3 Second Attraction Review: What Produces Instant Attraction?

How are you supposed to get a woman if she’s not sexually attracted to you?

Sexual attraction is a must in any kind of relationship whether it’s a one night stand or a long time meaningful one. But any relationship needs that spark that keeps both of them going.

But what if you’re not up to the challenge or just can’t get the attention of the ladies?

You may have to change your ways to catch an eye. If for some reason your techniques or charms are failing you then you should think about changing it too.

While in today’s age nobody really has time for lengthy hours chitchat. They are always busy and really don’t have much time for this kind of interactions.

Women have a really strong mind these days and are looking for someone with the same taste. So, they will be very choosy in this section.

So, that means you cannot just talk your through into a women’s mind. You have to work for it. So, you need the extra help you can get. And that’s where 3 Second Attraction comes along. This book is filled with techniques and methods that will help you score a goal for any girl.

You could think that this book is a scam and all the methods are nonsense. But all the positive reviews say otherwise. Men are being successful with this and so can you. If you want a rather change in the scenario, you better buy 3 Second Attraction.

More about the product

3 Second Attraction is a pickup kind of book written solely for men like you who are tired of getting rejected. The creator is Mehow, who seems to be the expert in this kind of situations.

This book illustrates the art of seduction through different scenarios. And the methods have created a huge buzz among the men all around the world.

The program is followed by a step by step manual to simply attract women and sleep with them by seducing. You will be shocked to see the results. Even if you are eyeing a woman that is totally out of your league, you can still get her. Yes, she’ll be falling into your arms in no time.

The book claims that you can seduce any girl with the secret ingredient shared in the book. And it would only take 3 seconds to do it! What? Seems a bit unrealistic, right? But nevertheless, it surely provides what it claims.

All the chapters contain through research about how to attract women and how you can connect with them on a high-level basis. But once you have mastered all the rituals you will be able to be the romantic and passionate lover she has seen in her whole life.

Become the magnet of lust using 3 Second Attraction

You will also know what to say or do in certain situations and how some random magic words would get you laid. 3 Second Attraction claims that it contains a special solution to all your problems which you won’t find in any other books. And this makes it unique and different from any other products out there.

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How does it make you more attractive?

When approaching a woman you just have a few seconds to make an impression. So, those seconds in your life is the most important ones ever. If you ace it, you’ll be able to take her home but if you fail your chance with her is over.

You might get scared after hearing this, but you have to trust the methods of the products. They surely make sure that you ace it even if you are not attractive at all.

So that makes you the sexual magnet that will attract any girl you want. Within just a few interactions she will want to get in your pants.

3 Second Attraction literary doesn’t mean that you will only talk for 3 seconds it means that you can impress a girl within a short time.

The book has some thoroughly researched information’s that have tested and approved. So, after you get the product, you will have ultimate access to secrets of flirting, dating that will end in bed. You don’t need any special qualifications for to use it. You don’t have to be attractive, good-looking or have the perfect body to impress the girl.

But you will do it with your words and attitude. Yes, girls don’t actually care about how a guy looks than rather their personality. And this book will help you bring out the perfect guy all women have been looking for.

What’s included in the package?

1. 3 Second Attraction 2.0 eBook

This is the main eBook that will teach you the ways of women. It’s a complete system with lifetime updates.

2. How to Get the Perfect Girl

In this one, you will get a book along with audio files to help you get the perfect girl of your dream.

3. No Strings Attached Dating

If you want a one night stand kind of relations or a relation where you’ll be only physical, then this is the guide for you.

4. How to Get Your Ex Back

If you still love your ex and want her to call you back or make you her worthy then this guide and along with audio files will help escalate things.

5. How to Build a Social Circle

The manual will help you build your life around other people where you will be the center of attraction and the team player.

6. Turn Friends into Lovers

If you want to be in a relationship with your best friend, then this guide will help you do the magic. There’s nothing better than dating your best friend.

7. Using Lifestyle Supremacy to Close

It will change your lifestyle all together making you the perfect gentler men.

8. Day game Domination

This guide will help you score your goal in broad daylight anywhere. You could be in a park or somewhere else, but girls will revolve around you even there.

9. Magic Messaging

Know the true art of messaging. The book will help you make any girl fall for you just through some messages. Isn’t it great?

10. Relationship Game

Sometimes you have to game up in order to spice up the relationship. And this guide is the perfect example for that.

11. The Girl Typer

Here, you will know how to get any girl from anywhere. You will learn about the different types of girls and how they react making you the love guru.

12. How to Score If You’re Older

Even if you are older than her, but you can still get the girls. And this book will show you just how you can.


1. It’s a perfect guide for attracting any women solely designed for making you talk smoothly and attractively. So, that you will have advantages over any good looking men.

2. The book was created by a pickup master, so that makes all the methods more legit than ever. It was also tested by his team members before bringing it out in the world.

3. It will make you create an environment where any girl will feel connected to you and will feel an uncontrollable attraction towards you. The book will ensure that it happens.

4. The approaches are defined as universal here. So, you won’t have any scripted lines to follow. But you have to improvise making your approaches a unique one.

5. The book is very easy and fun to read. The author has introduced very simple wording to help you understand it better. And as they have shared all of the experiences you will have very fun to read the book.

6. The presentations with images make it even easier to understand. You will understand all the methods and designs pretty clearly.

7. The package comes with many bonus items to help you be ready in any situation.

8. Even though the program will tell the tactics to pick up women, but the need result will not only be sleeping with them. But it will teach you a better way of life making you the gentlemen.

9. The book will help you to find and build any meaningful relationship based on trust rather than merely some one night stands.

10. The customer service is awesome and answers any question within 24 hours.

11. Thousands of positive customer reviews that makes it more trustworthy.


1. We, it’s only for men. No women can benefit from it in any way.

2. Some of the concepts are illustrated later on the manual. So, you can to read it thoroughly to get a better understanding of the whole process. If you just read the things you like you will unlikely gain any progress.

3. There are too much information’s available. So, for some, it might be overload.

4. You have to be patient to get results. If you don’t practice them, then you won’t get the result you desire.


For some fellow out there it might just be a good read if you don’t practice properly or not at all. As the book is written in a storyline format, you would most likely drown in an illusion and not progress at all. So, it’s better to read a chapter and practice it and then read another chapter. This way you will stay in line and benefit much faster.

Get your money back if it fails you

Other than all the cons, 3 Second Attraction is truly the bible of seduction. It can be your best mate to pick up women. The price of the product seems a bit low then the actual value it contains. Oh, the legendary approaches will surely help you get any women that you have to desire for a very long time.

So, don’t wait up as I’m sure you won’t give any negative review about this once you get it. So, don’t wait up and get the girl of your dreams now!

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3 Second Attraction Review: What Produces Instant Attraction?
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