Automatic Sexual Chemistry Review: What Can Create Sexual Chemistry?

Researchers have been studying male and female differences for a very long time. They wondered whether the obvious physical differences, such as sex organs, extend to our brains.

But, if you ask me, you don’t need to be a scientist to figure that out. So, in this review, I will not go into behavioral patterns or intelligence. Here I will talk about sex. Specifically, why and how women fall in love, and under what conditions man and women develop mutual sexual chemistry.

Finally, I will tell you how you can increase your chances with any woman, no matter who you are.

Diving into women’s sexual brain

So, what is it about women that make them so mysterious? Well, there are areas of the human brain that are in charge of various activities. This means that there are specific roles for each part of the brain. One part can be in charge of analytical thinking, while other parts trigger when they receive certain signals.

Our brains respond to the environment. They decrypt certain words and symbols on an unconscious level. So, every time you make a thought, that is, every time you think about something, you produce a chemical.

This means that if you think about negative things, you produce negative chemicals. The same logic applies to sex. Knowing this, you can develop methods, encrypted symbols, and words that will trigger that sexual part of the women’s brain. Think of it as a shortcut to sex, plain and simple.

A shortcut to sex

Some man would call this method cheating, but only out of jealousy. Why? Well, what if I told you that you can make any, and I literally mean any women to like you? 

Think about all the women you’ve met or seen your entire life. Those who would usually ignore you, those that act like you don’t even exist. And what about the women with whom you ended up in the so-called friendly zone, even though you always wanted more than just friendship? What about the women who rejected you?

If you want them you can have them all.

A small introduction to Automatic Sexual Chemistry

A person nicknamed “Underground Seduction God” developed a method to attract any women he wants. And this is science, not science fiction. But even though this method is based on science, specifically neurochemistry, it works like magic. And it is magical!

Before I go into the specifics of Automatic Sexual Chemistry method, I need to lay down a few rules to you.

  1. Rule #1. Do not use this method on women unless you are interested in having sex with her. Once you use this method on a woman, she will literally become addicted to you. Do words lust and craving mean anything to you? If not, look them up. And she will want you on the emotional, psychological and sexual level.
  2. Rule #2. Always carry a condom with you. Better yet, carry more than just one, for safety reasons. While this seems funny to you, it is not. Once you learn Automatic Sexual Chemistry, you will probably use it all the time. Even if you are going for a cup of coffee, or just going to work, you never know whether or not you will meet a woman you will use this method on.
  3. Rule #3. Only 199 men will have the privilege of knowing this method. I know it doesn’t seem fair, but rules are rules. Specifically, those are the rules of the Underground Seduction God

Who is Dean Cortez?

Automatic Sexual Chemistry system

Dean is a guy who literally transformed the art of seduction. His tactics are very well balanced.

On the one hand, they are based on scientific research and experiments. On the other hand, these methods are very simple to learn and use. But after years of world tours, researching and testing, he went off the grid. And before he completely disappeared, he finished his latest technique.

By now you’ve probably figured out that Automatic Sexual Chemistry is Dean’s final research, his Final Manifesto. In this Manifesto he documented the most powerful method he ever created. It was based on the recent scientific studies on female brain chemistry.

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What is Automatic Sexual Chemistry?

Automatic Sexual Chemistry is a step by step technique that targets hidden spots in the female brain. The system functions on the trigger-activation process, unlocking and releasing female’s deepest and most powerful sexual cravings and desires.

More importantly, this technique is very discreet, since it operates on an unconscious level. Applying this technique causes a woman to focus on you like you are the only male on earth! No matter what you look like, how much money you got, and no matter if those girls are “out of your league”, they will focus on you. Think of this technique as a seduction on steroids.

This program tackles the most important thing in female-male sexual relationships: the initial impression. Without that initial chemistry, it is highly unlikely that you will ever have sex with that women. And this is what the program teaches you.

With it, you will learn how to spark that initial chemistry, how to unlock that primal need and uncontrollable desire in her brain. She will naturally go to the source of that which unlocked her suppressed needs. She will feel liberated, and see you like her long-awaited liberator!

How it all works

The best part of this is that it is very easy to use. The program does not explain the underlying mechanisms or the chemical process which it includes. And let’s face it, you are not interested in the chemistry of it. You only want to how it works on women.

The program will provide you with simple instructions on how to apply these secrets to real women in the real world. It doesn’t fool you as those popular generic sites do in their reviews.

No, it is not about the money, looks, your status or your career. These things are just a representation of power. But those popular sites and magazines will never admit that.

So tell me, what can be more powerful than freeing the women to feel the way she should feel? If you break the shackle the society has put on her, she will see you as the most powerful man on Earth. Moreover, she will want to return the favor, and you know what that means, right?

Is it worth it to try this program?

If you buy this program, you will get a lot of bonus content, each having their own purpose.

Bonus #1

This bonus includes “From Friend To Girlfriend: Bust Out Her Desire And Make Her Desire You”
Maybe you have a friend that you like, but she always says things like “I just want us to be friends”. Well, this is your type of guide. By applying this technique that is designed specifically for these purposes, you will definitely lower her guard and feel overwhelming attraction towards you.

Bonus #2

Want to get rid of your competition? “The Boyfriend Annihilator” will help you with that. If the women you want already has a boyfriend, this technique will convince her that you are the man she wants. Furthermore, this technique is used to make sure that she never even looks at another man. Knowing this technique will give you an unfair advantage over all the other man out there.

Bonus #3

What you don’t say counts just as much as what you do say. For that reason, this bonus includes “Body Language Seduction Technique”. Nonverbal sexual communication is more important than verbal communication.

It functions on the unconscious level and is a key to a successful seduction. With this technique, you will learn how to read her signals. More importantly, you will learn how to send your body signals which will trigger her uncontrollable desires and needs.

Bonus #4

Confidence plays a huge role in male/female relationships. The “Supreme Sexual Confidence” will boost your confidence. You will learn how to become an Alfa male, both inside and outside of the bedroom. Men will respect you, and women will notice you.

Bonus #5

Getting inside women’s mind can be a hard job. But, with “Read Her Mind And Make Her Yours” guidelines you will know her better than she knows herself. It will teach you how to break through her defense system.

Furthermore, she will feel like she knew you all her life, and you two will establish that instant chemical bond.

Bonus #6

This bonus is perfect for those who are here just looking for advice on how to drag women into bed.
This guide is called “Rapid Sexual Escalation: Bang her tonight”. This guide will eradicate any hesitation or nervousness when it is time to “close the deal”. Moreover, you will eliminate the term “rejection” in her mind, and it will put you and her on the highway to sex!

Bonus #7

While nonverbal conversation is more important the verbal, you still need to know what to say and when to say it.
“Conversation Mastery” will create orator out of you. As a matter of fact, you will never encounter that “awkward silence” moment.

I mean, having pleasant and engaging conversation always beats small talk, and she will recognize that.

Bonus #8

You probably wonder if this technique will work on the most attractive women in the world. Well, with “How To Seduce 9s and 10s” you will be able to pick up the hottest and the most beautiful women out there.

Bonus #9

Once you get the women in your bed, you will need to perform. With “The Sex God Blueprint” you will learn secrets that only a few people know. These secrets will keep her coming to you for more since you will probably be the only man that knows them.

Bonus #10

You will get one free month of VIP access to “The Mastermind Club”. Dean’s personal documents, files, videos, and all his secrets will be available to you for 30 days, for free.

To sum up, looking at all the content, and the bonus content, and look at all the positive reviews about Automatic Sexual Chemistry, I honestly believe that you should give this product a try.

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Automatic Sexual Chemistry Review: What Can Create Sexual Chemistry?
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