entry point, then you have the advantage.

Rob & Bobby also offers excellent tutorials that focus on helping you to craft the most attractive and intriguing profile.

It also features information on how you get more matches and also learn how to initiate an effective conversation on the first date. You can find all these essentials in the mobile dating blueprint.

#3 – First Message Black book

It is assuming that you’ve set up your profile and everything is labeled professionally with a girl who is attracted to your profile already. This means it’s time to make a move by sending her the first message that will trigger the romance between you and other guys.

In a real situation, here is where most guys get it all wrong or get paralysis. Some don’t even know what to do or go for or how to begin a friendly and catchy conversation with an unknown girl.

Please note that in this situation, it is vital to leave a desirable first impression to ensure to leave an indelible impression in the girl’s mind.

To do this, the First Message Blackbook comes in place with varieties of exact phrases and eye-openers for personal development.

#4 – Smartphone Seduction Secrets on dating apps

If you desire to pick up as many women as possible, all you need to do is level up your game to the highest possible standards. In a bid to do this, the Dating Apocalypse Survival Kit features secrets to smartphone seduction that present a way to incorporate three different types of dating apps for best results.

The dating apps, social media apps, and image editors are exactly what you will get from these programs. This program will teach you how to use these dating apps to your advantage in this online dating game, unlike other dating apps.

#5 – The Tinderview

According to our apocalypse survival kit review, please take note that women can be more complicated for those who don’t have more experience in this dating world. This guide exposes you to different signs that reveal a lady’s thoughts. This is because women’s outward action may contradict their thoughts.

This means that it may be difficult to follow their voice or body language. This guide presents information on what signs to look for.

#6 – Transcript Library – Dating Advice

This entire library provides you with all kinds of important transcripts. This transcript features different dating scenarios that will help you connect effectively to the girl of your choice.

The vital aspect of this guide is to provide you more understanding of what type of girl you should connect to.

Once you have this understanding, all you need to do is follow the respective transcript until you win.

#7 – First Date for Closers

In the real world, the closes are the guys who make a deal happen. This is because they have the skills to effectively sell the product in question using the power of negotiation with the buyer.

They still make the deal when the client has doubts and contemplating buying other products.

This also applies to dating. This means these women you are texting are most likely browsing through 10s or 100s of profiles. So, you need to act fast to make the deal happen.

#8 – Gaslighting Guide

In this HD video training, you will learn how to make a girl obsessed with you. Women are fond of attention, but giving attention is not enough in the mobile age.

In addition to the attention, you must be aware of how to catch her attention so that she starts seeking your validation until you instill obsession for you in her.

#9 – Sexting Guide Ebook

Catching her attention, impressing her, engaging in small talks and the likes with a woman is a good start but not enough to win her over.

Most guys can hold a pleasant conversation, but they almost lose the woman in question. What is the reason for this?

The main reason is that there is no sexual role play, no signs of sexual connectivity, no sexual tension to provoke the girl. These factors will make the woman know your intention and what you are driving at.

It also plays a powerful role in the rapidly evolving “hook-up culture.”

Pros & Con of Dating Apocalypse Survival Kit

The Survival Kit comes with both Pros & Cons. The Pros & Cons are stated in the next section.


Up to date courses

It follows a real-life scenario

You’ll learn from professional dating coaches

Offers reasonable pricing

Proven Results & Trusted Source

Offers money-back guarantee


Its availability may be limited since materials are in digital forms

It’s for men only

It may not work every time in the dating world

The Dating Apocalypse Kit – A Scam or Legit

The fact is if you only go through the kit without practicing the ideas and information in it, then you may feel like a scam. Likewise for every other guide out there. You will have a lot of options and success if you accept the program and learn to thrive in this new post-apocalyptic dating reality. It offers proven results if you follow the instruction articulately.

The secret to the effectiveness and success of the dating apocalypse survival kit is to put it into action and follow the dating advice.

The guide matches almost all styles. However, if you are doing it the right way, and they just seem not to work for you, you may probably need a new approach.

Also, the guide offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if you feel the product does not deliver to your expectation. All you need to do is visit their official website via any browser, and you’ll get a refund.


The dating apocalypse survival kit is a must-have for every man who wishes to u their game in the world of online dating.

Having Rob Judge and Bobby Rio as a coach is a great addition to your dating experience. With them, you can be confident that you will get quality information as well as effective strategies in their kit.

While the dating apocalypse survival kit features its cons, its advantages outweigh its disadvantages. In conclusion, the dating apocalypse survival kit is a great option for you.

Especially for those who have tried almost all techniques and ended up with disappointments.

This program features strategy guides, match multiplier reports, eBooks, HD video training, hook-up culture, forward-moving phrases, all those in just about every possible aspect of meeting and dating women. A trial of the dating apocalypse survival kit will convince you.

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