Customized Fat Loss for Men Review: How to Lose Fat Naturally

Customized Fat Loss for Men Review

If you are trying to lose weight naturally, you need to Customized Fat Loss for Men. I have been down the same road where I tried to lose fat but every time I would retain or increase the fat.

fat man eating hamburger

There is a blunder I used to make that am going to tell you. The customized fat loss for men will give you an idea of the foods I used to take but which I should have avoided.

Forbidden foods

The Customized Fat Loss for Men approach forbids certain foods.  I used to take:

  • Soy-based foods
  • Processed foods
  • Commercial dairy

Seamless pattern with cartoon soy food

After watching, it dawned on me that I had actually been doing the wrong things all this time. The Customized Fat Loss for Men reviews that I made helped me become a real man and at the same time, I was able to get real results. After trying the following system, you will be glad you did it.

This is how it works

The system was introduced to me on a 60-day refund guarantee if I saw no results are obtained. I was not sure that I would see the promised results since I had been through a scam.I had sampled ten of reviews but not a single review moved me to take action against my growing fat.

Why this program?

I had seen programs that aim at reducing fat in both men and women but had not come across that exclusively dealt with men. This prompted me to give it a second opinion after reading reviews.

Working for unique nutrition gave me a lead

I was about to drop until it occurred to me that the nutrition involved was not the average one but unique. Perhaps this would help me cut down on the fat.

Woman on a diet

The thought on nutrition encouraged me to stick to the program. My diet had been averaged diets which did nothing to help me cut the fat. Still did not quite as I found the diet as a strategy. There was still a problem. My metabolism was not accustomed to certain diets and therefore was certain I was going to fail.

Strategies to work on metabolism

The Customized Fat Loss for Men to my relief came with training on how to use the diet and my body metabolism to fight the fat. This strategy was aimed at helping me to naturally lose fat. This would only happen if there was a third thing missing in the equation.


Men like me and you have certain hormones which work with the rest of the system to enable you to lose weight naturally. My mistaken belief was that I would engage in some average exercises, pop some supplements and suddenly begin to lose weight. My eagerness to cut down the fat through a short cut made me hold onto it. You can imagine my shock when I discovered that there were no:

  • Use of gizmos
  • Taking weight loss pills
  • Crash diet
  • Protein powders
  • Etc

Fat man and medicine background

My heart sunk. I saw my dream of a lean figure slipping through my fingers. It was not what I had read on various reviews about how I could enroll for a crash course to lose weight. This was gain to take forever and I was not ready to waste time on such a program.


Before I opted outbid was introduced to the nutrition and training program. When I thought that was all-in was introduced to the software that was meant to optimize the utilization of the fat in the body. The calories and the calories would be released as per my body needs.  My body type, age, size, and weight were some of the parameters which would affect how I utilized the calories. There I was, staring at a program which was designed to specifically address these issues which are unique to me as an individual. I was more than ever interested to take up the challenge.

Why I gave in to the Customized Fat Loss for Men and never regretted

I had a couple of misgivings but I weighed in the following reasons for choosing it:

Burning fat in the belly

The belly fat had refused every technique to dislodge it. I knew I stood a chance to burn this fat in this yet-to-be-tried technique. Would it work? Only in the fullness of time would I tell you whether it was a success or not.

Transforming the body

I was tired of the flab and belly fat. They made look unappealing and a lazy bum.No amount of exercise made sense to me but my reviews on the system showed me otherwise: I could actually change my appearance for good. Something stood in the way, though.

fat man

How safe was this system going to be? I was not sure this would help a lot but my gut feeling told me that the fact that it is naturally meant that I could actually trust the method.

Kyle Leon

I needed no further when I watched an interview about Kyle Leon. He is an author and fitness expert who had revolutionized the fat loss program. His latest videos and site information about his revolutionary product on were eye openers. In a nutshell, the following sums up what the video and the site say about his weight loss technique:

The video

It is a recap of what I told you about the foods you should not touch with a ten-foot pole. He explains very well what the soy-based foods do to the body, contrary to the scam online which says otherwise. He goes on why you should keep off processed foods like cheese and commercial products. They all have a bearing to your current predicament.

How it works

I liked it right from the start because instead of just one program, the system works in phases. The first one has 30 days during which I would have macronutrients allocated to me. This phase strictly works with your body type.The nutrition that you will receive will be customized so that you only get the energy you need to meet your needs as you start and progress with the system. The macronutrient allocation is designed to work with your diet. Though this system, the body will be able to work well at optimum so that you burn as fast as possible.

Fresh Green Sprouts Buckwheat

The second phase, according to Kyle Leon, should last another one month. The exercise builds the body’s resistance. There is a lot of exercise in the second round but the focus is now on the muscles. The weight-loss objectives, according to the author will only be achieved if you are able to build on some form of resistance. Men do not respond to exercise the same way. As such, one should stick to the exercise regimen that suits them perfectly.I struggled finding mine but when I did, I was able to carry out a wide range of exercises without affecting the lean muscle mass. The third one that the author’s program works on is cardiovascular customization. There are 2 dangers that I realized I was exposed to as I rolled on to the 90th day on the program:

  • Wrong cardio exercise for the body frame
  • Risk of injuries

On the contrary, the third phase is designed to help you work out and find a tailor-made program that will help you so that you lose as much fat as possible. I also found that I would gain endurance and increase stamina.

My weight concerns addressed

When I was starting on the programme was not sure that my body type would allow me to proceed with the program. Luckily for me, the program has a systematic way of helping to determine your body type such that before you proceed to the next phase, you will be firmly in your ideal training regime as per your body type.


I wanted to know if I would get my refund in case the system failed to help in the objective of weight loss. The system, to my satisfaction, comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee if it fails. I have looked for reviews online and none WAs a refund. It worked so well for me that I had no reason to even contemplate a refund.

60 days money back guarantee

Otherwise, if it did not work well with you, all that you will need to do is to call on the toll- free number provided and you will get back the entire amount that you had paid to buy the program.

Online payment risk

The use of the credit card to buy the program online could be risky due to potential fraud. There is a need to be guaranteed that your transaction is done on a secure connection. The site owners gave me an assurance that all security features are put in place to ensure that my credit card information was not accessible by the third parties.


Unlike hiring a fitness instructor or hitting the gym, the program is highly affordable since you will only make a one-off payment of $47 and you will be a proud owner of a Customized Fat Loss for Men.

man gesturing OK sign


The product comes with HD video coaching which I would access to help with my lessons. I found the videos quite handy and especially given the fact that everything is demonstrated. I found it quite practical and would not substitute it with anything else.

Tips and tricks

Losing weight and cutting fat involves a lot of tricks, otherwise,  you may be stuck in one level of training. The tips that this program offers will be very useful in helping you to realize your goals. The advice that one gets regarding the diet, exercise and training will be very helpful to you in achieving your goals pretty fast.

What does the package entail?

The creator of the program came up with a package that is designed to help with the resources you need. The first package is the quick start guide which is in the form of software. The second package in the series is the fat loss guide which basically addresses your body type and how you can use your right body program to work out. The third package is the one talk about the various body types, i.e the somatotyping. I used this guide to help me know the kind of my body type so that that I could enroll in the rightful training and diet regime. There is a guide that is incorporated to help you lose a certain number of pounds in weight. This particular guide will help you lose as many as 10 pounds. There are many others such as the fat loss supplementation, fat loss stack, eating out guide among others.


• Customized for men like you. Most programs don’t really focus on one person and getting results for them, they just talk about it in general. With this program, you know it’s tailored to you.

• You’ll actually start losing weight since it is customized for your body. You’ll feel and look and be leaner, stronger, and healthier.

• You’ll be transformed, with the fat going away, and the hidden muscles beneath popping back into view.

• 60 Day guarantee. Basically, if you don’t receive the results you want, you can easily just reach out to them and get a guarantee. Having a guarantee like this makes me feel a lot safer and eager to buy.


• There is a LOT of information contained within. It will take you a while to read it all, absorb it, and start using it.

• You might find it hard to adapt these new healthy habits, but once you remember why you’re doing it, and start to see results showing up, you’ll love it!


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this program to anyone who wants to burn fat and transform their body through the training and dieting approaches.

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