These 5 Positions That Will Assure Women Multiple Orgasms

Have you ever thought of how sex would be like without orgasms? Orgasms are the best things that people experience in sex.These are the most precious moments when it comes to having sex.

As a result of this, every man or woman would wish to have as many orgasms as possible during sex.You not only enjoy orgasms but you are able to include your partner in this. If you are looking to impress your partner and yourself during sex, then try having as many orgasms as possible.

Here are some of the positions you will use during sex and have multiple orgasms.

  1. Doggy Style

Women, this is the best style if you are looking for multiple orgasms. When a man enters you from the behind through this style then the chances of him hitting your g-spot severally are very high. Here is how to do it. Kneel down on floor and let him enter from your back.

  1. Jellyfish

This is the best style that increases the intimacy between you and your partner hence giving you multiple orgasms. The man will kneel down then the woman will crouch over the man’s lap as she faces him. Then you hold each other closely as the man makes the moves enter you.

  1. Push me, Pull me

Positions That Will Assure Women Multiple Orgasms Push me, Pull me

This is a very fun position but you must work it together. You have to move together. With the legs crossed to each other. The woman will move upwards and flat on her back as you enter her. Basically you will be meeting then separate and meet again. This helps create a balance and excitement for both of you.

  1. Legs Up

When it comes to having the best during sex, it is all about how much penetration that he makes into you. This is one of the styles that will get him to getting to your A-spot with proper penetration.

Here is how to go about it. Lie down on your back. Spread your legs open and make sure that his pelvis is in line with your vagina.This will let him get into you with the best penetration you can ever experience.

  1. Side Ride

You have to ride on him as the clitoris presses against the thigh. Your man will lie down with his knee bent. After this then you will slide into him as the penis gets inside you. You will then be able to ride on him attaining the best orgasms.

Women, remember that you have to play a part if you want these multiple orgasms. You have to practice these positions with passion.

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