51 Handsome Guy Secrets Review: Instantly Become More Handsome

find the secrets of handsome guys to get girls

Have you ever wondered why losers, or guys who are not actually good looking, always get the girl?

I look average, getting laid is never an issue. However, whenever I really want a woman to stay she doesn’t. They tend to leave me for someone else, typically a loser or an uglier guy.

Now, I don’t have anything against the girls or the other guys. All I really want is to know:

How in the world can they do that?

Do you know? How do they do it to get the girl and make her stay? This question was constantly present in my life for some years. It all came to an end when I found 51 Handsome Guy Secrets.

How my life changed.

From the beginning, I started to notice the results in the slightest things.

  • Started receiving more compliments from women
  • Which meant, women were paying attention
  • They were more open to me approaching them
  • I had more dates than ever before
  • One of them stayed
  • My friends are happier

My friends are happier because, some of them, had the same problem I had. Except, no one stayed because, to start with, no one came even for a date.

After I was done with 51 Handsome Guy Secrets, I passed it on to my friends. They are getting all the girls and fun they want. As for me, I am enjoying this amazing relationship.

Starting to question

As I said before in the review, I am average looking. This, of course, made things easier, especially when it came to girls.

However, once, this girl I was dating decided that this extremely skinny pimply guy was better than I was. I couldn’t believe it! Why was this guy better than me?

I felt extremely hurt in my ego, but instead of going and smashing his face, to no end, I researched. My female friends provided me with some insight:

  • I was an insecure jerk
  • My dressing style could improve
  • Cleanliness makes a difference
  • Making a girl feel protected is different from making her feel you are aggressive
  • Communication is important

When you ask, someone will answer

With this newly found information, I felt completely lost and angry. I mean, who does that? But, since I was already lost to start with. I thought that, maybe, I could just try a little and see how it went.

I decided to do some research and learn if these characteristics could:

  1. True
  2. Dealt with

So, with this in mind, I got into action. The first thing I started to research about was appearance.

Immediate answers online

First, finding information online was extremely easy. Tons of blogs and articles about it. It turns out that people are making fortunes on advising men with fashion.

Regardless, this was not that good. It is extremely easy to get lost because there is so much information online.

No joke, it is incredible how much advice you will find. But, there are also many different opinions. So many that they contradict themselves often.

Sticking to one idea

One day, I was talking to a friend who seems to be having a healthy relationship:

  • 10 years as a couple, 7 of them married
  • Conflict never took nasty turns
  • They are working as a team
  • They do love each other

So, as you can imagine, I thought it wouldn’t be wrong to listen to his advice. Among the many things he shared, he mentioned a rough patch in their relationship after marriage.

Apparently, they were having issues. Well, she had issues but didn’t know how to phrase what was bothering her. One day, she found it, the problem was that he didn’t know how to conduct himself.

Yes, that was it. On top of that: What does that even mean?

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51 Handsome Guy Secrets

Here, my friend talked about 51 Handsome Guy Secrets. He stumbled upon it through researching online.

Soon, after reading some reviews and experiences about the guide, he decided to buy it. He never looked back.

Immediately, he found practical answers that he could put to action even while reading.

  • Correct men’s posture
  • Body language
  • Attire
  • Attitude
  • Behavior

As you know, there is no secret on how to be a man, you just have to be it, period. But there are things that can improve you as a man. You will have whichever girl you want if you improve them.

Couple, Date

Learning to walk again

Think about it. Have you noticed how models learn to walk again? Do they get shit for it? No, they get money and work, and more of the same.

Listen, I bring this up because I felt a little embarrassed about buying and reading the guide. But, as I thought about this, I became more relaxed and actually learned a lot.

See, people have high expectation on you, and they want you to fulfill them. I am sure you do the same, even if you don’t notice. Everyone expects us to know this as common sense, and be outstanding.

However, you generally don’t have classes on becoming a better you. Even less, I didn’t know a man could be a better man.

The secrets

Well, the guide covers different areas of being a man, as I mentioned before. The guide just reflects information collected by experience and research. Say you want to date a supermodel: Are you the man, supermodel would date?

You know what? Most likely yes, it’s just a matter of tweaking things here and there. Just pay attention, I am sure you have heard many times your friends stating how “beautiful” the girl is and how her boyfriend is “ugly”.

  • Is it good sex?
  • Maybe money?
  • Status?
  • Safety?
  • Appearance?

It’s a combination of all of the above.

Getting it to practice

Remember, my first objective was appearance. As I started following the advice found in this guide, it all came together. But you already knew this.

Then, I decided that body language was important.

  • Open back
  • Straight spine
  • Asserting your alpha presence
  • Using the right voice tone and volume

One point that blew my mind? Learning that aggressiveness is different from protection.

You see, you don’t need to be a meathead or a loud mouth to protect your lady. If she feels that you could break into a fight with the minor provocation, she will only feel stressed.

Making her feel safe

After a while, I learned that security comes from different sources. The fact that you are willing to physically protect her is great, but also:

  • Protecting her feelings, but not being submissive with yours
  • Material needs, without it being the main interest
  • Protecting her image

On this last point, if a girl feels that you disrespect her, especially in public or with her loved ones, you are done. If you don’t improve yourself, of course, she won’t feel protected or like being with a worthy man.

Holding it against you?

Do you feel bad for learning how to be a better man? Remember the beginning of the review.

How would you react if you find out she has been reading how to give you better sex? Will you hold it against her? I didn’t think so!

See? People are not taught these things growing up, and you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Most likely, whatever you are going through, someone else did already. Not only that, I am sure they have solved it, and even made a book about it.

Much like this guide.


Why do this?

Well, if you feel like you need to step your game up a little, or a lot. Then this is for you.

Have you ever wondered why women make such a fuzz about equality, etc.? Me too! There are some things that we will never understand about them. If you just learn to deal with it, it will all be amazing!

You don’t need to rewrite history, just learn from it. This guy has gone through the whole process and has made this amazing guide about it. You just have to pick it up.

Save time

You don’t have to spend all the time I did or go through the first embarrassment of asking others for help (unless you already have). With this guide, you will learn everything you need in one place!

  • Boost your natural features
  • Bring your innate talents to the table
  • Become more engaging and charismatic
  • Make her feel safe and attracted
  • You choose if they go or stay

You are a man, they are women, you can attract them! Even if you are not a conventionally good-looking guy, or if you are a huge strong guy, you will upgrade your game for so much.

Final thoughts

Get into it already! In the beginning, I was getting laid often. Then, when I met my girlfriend, she stayed, and we are great. You see, I was so confident now, I didn’t even get jealous.

Whether you want to have lots of fun, or if you want to be better, even with your current girl, then this is for you.

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