Bullet Proof Seduction Review: How To Always Seduce The Girl You Want

You know there are so many men out there that are always really nervous about meeting women and dating in general. Not all men are confident you know.

The fear of rejection makes them more terrified of asking any girl out. I hope that you are not one of them but if you are then what possibly can you do to get out of it.

While there are many guides or methods found on the internet but very few of them actually work.

And the lack of those can really affect a man’s confidence level. So you might be searching for the right one that will give you a permanent solves to all your problems but is there any solution?

The answer is yes, there is. The Bullet Proof Seduction eBook has brought the ultimate bulletproof techniques that will not only make the rejections go away but will make girls all hovering over you. It doesn’t matter if you are not that good looking or cool this guide will surely make any beautiful hot girl fall in love with you.

So, if you want to know more about Bullet Proof Seduction then just sit back and read up the review.

Bullet Proof Seduction, What is it?

Bulletproof Seduction is a unique product that can make any man irresistible and walk around with women in their arms! The product was constructed by two authors named Dean Cortez and Simon Heong. Yes, they are the founder of this gold mine of information.

To say the truth if one tries to attempt to seduce a woman with this book he will surely hit the jackpot. The program creates some realistic perspectives that will make any men around the world the most attractive in any women’s eye.

Yes, women tend to dig confident men’s very much. But even if you aren’t confident enough this product will make you look like one. And with just by pretending you will start to catch the girls’ attention anywhere you go.

make your approach bulletproof with Bulletproof Seduction

The Bullet Proof Seduction is a step by step guide to help you approach any women in an effective manner. The steps help you cope up with all the situations that you could be into and turn it into your favor. The impact that you will have on her will last longer than she would want to call you or meet you.

So, all your problems will be gone in just a few days! You can even turn around any girl’s perspective from a NO to YES in just saying a few magical words.

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The authors

The main author of the book is Dean, and he has a hobby of picking up women wherever he goes. Even in Las Vegas, there are so many girls surrounding him all the time. Just because they can’t get enough of him. You can think of him as a seduction expert or guru.

But what is his secret? Have you heard about his other book M.A.C.K. Tactics? If not then you should know he got a lot of media coverage there.

Though the secret he revealed is not exactly his. He claimed that he met a guy with extensive knowledge who leads him the way of seducing girls and succeeding.

And after that, with all his experiences he is really qualified for writing this book for men who deserve best.

What can you possibly expect from this program?

Women Persuasion Secrets

This is a comprehensive manual that will give you the whole process in a structural manner. This helps you make it look like you are really attractive and get the attention of women. You could refer it to the modern days Kama sutra.

Tips to Date Younger Women

This is a unique course as it provides both an audio disk along with video copy. And just after you buy the product you will have instant access to it. The art of seducing younger women is a bit complex. They tend to be more aggressive and choosy of what they like the most. The book helps you to approach them and develop a connection with them that they will feel safe with you.

Secrets of Strip Club Seduction

Maybe you like the sexy pole dancing strippers. But they are really very hard to get. They are the most difficult in nature and will get you thrown out any time. So, you have to be extra cautious if you want to approach them. The secrets will help you make any stripper fall for you and sleep with you.

Secrets Of Dating Asian Women

Well, I have to admit Asian women’s are really irresistible. But they tend to be a bit more conservative than others. So, if you don’t know their culture very well, you might end up ruining the date. And this manual will help you set it right. If you want to meet up with Asian women and impress them, you better start reading it right away.

BPS Monthly Membership Program

Oh, and there’s more. You will be enlisted in their monthly membership program right after buying the product. This really helps you in dealing with any situation then you are not used to.

How will this book help you?

The program provides techniques and tips on how you should approach women and what to say to make them wet then and there. The program also helps you make them a puzzle and run after you instead. So, they provide six more books along with it as a bonus!

Day Game Mastery with Carlos Xuma.

Maybe you have a dream girl but no matter what you try or do you can’t approach her. Just because you lack the confidence. Then this book will help you escalate things to another level

Female Attraction for Modern Dating

The book was written by sex expert Brent Smith. It helps you to be her pheromones. Yes, it surely does. It’s some natural way you could attract her that would be very powerful indeed. But nevertheless, this has some tricks you need to follow to get it all right.

Inner Game Mastery

You may not be the right fit for her, but you feel a definite attraction towards her that you cannot control. What can possibly go there? Let her go? Obviously not. You have to man up and say the right words that will make her fall in love with you. Just follow this book written by Dr. Paul, and you’ll be her lucky charm in no time.

Carlos Xuma’s opinion

Maybe your techniques are really backdated and can’t be used on women anymore. Don’t worry you’ll have a definitive solution for that. Carlos Xuma has shared some of the greatest tactics in the history of men that will surely blow your mind.

Long lasting effect

Even if you have attracted the most beautiful girl and even slept with her, but you can’t seem to grow a relationship with her. What makes them tick? You can’t figure it out. Well, this guide will surely help you with it. But always remember that a relationship has more value than a night flying.

Ignition comprises of tips

This one helps you make any women wonder about even when you aren’t around.

All of these are free and comes with the initial book.

Money Back Guarantee

Even though they have not listed it as a money back guarantee product. The product is sold through a trusted source Clickbank where they always ensure 60-day money back guarantee. So, if it doesn’t work for you then just ask back your money, and you’ll get it.

Benefits of the product

  • The system comes in an audio and video both sessions to help with the better understatement of the product. It’s also pretty easy to understand and well guided.
  • The product is available in some precise format, so it makes it easier to get access to it and learn the techniques fast.
  • You will know the magic word that all the women want men to say.
  • Very structured guide. And the steps help in improving the skills in no time.
  • You can always ask for a refund if it doesn’t work for you. They will give the money back 100%.
  • They provide continuous pieces of training and techniques to help you improve.

What are the drawbacks of this product?

Even if the cost is very low up front, you have to spend more money on it if you want to use it fully. Such as membership products or special techniques.


If you want a product that gives good output instead of a bad one and will make you go from zero to hero, then this one is definitely for you.

It makes sure that you don’t get rejected when you are approaching your dream girl.  As there are thousands of reviews about it all saying how satisfied they are with it.

This makes this product more irresistible and reliable.

Authors of Bullet Proof Seduction

Bullet Proof Seduction will surely give you everything you ever need from a successful relationship to one night stands. So, if you want to have a successful relationship in your life and have the girl of your dreams then get the product right now.

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