Crack The Girl Code Review: What Makes Them Really Tick With Desire?

Have you ever wondered how is it to be surrounded by the hottest, gorgeous and attractive girls? Are you tired of being “Mr. Nobody”?

Shout out to all the men out there who are tired of being Mr. Nobody and to all the “Mr. Nice Guy” that always get stuck in the friend zone simply because of being too nice.

Michael Fiore with the help of Marni Kynris is successful in cracking the “Cheat Code”  that will really change every man’s life and an effective technique for getting the girl you want even if you’re feeling really hopeless right now.

This Cheat Code achieved to open up every girl’s heart, mind and even their panties that will help you to get laid with the most gorgeous, hot and sexy women without changing anything about you. Sounds really interesting, right?

Crack the Girl Code is a step-by-step online training program created by well-known relationship experts – Michael Fiore with some help of Marni Kynris. This “Evolutionary Cheat Code” will be your weapon to understand the female psychology and reveals what is running on a woman’s mind. This program is

This program is created for regular guys who are almost invisible to every woman just because they don’t seem attractive enough to them. To all men who are always in the category of dorks, losers, ugly, fat, broke, and hopeless this program is for you and this review will be your perfect guide.

The Three Buttons

It sounds very easy to say but I know you are definitely wondering right now how to start and how to actually do the technique. According to Michael Fiore, pushing the buttons in a female’s mind is the key. If you are playing video games, you know what exactly buttons do.

It allows you to take control of the game. Having control means gaining access to doing whatever you want. Play a girl like a video game and skip complicated challenges by pushing 3 buttons in her mind.

  1. The Connection Button

Make her feel that you understand her in any way more than anyone does, and more than she understands herself.  You will build an unconscious connection with her by making her feel that there is somebody who notices, appreciates and can give her importance. Women will do anything for a man if they feel important and understood.

  1. The Sexual Desire button

Women are out of control. In a woman’s mind, it doesn’t matter how good looking a man is how attractive and how big your dick is. Trigger her sexual desire and if you are successful in turning her mind on, she will give in.

  1. The Fate Button

Women always want happy endings. In female psychology, women believe in “destiny” and “the one.” It’s easy to make feel like she’s destined to be with you. Just with simple gestures, words and appreciations will make her feel like a she is indeed very lucky to have a man like you. Make her feel like you are “the one” even just for hours or one night.

Crack The Girl Code Get Your Girl Fall In Love

Pushing these three buttons in a woman’s mind will change your life without changing your look and personality. You will remain to be yourself but this time, with a woman or having any woman you want. Suddenly, the woman who gets you stuck into friend zone will be determined to impress and make you notice her.

She will feel the urge and desire to be with you and be comfortable enough to open up like she never did to any other man before. Learning this unique formula will make you feel powerful enough to have any woman you want. There are lots of positive reviews from men who are already in the program and yes, Crack the Girl Code it definitely works!


Crack the Girl Code 3


Finally understand what makes girls tick and how they think, click here to get Crack the Girl Code to start!

The Techniques

Michael Fiore and Marni Kynris created this online program, Crack the Girl Code that teaches you the female mind and how to build a connection that she can’t resist.

Reviews testify that it is really effective! Why not give it a try? This review of techniques will give you a sneak peek of the techniques in the program.

  1. How to “Drop a Desire Bomb”

Creating a “thought trap” in a female’s mind and makes her yearns for more and thinks about you over and over again. It will benefit a man to be closer and have an emotional attachment which seems like a good start.

  1. The Escape Velocity Trick

The formula for an instant escapes out of the “friend zone.” Many men suffer from this never ending friend zone. Since nice men are simply being too nice to women, the woman tends to take advantage of the situation and probably the guy will suffer and get stuck in the friend zone. It will lower the man’s self-esteem, therefore this trick will be very applicable for them.

  1. How to Connect with a Woman on a Deep Emotional level

This makes the girl see that you are her “Dream Guy” and “Prince Charming” even you don’t fit her standards and her list of criteria. When a man finds a woman’s weak spot, that is when she will easily give in. She will unconsciously build a strong connection, get really attached to the man and eventually falls. As a result, she will find it very hard to escape, go out or move on.

  1. The Rose Gold Colored Glasses

Michael Fiore and Marni Kynris surely formulated this technique for invisible guys out there. This technique makes you attractive and highly desirable for women regardless if you’re fat, ugly, old or broke. This helps a lot especially when a guy is hopeless and about to give up. This technique will definitely cheer them up!

  1. Vocal Seduction Technique

By controlling the tone and rhythm of your voice, you can drive a woman insane. Turning her on, and making her feel loved by just controlling your voice brings unexplained sensation to her and to be able to control her sex drive as well. As the author said, control and turn on the mind first and you’ll have an automatic control in her body.

  1. 13 Universal Signs

Most women think they are obvious in giving signs, but they are actually not. Men are too clueless interpreting those signs. The program aims to train men how on to spot the body language and nonverbal cues women send and how to create an attraction loop so their desire can multiply on a high level.

  1. The Conversational Matrix Method

Approaching a girl is hard and it is harder when you cannot talk about even just a certain topic. This method will train men on how to talk to girls about anything under the sun, without running out of words. Sounds very interesting right? Yes, it does.

  1. The Colossus Method

An effective way of handling a rejection, it is a technique on how to be totally unbothered when facing a rejection. By using “Calmness Enhancer” it will cause many women to reconsider, accept again and ask for your number.

  1. The Instant Soother Technique

It will instantly allow you to use female’s emotional nature for establishing an instant trust as well as being romantically interested with you. It’s a technique that can even tame a lion.

  1. The Future Seed Method

The act of seducing a girl plays in your imagination and you could actually see the advantages if you two are together in a room. The pictures and visions that start to pop up in your mind make you feel more excited about what is going to happen. Due to unexplainable excitement and feeling, it also creates a hypnotizing sensation to a woman on how fantastic it is you by her side forever.

  1. And Much More…

These life-changing techniques from Crack the Girl Code will be your blueprint in order to have a fruitful relationship.  By simply being able to buy and enroll in this online training program, makes you have a wider and better knowledge about female psychology and understanding what is in a woman’s mind better than the way they understand themselves.

An amazing positive result is what you will get, and following the steps will make you have your desired woman whether on the bed, as a partner or as a wife. Don’t get always confused by a woman, learn, gain insight and see the result. Understanding the woman the way you need to will be the key for your successful journey.


There are many advantages to being in an online training program. It will help regular men to improve themselves unconsciously.

  • Gaining more self-esteem and confidence
  • Makes your life happier and more colorful
  • Have any girl you want
  • Get laid as much as you want
  • Improves your social life
  • Learning body language
  • Understanding female psychology and basic psychology which can be useful not only to women
  • Resourceful guide of men
  • Boost your dating skills
  • Save time and money with this proven and effective program than wasting on other product
  • Includes Five advanced training for free
  • Improves your conversational skills
  • Simple and friendly advice from Experts
  • It is risk-free with 60 days 100% money-back guarantee


However, some people who want to enroll have issues about the program being online. Those who do not have internet access every day can also avail it in other formats such as a DVD and printed version. Although you will still learn the same thing in different formats, it is more recommended to learn it, in reality, to learn it online.

Most men think that they can easily get what they want in an instant and get disappointed at the end. They are forgetting that they have to build effort and trust before actually getting their desired aspirations. It takes a lot of patience, trial, and error before harvesting a fruitful relationship.

Crack The Girl Code Get Your Girl Fall In Love


In conclusion, Crack the Girl Code is an effective online program exclusively created for normal guys who always seems to be invisible to a woman they want. It aims to educate men to understand female psychology which is the main key to having a successful journey in this program.

It offers life-changing and friendly approach by the trusted well-known relationship experts. Therefore, it guarantees you to have the power to attract women in the most natural way without trying so hard for them to notice you.

Learn what girls really think and how you can get them to like you – click here to get Crack The Girl Code today!

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  • Stephen L. Edmundson says:

    I like this article because its very informative and make so much sense. I have learned about being a man of purpose. This is highly recommended to men who would like to attract and pick up women for sex and relationship. Cheers!

  • Charles says:

    Information flown to you in the best ever method. Get ladies attracted to you and the real thing is that the results are quite great. Foe me, the things went awesome as i got to be related to women too. I was always not the one who got the girl but this guide has got me going. And i literally hope that this will hep me better in near future and you all can rock with this too!

  • Jordan Coons says:

    Trust me, this is the best guide that I’ve ever read regarding women. Now, my friends find me with a new woman every weekend and they are all pretty amazed haha!

  • John R. says:

    Let’s face it: women are really hard to crack. And no, I’m not jumping on the bandwagon about this all “women are complicated” posts.
    But there was one major thing that this guide proved to me: women are really hard to crack if you don’t understand them enough. Don’t give up, guys. They’re easier than you think.

  • Felix Orlando says:

    All the solutions in this wonderful program are simple and easy to understand and apply. through this program. It let you know the best way to seduce the girl and make her fall in love with you in the short time.

  • Lacy says:

    Wow, I never believed that all these instructions written by ‘experts’ can actually work in real life. But this one is a bomb!

  • Michael Jones says:

    The writing is awesome. There is a lot of good advice that could educate a man to understand woman psychology using this program.

  • Joanna Hogan says:

    Crack The Girl Code” by Michael Fiore is an online training program providing the “cheat code” psychology techniques to get into a woman’s mind and make her feel an instantaneous connection with you, and sexual desire.
    Note that this course was originally released as “Get the Girl Code”, but changed shortly after it’s release to “Crack the Girl Code”. Same programs, just change of the brand/ name of the course.

  • Jason says:

    It is the ultimate solution for single guys who are desperately looking for pick-up lines and ideas on how to woo a girl. I intend to provide you with a comprehensive review of what exactly Crack the Girl Code entails and why it is the hope you’ve been searching for, for ages.

  • Vernon Ibarra says:

    So far so good. Hey men, this is the real deal if you want a simple way to get into any lady without struggling. I have to say i have been able to achieve a lot by using this system.

  • Jeffrey says:

    All of the techniques have been tested and proven effective several times, so you will surely get a lot of panties dropping wherever you go.

  • Luisa Marino says:

    The program is set up in a membership site setting. So, you don’t have to download anything if you don’t want. It’s like an eBook.

  • Brian says:

    Reveals the functioning of a woman’s mind, teaches you how to understand it and equips you with the skills on how to manipulate it.

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