5 Tips to Make a Woman Beg For More Sex from You

Have you ever wondered why some women want to have sex with certain men again and again? Do you want a woman to come for more and more? Then you must listen to what I am about to talk about.

It is very simple to get a woman coming for more sex with you every time. With these tips then you do not have to ask for it. She will bring it to you. Actually, she will beg for it.

  1. You Must Be Clean

Did you know that women are turned off by men who smell bad? Your smell will determine if a woman wants to sleep with you again or not. You must be clean and smell good if you want her to ask for it again.

Men, you must wear a good perfume if you are not sure of what to do. You must be very clean without any odor especially around the penis area. Many men do not like shaving. If you cannot shave then clean it up if at all you need a blowjob.


5 Tips to Make a Woman Beg For More Sex from You

  1. Talk To Her

When I say talk to her I mean that you must engage her in a conversation that will turn her on before you get to sex.Let her know that she is attractive. Appreciate her especially her body and the looks. Tease her to make sure that she is in the right mood before having sex.

  1. Better Kissing

The way you kiss a woman before you even get into the bed will determine if she is going to enjoy the sex or not. Make sure that you maintain the eye contact as you kiss her. Do not rush through the act.

Hold her tightly when kissing her so that she will feel special and know you are attracted to her. Make sure that you also kiss her the way she likes it.

  1. Foreplay

I know that some men rush into having sex before even the girl is turned on. Always make sure that you foreplay irrespective of how hard you are to turn her own.

Do not give her easily. Let her reach to the level of begging. Here is how to foreplay. Touch her body part so that she will feel your attraction. Make sure that you know where she likes being touched.

5 Tips to Make a Woman Beg For More Sex from You Foreplay

Kiss her body parts as you praise her. Do not forget to kiss her neck and the thighs. If it is possible to carry her to the bed but do not get in so fast.

  1. Last Longer

You cannot foreplay and turn her on that much and then last for few minutes. Once your girl is turned on that much you have to satisfy her. Try to last for long and at least give her orgasms.

These are the type of tips that you should start applying today and she will never leave you. Men, it’s up to you now.

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